Top 4 Signs Leo Man Is Not Interested In You (Check NOW)

One of the most frustrating things to a woman is to wonder if a guy is into her or not.

It?s embarrassed and disappointed when you?re head over heels for a Leo man but he ends up not having any special feelings for you.

While you?re confused about whether he?s too shy to make a move or he simply doesn?t like you at all, it?s better to figure out this matter before you have your heart broken and disappointment.

What are signs Leo man is not interested?

In this article, I come up with a list of no nonsense signs that will show you exactly how to tell the Leo male is not into you.

How to Know a Leo Guy Doesn?t Like You Back?

when leo man does not show interest

If a Leo man has a crush on someone, he is truly a sweetheart. His manners are kind and gentle to the woman whom he wants to be in a romantic relationship with. However, things are different when he?s around the person he has no feelings for.

Don?t be shocked if this guy ignores you or criticize you; much worse, he even behaves arrogantly and treats you as the second rate. He wants to let you know that he deserves better and you?re just wasting his precious time.

You?re in fact not important to him, so he won?t spare any time for you. The Leo male will never go all the way to start a conversation with you or occasionally answer your calls as well as text messages.

In case you try to add friend him on social media, he will either deny it or accept it without making any response.

There are indeed lots of signs regarding a Leo man isn?t interested: if he shows any of those I?ve mentioned earlier, you should consider moving on and getting involved with someone sincerely falling in love with you.

As soon as he is clear his mind and know exactly how he feels towards you, nothing you can do to change his decisions due to his stubbornness and selfishness. All you need to do is accepting the fact and find a partner better for you.

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When a Leo Male is Losing His Interest?

leo man is losing interest in a relationship

You?re in a relationship with a Leo man but recently he seems to lose his interest and passion in you. It feels like he becomes cold and more distant when you two are talking or dating.

No need to worry!

Here are a couple of clear indicators helping you realize when he is no longer interest and wants a permanent break:

1. Spend less time with you

The Leo man in love usually dedicates most of his time to his beloved lady or even his love interest. Nevertheless, he spends more time away when he loses interest. He will pull away and find excuses to avoid going out with you.

You will rarely see his calls or text messages because he has no intent to contact or answer. For sure, he also stops making plans with you; in case he does, he will miss the date and act as he remembers nothing and then you will never get an explanation for all of his actions.

He just keeps standing you up or indirectly ditches you.

Spending less time together is a sign Leo man is losing his interest. He will simply come with different reasons if you ask him why; thus, don?t buy all the lies.

2. Care less about your opinions

Leo man tends to care and respect his woman?s opinion, but things will turn completely opposite the moment he loses interest. If he?s no longer in love with you, he will not mind your own opinions. Much terribly, he will rudely interrupt your talk and ignore you during the conversation.

Basically, he acts obviously in order to let you know you?re bothering him.

He doesn’t really want to hear your story about how your day was or anything else. If he gets fed up with you, then your thoughts or opinions become irrelevant to him; above all, he feels annoyed listening to what he?s not into in.

The Leo male may ask how you doing; yet he will immediately blow you out once you go ahead to tell him. Rather than paying attention to you, he puts his whole focus on his phone or other stuff.

3. Display an aggressive attitude

Another sign indicating a Leo man?s uninterest is his pissed attitude towards the person he doesn?t want to stay around. He?s normally like this whenever he has to stick with those he has no feelings for.

Being with you can make he act negative or critical!

At this stage of a relationship, the two of you will get involved in many conflicts and arguments. The Leo male can pick up fights with just small details; by that, he can blame you for causing his misery. He?s very talented in disgracing others and leaving them losing confidence.

This guy is not nice as always ? if your partner is nothing like a jerk, then it?s significant to walk away from him.

4. Be selfish

When you find your Leo partner cares about himself and others better than everything he’s done with you, then chances are he is not interested any longer. For example, if you buy his breakfasts every morning and he ignore taking care of you in return, then he certainly does not care about your concern.

The Leo make is ambitious, passionate, and genuine.

He can be either a sweet dream or a terrible nightmare. Everything is good and kind when he?s your dream guy in the visual world; nonetheless, he will see you like a piece of dirt once he loses his interest.

Final Thoughts

Leo man is not as ideal as you thought when he has no feelings for you. His pride is big so he always considers himself more important than anyone else. He will treat you horrible in order to remove you from his life if you?re not the person he likes.

On the other hand, he?s likely to give his whole world to the woman he falls in love with and wants to stay together.

If you have any question about signs Leo man is not interested, leave it all in the comment below.

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