How To Understand A Cancer Woman (7 Things To Know)

If you see a calm, open, dreamy, good-nature, but a bit mysterious and unpredictable lady, 100% she is Cancer woman.

At the first glance, you may think of her as a simple and unsophisticated person.

The truth is: she’s indeed hard to understand.

She is not the type letting anyone read her mind easily; also, it takes you awhile to get close to her. However, you will instantly feel warm and cozy once she opens up her emotions and affections to you.

Born under a peculiar zodiac sign, it?s difficult to figure out what she really hides inside.

Do you want to be the best match of Cancer woman? Well then you must have great clarity about her personality.

So, how to understand a Cancer woman?

Continue reading and get your answer in this article!

Essential Things to Know about Cancer Woman

How To Understand A Cancer Woman

Wish to understand Cancer woman deeper?

This lady is full of charm and contradiction. On one side, she is vulnerable, moody, and afraid of changes; however, on the other side, she is guarded, dependable, and quite adaptable as well.

She is the person with many layers.

Getting to know her better, you will realize that she is truly interesting.

#1: She is insecure and deeply sensitive

Influenced by Cancer zodiac personality, Cancer woman is heavily guarded and has trust issues. It takes her a very long time to trust someone else because she fears of being hurt.

Like the crab symbolizing her sign, she tends to hide her soft side beneath the hard exterior. No matter what happens, she always maintains a certain level of mystery ? that?s why others often claim her as a cool, composed lady.

She is actually very sensitive and easily hurt.

Let’s see the match of Cancer woman and Gemini man here!

#2: She is an excellent friend and partner

Because she doesn?t let herself fall into any relationship carelessly, most of relationships involving Cancer woman are built to last.

She makes a fantastic friend and love partner.

The Cancerian woman in love is extremely dependable (sometimes clingy) as she loves sensation and the feeling of being needed. When it comes to family and close friends, this lady is protective and completely loyal.

That’s why the relationship of two Cancers is very harmonious!

If you are looking for the love that will last for a lifetime, then Cancer is certainly your choice.

#3: She is the family-oriented person

Unlike others who always seek fun from the outside world, Cancer woman just wants to stay peacefully in a place called home. Yes, she is definitely the homebody who doesn?t mind spending nights on the sofa and gets surrounded by people she loves.

She feels happiest when being at home!

Talking about love relationships, this lady expects her partner also enjoying the home as much as she does. Rather than hanging out outside, she prefers a warm dinner at home and more cuddles in bed.

#4: She yearns for comfort and stability

Since Cancer woman is quite insecure, her life goals have to be filled with comfort, safety and stability. Sometimes you probably see her participating in reckless adventures; however, there?s a part inside her really craving for a sense of security.

If you are in a relationship with this lady, then you must constantly reassure that you truly love her and care for her. As afraid of being hurt or betrayed, she needs to feel safe and satisfied.

Once she willingly opens up to you, you can tell that she completely trusts you ? this is also one of signs Cancer woman likes you.

#5: She dislikes conflicts

She is not the person of disputation.

Cancer woman has a sensitive, vulnerable side and easily gets hurt, making her any kind of confrontation. Blunt words can cut her deeper than anything else. Even if she is mad at you, she will just keep her anger for herself.

As mentioned above, comfort and stability are everything she needs.

Nevertheless, argument or confrontation is like a threat to her secure zone. Her emotional heart cannot deal with all the criticism or blunt words. In other words, she will shut down any kind of conflict immediately at all cost.

#6: She lives in the past

The Cancer female values old memories greatly.

She can?t help but frequently taking trips down memory lane. Or, I can say that she has a deep respect for everything happened to her in the past.

This is the person that enjoys living with the history attached to her.

Everything can be the memory to her. For instance, she might still keep the ticket of the Coldplay concert from the first date with you. Also, she loves to wear her grandmother’s pearl necklace on special occasions.

She even scrolled back her own social media to see all the happy?throwbacks.

#7: She is the survivor

Many say that they worry for this lady, especially when Cancer woman is hurt, because she seems emotional and deeply sensitive.

In fact, she has fantastic survival skills and this begins to take shape due to her guardedness. She tends to build fence or big walls around to protect her weak interior from the severe world.

As you probably know, the Cancer female is infamous as a homebody who rarely leaves her comfort zone. One thing for sure, she is likely not the changeable person as well as not willing to come out of her shell.

Surprisingly, she could be pretty adaptive if being pushed to the limit.

Cancer woman does have a strong and mature side allowing her to take on a completely?new adventure on her own. Not yet, she always has the courage to protect and keep her loved ones safe.

Final Thoughts

In general, the Cancer female is exactly the type of woman you hope to live with for the rest of your life. She can be a really good friend, a reliable partner, and an incredible mother as well.

If you are currently with a Cancer woman, then consider yourself lucky.

Although you may not know this in the first time seeing her, she indeed falls hard and love hard. When she loves, she loves with a big heart. When she cares, she cares with sincerity and soul.

Don?t mistake her calm expression; she is actually a sweet butter sugar cookie.

Because of her great fear of getting hurt, she carefully chooses who?s worth her love. Please be patient if you want to stay in her world. The moment she lets you in, she expects you to never leave.

Cancer woman in love is very loyal and faithful. No matter what occurs to you, she will stand by you through thick and thin and for a long haul. She will be a good listener and offer you a shoulder to lean on and cry on.

Hope all the things above help you know and understand the nurturing, sensitive, and gorgeous Cancer woman better.

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