Top 5 Obvious Signs Capricorn Man Is Attracted To You

There are actually a lot of signs a Capricorn male likes you.

However, before you want to be certain about that, make sure you are close to him first.

The man born under Capricorn zodiac sign possesses many eminent traits and has a unique outlook on life distinguishing himself from others.

His approach to love is also different.

When falling for someone, the Capricorn male doesn’t prefer to show much. He will not reveal his true feelings until he is sure that he knows you better. This guy looks for a relationship could help bring out the best of him.

How to know if a Capricorn loves someone?

He will love unconditionally once finding his right mate.

Getting close to the Capricorn male is quite challenging as he’s not the type of person that could open as well as be friendly, easygoing from the first time seeing you. He is, actually, a little bit cool and calm.

In this article, we?ll go checking the signs a Capricorn man is attracted to you so that you won?t be confused between his feelings and his generosity.

Are you having an eye on a male Capricornian?

Don?t despair even if you are not certain whether he falls for you in return. Here, you can tell the behavior of this guy in love after digging into some of his signals in love in the following.

How to Know if a Capricorn Man Likes You?

Top 5 Obvious Signs Capricorn Man Is Attracted To You

#1: He is often shy

Yes, this Capricorn male is very shy and reserved in front of the public. Therefore, he rarely displays his emotions to other people, even those closest to him, while prefers to keep everything for himself.

The way he gets close to you is also unique.

He is definitely the type that seems to send you a lot of messages as well as talk much on the phone; however, he will turn on his silent mode when you two have a face-to-face conversation.

This sometimes may confuse you a bit but no need to worry as being introverted is one of his natures.

#2: He becomes possessive

One thing for sure: Capricorn man doesn?t like to see you with other guys.

He seems to be jealous and possessive, especially if you are the person he is interested in. His possessiveness will be exploded if seeing you talking with another man. So, when you are around other guys, let?s find out how he would react to the situation.

Does he coolly accept it?

Or, does his attitude towards you suddenly change?

It may be hard for him admit his feelings towards you, but you can easily tell right away from the way he acts. Learn how to make a Capricorn male obsessed with you if you are seeking tips to seduce him.

#3: He is hesitant

It takes him quite a long time to make a move. Why?

When you two are on the first date, your Capricorn love interest tends to hold back a lot even though he may like you. This man will not show his inner emotions at the initial meeting.

As the time passes by and he gets to know you more, Capricorn man during the first date will make his move by trying to reach you and asking for another date. Like Taurus, Capricorn also takes everything slowly, but it doesn?t mean he won?t take the initiative.

#4: He opens up with you

The Capricorn male is infamous for his shy nature; because of that, don?t expect him to open himself quickly. Nevertheless, everything has an exception ? this guy, when in love with someone, will share a lot of things about him.

From his likes and dislikes, hobbies, personality, to all of concerns in his life, he will let you know if you?re the right one.

He becomes more open to you than he does to anybody else. This is the sign of he wants to be closer with you and spend more time with you.

In case he’s been with you for a long time in a relationship without opening up about his personal matters, then this is one of signs Capricorn man is using you for sure.

#5: He does a test with your patience

You may not know but Capricorn man is very picky.

It takes him much time to approach the woman he has fallen for. The reason behind his hesitance is ? testing your patience; or, you may call this is his push and pull method.

Put it simply, the Capricorn male enjoys giving his loved ones the test of patience. He is never in the list of men who tend to make decisions impulsively. Actually, he begins everything in life deeply and thoroughly.

He wants his future partner to be someone patient and sensible.

Thus, he will assess your personality and behavior in the first meeting to be sure that you are worth his heart and investment.


In general, the best way to know whether or not a Capricorn man is attracted to you is to ask yourself if he confides in you or reveals any of his personal problems.

The answer is yes, then the high chance is: he may like you back.

In addition, you should notice how often he jokes around with you. This guy normally is really shy and reserved; hence, once he shows off his sense of humor to you, what does that mean if he doesn?t like you?

Another effective way helping you spot if a Capricorn man has a feeling for you is: checking his reaction when you go flirty with other guys.

Don?t mistake the Capricorn male as the flirtatious type; he is really the romantic in a love relationship. As having many positive traits, such as loyalty and determination, he makes a perfect partner.

This guy is not easily fall in love, of course he would not cheat either.

Being in the relationship with a Capricorn will bring you only happiness and security. He may not be good at expressing love by words, but he makes sure you know his heart only for you through actions. Capricorn male is a mature and reliable mate who understands and values your privacy.

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