Cancer Star Sign Dates: Everything to Know about The Crab

Born as a Cancerian, but how much do you know about this sign?

We all know that Cancer has a symbol called as ‘The Crab’ and is ruled by the moon. The sign itself is associated with water and emotions, and that explains why…

Cancer people are nurturing, loving and deeply sensitive. They make amazing friends, partners, and parents in life. At certain times they may get sad and vulnerable due to their emotional nature. But overall all they want are just happiness and harmony for themselves and everyone around them.

Read on to learn all about Cancer star sign dates.

7 Cancer Prominent Traits (The Good & The Bad)

Cancer star sign dates

Like any other zodiac sign, Cancer also has both good and bad traits.

Many say that Cancer people are caring, protective, intuitive, and loyal in all relationships. On the other hand, they seem to be moody, overly sensitive, and unforgiving.

Let’s have a look at each of these traits below:

Positive traits

When referring to Cancers, we all like they are the emotional and introverted type who care deeply about their loved ones. Nevertheless they are more than just that; here, you’ll find 4 best traits of a Cancer that will help you realize why they’re the most loved sign.

1. Loyal

One of the most noteworthy Cancer traits is their undoubtedly loyalty.

They may have a hard time connecting with others. But once they fall for someone and open up their heart, they assure to be committed to you for a life time. Well, firstly you need to gain their trust because they have serious trust issues. Don’t expect the never-ending loyalty from a Cancer after hurting them.

Cancers in love will do everything to help their partner. Tolerant and devoted, they can even turn their back on their own beliefs to support the one they truly love.

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2. Caring

We all know how caring and kind Cancers are. As mentioned earlier, they are extremely nurturing as it’s one of essential parts of their emotional personality. For those who are in a relationship with a Cancer, you can easily realize this quality in their protectiveness and loyalty.

When it comes to love romance, this crab showers their partner with generosity and expects the same in return. If you want to attract a Cancer, then make sure to give them enough attentiveness and affection.

3. Intuitive

Ruled by the moon, intuition is another prominent trait of Cancer. Instead of relying on their rational sense of judgment, Cancer people trust their intuition more. They tend to live in the intense emotional state, so gradually they develop the ability of reading or feeling the change in others’ emotions.

It’s not that Cancers are psychics or something as they don’t mainly use that special skill to read people. In fact, they use it to avoid being hurt or deceived as it gives them a better sense of security. When it comes to making decisions, Cancer is very quick and confident because they trust their guts completely.

They believe that is their unique strength as well.

Furthermore, being intuitive makes Cancer allergic to fakeness or forced things. In case you want to tell some white lies to them, just give up. They can see through you and know what is going on in your head.

4. Protective

Aside from loyalty, Cancers are also infamous for their protectiveness which I’ve briefly mentioned above. They are so protective of the person they love. As a family-oriented person, family and close friends are very important to them. They deeply cherish and go all the way to make sure their loved ones always feel safe and happy at all cost.

Astrologically, Cancer is a symbol tied up with the image of home.

It means they can do everything within the limits of their ability (sometimes even go beyond) to protective their home and those living inside. Home is a safe place to Cancer, a place giving them safe and comfort. Therefore, they for sure have to try their best to protect it, not only for their loved ones but also for themselves.

Some partners being with Cancers claim this protective nature really go overboard at times. However, the motive is just because they want security and safety to people around them.

Negative traits

After the upsides, let’s have a glance at their downsides.

No zodiac sign has only positive traits, and Cancer is of course not an exception. In the following, we’re going to inform 3 bad qualities of their characteristic, from their mood swings and extreme sensitiveness to unforgivingness.

1. Moody

Again, Cancers are known for being moody frequently. They can jump from happiness to sadness in a short period of time. Well, nothing to do about that as it’s a complex part of their emotions. Don’t be surprised if you see a Cancer crawling back to their shells; it’s just that they feel upset and uncomfortable.

The moon is a big reason for the constant change in Cancer’s emotions. From the first glance, they seem to be gentle and reserved. Nonetheless, they will show an emotional outburst or intense mood swings if you don’t show them the same amount of love and care in return as they gave you.

2. Extremely sensitive

Many admit that this is the hardest trait to handle a Cancer. They’re prone to sensitive when being confronted or criticized about something. It’s like they seem to lose control in any emotional situation. For those who talk bad or mean about Cancers, be prepared for it because they won’t forget that.

3. Unforgiving

Never cross a line with the crab because they are petty and unforgiving. Like I just said, they won’t forget what you say or do to them. So if you hurt a Cancer, they can get back to you and make you suffer with their claws. Never underestimate angry crabs because they can be so manipulative due to their depressed emotions and insecurity.

In Conclusion

That’s all for Cancer star sign dates!

Not every Cancer will possess or match these prominent traits mentioned above. There’s also an exception, you know. But, in general, most Cancerians are always kind, nurturing, and sensitive souls who love and care with all their heart.

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