Why are Cancers so Moody (with 5 Reasons for This Behavior)

Cancers are infamous for their emotional and sensitive nature.

Despite the hard crab shell, people born under this zodiac sign are often seen as crybabies. Why are Cancers so moody? Actually this is not hard to answer – with the element of water and being ruled by the moon, no wonder most Cancerians’ emotion is intense.

In any situation, their keyword is “I feel…” most of the time. Because of their mood swings happen frequently, it’s hard for people around to understand them.

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5 Reasons Cancers are so Moody…

cancer is so moody and sensitive

As I said earlier, Cancers are ruled by the moon. For anyone who has no idea, the moon never stops changing. Astrologically, it pulls on the earth and influences all movements of the ocean (tide, wave, ebb, etc.) That explains why most Cancer natives are moodier than others.

If you truly understand a Cancer, then you find that they are just expressing their personality traits.

Typical Cancerians are imaginative, sympathetic, stubborn, and loyal. But when their mood changes, they can become manipulative and pessimistic.

Here is why Cancers are so moody:

1. They are ruled by the moon

This is the main reason making a Cancer’s mood keep swinging. Since the moon always changes, the emotions of this sign also gets influenced.

Cancer natives are giving, kind, and full of sympathy.

No matter what happens, they will be the first one being there for their family, loved ones, friends, and even strangers. Gifted with a great intuition, they know what others need and lend a helping hand willingly.

These positive traits did a good job in hiding their emotional volatility which later will cause a big effect in their emotions. They will become extremely sensitive when things are not like what they expect or when getting criticized. If you cross the line, they will shut you off and then think about it all the time.

Very emotional, Cancers won’t forget what you did to them, whether it’s good or bad.

2. They are receptive

As a water sign, Cancer is likely to absorb everything going on around them; as a result, they usually feel overwhelmed and prone to negativity. If you find a Cancerian in a bad mood, then don’t say anything because their mood is really bad. However, in most cases, they will keep those emotions deep inside until they reach their limit and explode at certain times.

Indeed, Cancers can easily fall into the pessimistic state if they are not in a good atmosphere or having a bad time. Due to their emotional nature, they really need their personal space and time. Symbolized by the crab, Cancer-born individuals put everything on their shoulders, just like how the crab moving everywhere with their house.

It’s understandable to know most Cancerians are inward.

Full of empathy and intuitive, they care so deeply and enable to feel others’ pain and suffering. Sometimes they take those feelings seriously like they are experiencing on their own.

3. Their ruling planet waxes and wanes

Because of their ruling planet, Cancers have a very hard time in dealing with their constant mood swings and putting down their restless emotions. This is even worse during the waxing and waning times of the moon.

Don’t try to make conversations with them when you find them extremely quiet. They tend to not speak up during the bad time; that’s how they defend both themselves and the people around.

Lacking security, Cancers put up their guards to protect themselves from getting hurt, especially in love and relationships. If the real crab always stays inside their hard shell to avoid dangers from the outside force, a Cancer will isolate themselves from the crowd as they are afraid of getting hurt.

Did you know the moon rules the past?

That explains why Cancers are unable to forget all the wounds in the past. They will try hard to put their sensitive nature in disguise; nonetheless, get ready to be lashed out once their negative emotions swallow them up.

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4. The moon holds back and releases

This happens in every month.

Have you ever thought why people born under this zodiac sign are secretive and suspicious? According to astrologers, maybe the time they were born was during the new moon period. As a cardinal water sign, Cancers born under a new moon is creative and has great loads of emotional energy.

What I feel most impressed about the Cancerian personality is their capacity to be secretive. If a Cancer is a member in your family, your lover, or your close friend, you can rely on them when it comes to keeping significant secrets. They won’t reveal even just a word as this is their nature.

Nevertheless, since they are suspicious, others may misunderstand that they are hiding something negative.

5. They try to please others

While Cancers are working hard to adapt to people around them, they sadly think that Cancers are the manipulative type. Under the influence of the moon, they have the ability of feeling what’s going on in others and reading their mind. So no wonder they are empathetic and understanding in all circumstances.

They are experts at figuring out others’ intentions, especially in the first meetings. Before claiming them to manipulate a situation, remind yourself that they are indeed just trying to satisfy you.

Final Words

So, why are Cancers so moody?

The core reason is because of their ruling planet: the moon. Most Cancers are introverts naturally and have a tendency of hiding their inner feelings. That’s how they protect and defense themselves. The problem is these people also have trust issues – it’s okay if they are secretive, but then they will think others want to hurt them when finding out they are hiding things from them.

Emotional and sensitive, Cancers often suffer from mood swings. They feel things deeply with their sea of emotions; thus, they get hurt easily and soon become distrustful to people around.

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