10 Signs A Cancer Man Likes You More Than A Friend – Check NOW!

Look for signs a Cancer man likes you more than a friend?

So you’ve been friends with a Cancer male for several years, and it seems like you are growing interest in him.

Now you want to find out if he likes you back!

As he is your friend for a long time, there must be something about him attracting you ? well, who doesn’t like a charming guy?

If you want more than just friendship with this man, make sure you understand his personality traits on a deep level. He tends to wear his heart and emotions on sleeves; thus, he is seen as an affectionate, caring, and thoughtful person.

Since he is also the family-oriented man, he longs for a real home filled with comfort and stability. Do not approach him if you just want some good time!

We got you covered in this article!

How Do You Know If a Cancer Man is Interested in You?

when a cancer man behaves with you more than a friend

If you really want to be in a romantic relationship with the Cancer male, make sure you have to be someone giving him emotional support uncontrollably and whom he does not need to worry about trust.

Just remind you: he is extremely hard to get!

So, don?t approach him too quick. He looks for a lady who is able to cook, clean, and provide him a good home; put it simply, he wants a dedicated wife staying by his side forever.

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#1: He includes you in his future plans

You can tell a Cancer man likes you more than a friend once he discusses his future plans with you. Taking love very serious, he can be relied on when it comes to making commitment in a relationship.

Consider yourself lucky if having the Cancer male your lover as he?s extremely loyal.

#2: He wants a spiritual connection with you

Your friend is sensitive and seems to be associated with the spiritual element of life; thus, he always craves to connect with the woman he loves on a spiritual level.

In case he hints you about the spiritual love connection, chances are he falls for you.

#3: He becomes extremely passionate

Another of signs a Cancer man likes you more than a friend is that he becomes passionate about you.

When dating a Cancer man in love, he feels very passionate and can?t wait to show his intense emotions to his lover. Don?t be surprised if you find this guy extremely affectionate around you.

He would love to develop a physical and emotional connection with you once he realizes his feelings for you.

#4: He invites you to his place

It?s a big sign if Cancer man invites you to his house and cook you a dinner.

As I told you earlier, family and home are important to this guy. His house is the safest place that he treasures the most; therefore, be honored when you get his invitation.

#5: He is curious about you

When a Cancer guy has feelings for you, he suddenly wants to know everything regarding you. Though he may be your friend, it doesn?t mean he understands you completely; that makes him eager to learn about you on a deeper level.

It?s his goal to discover your likes, dislikes, and even things in between.

#6: He is faithful

Wonder how this guy behaves if he’s truly serious about you?

Keep in mind that he?s extremely loyal and reliable. He may be the person putting much effort in this relationship; however, he does also expect your devotion. Show him your love and he will make you feel the same; otherwise, he will ignore you all of sudden and even disappear for days.

Once the Cancer male falls in love, he falls hard and will often come up with many plans just to give you happiness.

#7: He shows his affections in public

A typical male Cancer gets shy easily, but right at the moment he falls hard in love he will not really care about public display. There comes a time when he?s passionate about you, he will show you a lot of physical affection without caring about how people look and think about his relationship.

#8: He tells you about his feelings

If you’re patient enough, the right time will come your Cancer man will put down his guards and tell you how he actually feels about you. He may be reserved; nonetheless, he can?t keep that special feeling to himself when he is in love.

To keep him forever, you need an emotional connection with him.

#9: He wants you to meet his family

No one can deny the strong bond Cancer man shares with his family.

Hence, if he asks you to meet his parents, you can tell that he takes this relationship very serious. He wants to stick with you for life, and surely he?s not the type involved only in flirty, quick affairs.

#10: He is more than caring

As soon as he confesses his interest in you, Mr. Homebody will show up!

When visiting your house, you?ll find this guy from one place to another doing different chores. Whether he does the laundry or washing dishes, he is seemingly comfortable; it?s because he really wants to give you assistance.

Rather than hanging out outside, he prefers staying at home, watching movies, and cuddling with you.


What are signs a Cancer man likes you more than a friend?

So, according to this article, Cancer man really shows plenty of signs when he has special feelings towards you.

Everything now is up to you! If you are truly serious with him, then simply bring your affections on display. Be honest and sincere as the Cancer guy is emotional and lacks security.

Who can ignore this man?

Mr. Homebody sounds so perfect and seems to make a good partner in love relationships. He sometimes can be shy and a bit moody; nonetheless, being in love with a Cancer is overall awesome. Not only caring about your feelings, but he also takes all of his possibilities to ensure you the best in life.

Of course you can?t be the taker all the time ? don?t forget to pamper him sometimes and make him feel loved as much as possible.

If having any question, please submit your comment below.


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