Why are Capricorns Attracted to Aquarius (Good Match or Not)

The combination of the sea goat and the water bearer is interesting.

When they come together, we will have two individuals with two different approaches to life in a relationship. This is the match where both are so eager to learn new aspects from one another.

Their love compatibility astrologically may not scream ‘a match made in heaven’; however, it’s still a good match if they can find a way to work things out.

Why are Capricorns attracted to Aquarius?

There are many things in an Aquarius can captivate the attention of a Capricorn. In order to get the answer, keep reading.

Is Love Compatibility of Capricorn and Aquarius Complicated?

capricorn is attracted to aquarius

As I said earlier, this is not the pairing of two people having lots of things in common. Instead, they need to make a plenty of conversations about almost everything to keep up with each other.

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Fortunately, Capricorn and Aquarius can go the distance.

As long as they willingly learning and accepting the differences of one another, their mutual sense of loyalty and dependability surely leads them far to the future. Another key element that these two signs should work on is passion.

Influenced by the airy visions, Aquarius-born individuals are quite preoccupied that makes their mind wander around most of the time. You may not expect this but Aquarius does crave for physical intimacy strongly; meanwhile, Capricorn tends to treat this matter as a work vacation and doesn’t think much about it.

If both want to remain their romantic relationship for a long term, they should treat it like a union rather than a quick escape. Capricorn should open up more to the intimacy or they may end up making Aquarius unfulfilled and uninterested. On the other hand, Aquarius better slows down a bit for Capricorn to keep up with affectionately.

Let’s have a look to see what qualities can draw the air sign to the earth sign.

1. Both are extremely ambitious

Did you know that these two individuals are driven, to the extreme? They have lots of ambitions in life. But since their points of view are different, they are ambitious about different things.

About Aquarius’ life goals, they want to spread their creative ideas to most people. Rather than thinking about others’ thoughts, they more focus on how to bring their impact to the world using their unique visions and plans. How about Capricorn? They simply want to conquer the worldly success, gaining both prosperity and public’s recognition.

They must come up with a compromise to work together.

If not, then they might become enemies due to their different motivations.

Once settling down, this union works amazingly as they make good teammates. On the Capricorn side, they can supervise and make sure Aquarius’ visions are grounded in the real time as well as stop them from getting fully ahead. In the meantime, Aquarius plays the role of an inspiring force, pushing Capricorn to move forward and encouraging them not to stop striving higher.

Aquarius can also help Capricorn to have more faith in society. To know if this pairing succeeds or not, it depends on the perception of each. If they don’t handle the other well, conflicts will creep in.

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2. Both are stable

Capricorn gets attracted to Aquarius because of the stability of the air sign. But did you know that the earth sign is also stable? They both value stability in life; however, it’s for different reasons.

While Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, Aquarius is under the control of Uranus. Affected by the relation of these two planets, Aquarius can’t help but challenging Capricorn in almost everything, from job to relationships. The virtue of being themselves of the Water Bearer is effortlessly attracted the Sea Goat.

As an air sign, the thing an Aquarius wants the most is radical change; however, that’s definitely not Capricorn’s cup of tea. Well, it won’t frighten Capricorn much if the two of them get to know each other better. The Cappy will choose to stay if they want to accept all the challenges that the Aqua presents.

Then, how can Aquarius be stable?

This individual will be loyal and calmer once they find the right person in love. If Capricorn is their life partner, they then will come up with lots of fun things making the other feel like their world is expanded.

What is The Greatest Challenge of This Match?

When it comes to romance, Capricorn and Aquarius are the best mates sexually. Despite of that, the most challenging problem between these two individuals is their lacking of emotional engagement. Put it simply, they are emotionally detached in all kinds of relationships.

According to their nature and personality traits, neither Capricorn nor Aquarius falls in love fast. They take a long time to open up their feelings and vulnerability. When the two of them get involved, it’s typically just sexual intimacy. But that will, as time passes and connection strengthens, develop to emotional intimacy.

Soon the love bond between them will be generated in the relationship.

Capricorn expects…

A Capricorn person is the traditional and practical type in love. With a high level of ambition, they tend to plan and map out what they want to accomplish. Their ultimate goals are a successful career, a sweet home, and a happy family with a supportive partner. In fact, they have high expectations for the one known as their partner.

In order to make a Capricorn fall in love, the potential mate needs to nurture them and provide them security, safety, and comfort. If Capricorn is about entering a relationship with Aquarius, keep in mind that the airy people can be unexpectedly domesticated.

Aquarius wants…

Aside from the radical change, Aquarius also craves for the freedom so that they discover or do as they please. Independent, intelligent, outgoing and friendly, people born under this sign require mental stimulation constantly. They want to encounter new, different, and interesting people and things.

Totally different from a conservative and practical Capricorn, Aquarius is truly a social butterfly. They have a big circle of friends; however, not all can open the door to their heart. Sometimes they do prefer to be a loner in his personal life.

In Conclusion

So, why are Capricorns attracted to Aquarius?

Though these two signs are not the most compatible pair in the astrology, they are still able to work things out well. Nonetheless, for the relationship to go smoothly, they must build a foundation of friendship at the beginning.

Both are not the type rushing into romance. They need a period to get to know one another better, accept the differences of each other, and set them aside before completely involving in a romantic relationship. Many claim that the combination of Capricorn and Aquarius makes a solid friendship.

Be understanding, openly appreciated, and loyal to each other, these two individuals can obtain a healthy relationship lasting for a long term.

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