Everything About Capricorn Man In Bed You Need To Know

Want to unravel the secret of your partner’s horoscope?

Well, you are lucky today as we are going to discuss something interesting about Capricorn man.

Do you know any Capricornian? Or, are you in a relationship with a Capricorn male?

Discover things Capricorn man truly wants in bed

This guy is seriously misunderstood, undoubtedly.

At the first glance, he is known as an honest, meticulous, and career-oriented person; with the influence of Capricorn personality traits, sometimes he can become brutal and does not really care about the nonsense.

However, Capricorn man in bed is an incredible surprise.

He is hot, gorgeous, and mysterious ? yes, you’ll surely find him hard to resist. But, let me remind you that the chance for you to catch him is not as certain as you might think.

Many women claim that Capricorn male is a hard catch.


He is not the type opening up easily; instead, he’s more like a traditional person who is determined and knows exactly what he truly wants. Oh, sure?he is not the affectionate lover, but he will instantly change your mind when you two are in the bedroom.

If you are interested in a Capricorn man whom you’d like to take to bed, here is useful information to help you understand about him in bed as well as find your pleasure.

What Does Capricorn Man Want in Bed?

#1: Let him set the pace

When it comes to lovemaking, plenty of guys out there are dying to be tied up or play exciting games every night; nonetheless, Capricorn guy is always an exception.

Actually, this earthy man is seemingly boring. If you’ve dated him before, you might already know that his first-time lovemaking is routine and lacks kinkiness.

Despite of that, you should give him time to get to know you instead of doubting him. Once he completely trusts you, the sex will become more fascinating. Rather be a dominant partner, you may let him be in charge.

Let’s find out the best match of Capricorn man before trying to seduce him in bed.

#2: Be a classy woman

Unlike other men preferring their woman make hot dirty talks or wear a naughty outfit, Capricorn male feels hatred for those things.

How to seduce him into bed?

The first impression is very important as he tends to notice your appearance. So, if you know how to dress to catch his eyes, you already succeed the half way.

For a Capricorn man, he expects his lady to look like June Cleaver. Yup, you must be traditional and classy; therefore, you may want to try on some sensible flats and a knee length dress.

#3: Don’t force him to sleep with you right away

The romance with Capricorn man shouldn’t be hurried.

In case you want to get him into bed, you have to make him work for it. Keep in mind that he is not the one-night-stand man; hence, he will never sleep with a woman he knows nothing or has less respect for.

Of course he will not look up to the lady who jumps right into bed with him.

No matter how much you love him, don’t try to figure out ways to sleep with him right away. Be patient and he will desire you even more.

#4: Treat him gently with your fantasy

As I just said, don’t push him quickly.

Despite the fact you can’t wait to rip all the buttons off his shirt, contain yourself.

He is not ready to go to the bedroom with you just after several dates.

When a Capricorn man likes you, he actually has difficult time thinking whether or not he’s chosen the right one. He may get shocked just by the thought of his elegant, traditional lady as someone naughty in bed.

Sometimes he cannot accept the fact that you can be classic and sexy at the same time. Thus, seduce him gently and lightly ? slow approach will surely bring fun into your sex life with a guy of Capricorn soul.

See also signs Capricorn man is attracted to understand how he behaves in love!

#5: Play an innocent role

Ladies, let’s be honest?you know exactly what you’re doing in bed as you’re doing what you want.

However, unfortunately, Capricorn man doesn’t like the way you try to drive him wild and make him want you. Those tricks (touching his naked chest, for example) will not work on him. This is the guy who wants you to play the innocent role.

Although he looks for a strong, independent woman full of elegance and style in love, he expects her to be innocent and soft in the bedroom.

His zodiac sign might be boring; yet, he has a big ego making him extremely confident in bed.

How to Turn on a Capricorn Man in Bed?

#1: Don’t be too shy

Get tips to know how to arouse your Capricorn in bed

How to make a Capricorn man obsessed with you?

Then stop being reserved when being with him. He’d love if you follow his lead and do what he demands; however, you still need to be active sometimes to let him know what you desire.

Don’t mind showing him your secret place hiding sex toys. In fact, this guy also has his own stash; maybe he will introduce it to you on the next hot date.

#2: Expose your kinky imagination

When you two have some alone time together, give him insight about your kinky imagination. He will listen attentively to see if what you are thinking matches with his.

As a gentleman at heart, he will not choose to push you beyond your limits; nonetheless, the moment you show him your flexible limit, he will immediately invite you to his secret world.

#3: Be straightforward and raw with him

This guy will dig straight into everything once he falls for someone.

When a Capricorn likes you, he wants to know lots of things about you, like what you scare the most, what you really enjoy and how you like it, etc. This is the guy knowing exactly what he wants; thus, he hopes that his loved one can also realize what she really wants too.

More importantly, you’ll leave a good impression if you aren’t afraid to express your desire verbally.


It’s very useful to bear in mind that Capricorn man at first is pretty reserved when it comes to the sexuality aspect. That’s why you must be patient; until he completely opens up to you, spending time with him in bed will bring you a pleasant experience.

Understand that he is naturally a private creature, especially if he has to handle personal matters. No matter how much he craves for you, he will keep his sexual passion bottled up.

Play an innocent, inexperience girl and you’ll easily seduce the alpha male who loves to dominate within bedroom.

10 Truths about Having Sex with Capricorn Man

Unravel all the truths about Capricorn male in bed

Born under the Capricorn zodiac sign, he has a serious, no-nonsense exterior; nevertheless, the Capricorn male tends to throw away his aggressive determination and get loose in the bedroom.

If you just begin a relationship with this man, then you’re recommended to learn some truths about him ? this later is very useful as you can take advantage to do things arousing him.

#1: He is playful and adventurous

Well, this is what most ladies never expect from a Capricornian as he seems to be a well-composed person on the outside. However, he really gets excited to try new, incredible things in his sex adventure.

He may come up with some unique positions, and you should follow his lead.

#2: He over-analyzes before making any decision

When he says that he wants to make love with you, he actually thinks of and plans for this sexual rendezvous in his head for a very long time.

He is a creature of habit; thus, he needs everything to go exactly as his way. Nevertheless, sometimes he expects his lady to be more creative to throw him off guard.

Try to look for new hot sex tips to make yourself irresistible to him!

#3: He proceeds with caution, as always

Understanding Capricorn men in love is important because you won’t misunderstand him in such this situation:

Although he is seemingly uninterested in ripping your clothes off, the truth is just that his cautious mode is on. He rarely expresses his inner emotions especially when it comes to lovemaking, so it may be difficult for you to read what is really going on in his ?serious‘ mind.

#4: He hates being rushed

Yup, this is what we told you earlier, right?

For the God sake, you should NEVER do that!

You may think he just likes other guys who cannot resist your sexy appeal or magnetic charm. However, it doesn’t mean you can force him to sleep with you after several meetings.

Or, when you two are in bed, don’t tell him to hurry up as it is such a huge turn-off for the Capricorn. In any case, you need to be patient with your Capricorn man ? slowly and gently, he will rock your world.

#5: He needs nothing fancy to arouse him

Capricorn man in love relationships is the practical, not a romantic of every girl.

This is especially accurate if this guy is having sex with someone he loves. Of course you can be romantic yet do not make it over romantic. Please skip the rose petals, candles, or sensual body oil.

He just needs his significant woman to get down to business!

#6: He takes a while to express himself sexually

Though this occurs to Capricorn female more, some Capricorn males have the problem of expressing his desire for sex.

But once he is ready to show his lust side, he will amaze you with his intense sexual energy. It’s your job to make him let go in the bedroom!

#7: He expects intellectual stimulation

Remember that Capricorn man will only sleep with the right kind of person and he is quite picky about choosing his life partner.

Not only skills about sex, you must also have common sense and can make interesting conversation with him. Showing your intelligence will improve your chances of taking Capricorn in bed successfully.

If you are an Aries woman, then take time to widen your knowledge in order to satisfy your love interest’s cravenness for information.

#8: He yearns for dominance

Of all astrology signs, Capricorn guy is a natural leader in every life aspect, so of course he will also want to be in charge within the bedroom. Yes, you can be on top, but Capricorn doesn’t like the feeling of being controlled.

Instead, become an innocent lady and follow his lead.

Overview of Capricorn Man Sexual Compatibility

Who is most compatible with the Capricorn male in the bedroom?

Have a check:

1. Taurus

Taurus woman and Capricorn man share a wonderful connection bond in bed. She can find the security that she always needs in the Goat. They are likely to make a stable, dependable relationship and a loving home life together.

2. Leo

Leo woman loves being the center of attention, while Capricorn man is literally an introvert. When both come together, they mainly argue about money because she enjoys spending money, but he?s a penny-pincher.

They need to embrace their differences to nurture this love relationship.

3. Cancer

Both Cancer woman and Capricorn man are family-oritented and homebody persons; however, they are completely different when it comes to emotion. The female thinks that the male is cold and distant; meanwhile, he thinks of her as an impractical and overly dramatic individual.

4. Virgo

In bed, Virgo woman is a wonderful partner for Capricorn man. Both of them are practical, goal-oriented and level-headed. They understand and complement each other well. As they are the private type, it’s rarely to see many romantic gestures from them.

They may need to work hard to keep things spicy within the bedroom.

5. Scorpio

Scorpio woman and Capricorn man are slow to trust and commit; thus, this relationship requires much time to see the spark. But once it does, it will be memorable to both sides.

Her intense passion will help the Goat find the emotional security he yearns for; on the other hand, his undying devotion will make the Scorpion feel truly loved and cared.

6. Pisces

Though Pisces woman and Capricorn man are different, they blend well with each other. The female will help the male open up his feelings more; at the same time, the male help her ground the Fish and approach life with practicality.

7. Aquarius

The creative and adventurous?Aquarius woman may think Capricorn man a little boring. His possessive nature often makes she feel trapped. Also, the male is not really into the woman who’s too free-spirited as Aquarius.

For this relationship to work, both Aquarius and Capricorn need to step out of their comfort zones and look for the common ground.

In Conclusion

Capricorn man in fact is the type of person very private; hence, you must put much effort in order to nudge him in the right direction.

Or, you can try a better way by showing him hints subtly to make him certain about your feelings towards him at first; then, patiently wait for him to guide you and comfortably tell you about his preferences.

There’s so much more to a Capricorn man in bed that you should know.

In case you are really serious about putting him under your spell, I suggest you sending us more questions about your confusion related to this guy so that we can come up with more step-by-step guide.

With all the useful tips above, wish you can get your Capricorn man to commit!


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