Top 16 Secrets of Cancer Personality Female Revealed !

What are Cancerian eminent personalities?

In the zodiac, Cancer is a water sign symbolized by the Crab.

Individuals born under this astrological sign will possess a variety of personality traits that could change from sweetness and loyalty to moodiness and even resentment. If you really want to gain in-depth understanding about the complicated Cancer woman, then you must view all Cancer’s characteristics from different perspectives.

When it comes to the female of this cardinal sign, she always has the feeling like she hasn’t yet completed her mission in this life.

In the family, she makes the best mother due to her nurturing nature. For the best of her children, she willingly sacrifices her all.

Most of the time she is the soft and easygoing type; however, sometimes this woman will become a fighter when motivated. Getting hurt easily and having a hard time to move on, but she is gifted with the power of winning people’s heart by her goodness and moral value.

Learn more about Cancer personality female via this article!

Is Cancer Woman Changeable?

Top 16 Secrets of Cancer Personality Female Revealed!

Though each zodiac sign has many traits, it only needs one key characteristic that helps people identify what sign it is exactly. This is the reason you can determine the horoscope sign of one person ? of all personality qualities, the most prominent will reflect their true selves.

In the case of Cancer woman, whether fairly or unfairly, she is infamous for her moodiness.

According to Cancer zodiac information, this sign’s ruler is the Moon.

Just as the Moon waxes and wanes with the changing tides, so does this female. She can come with great assistance but oftentimes becomes a hindrance depending on her mood and emotions.

For better or for worse, she feels things deeply.

Positive Cancer Personality Female Traits

How to understand a Cancer woman?

Firstly, I have to say that it’s pretty hard to get this highly complicated lady. If you want to read her mind a little better, let’s gain a glimpse into Cancer female positive traits in the following.

The birth chart of every female Cancerian is influenced by plenty of astrological matters, and this will affect to the way they express their qualities differently.

Creative & artistic

Do you know when a Cancer woman feels happiest?

The answer is when she is able to share her love as well as passion for something, like her preferences (writing, poetry, etc.) with her loved ones or people around her. With a rich imagination, she is very creative, not surprising though.

It’s her creativity encouraging her to develop the love for arts. Being artistic is somewhat a great and pleasure way to express herself creatively.


What kind of person is a Cancer?

Most of Cancer women are tender-hearted ? making others think that this is her prominent trait.

Naturally, she finds it difficult to express her inner feelings as she doesn’t get used to opening up her emotions, especially if she is hurt. Compared to ladies of other zodiac signs, she is seemingly immature on the emotion aspect.

Probably, this might be true in some cases.

Once you get a chance to understand her better, you’ll soon realize that she is not just the type that easily becomes sensitive to their own feelings. In fact, she is also empathetic to how other people might feel. This compassionate ability creates more complicated matters to a Cancer female’s emotional state of being, actually.

Yet, to some Cancerians, they may be confused of distinguishing the difference of their own feelings with the feelings they sense from others.

Excellent & diligent in work

A Cancer woman is extremely diligent when working.

Don’t force her to do this or that ? she can only perform well if you leave her on her own. If you try to manage her workload, she will get distracted instantly. No matter what her career is, she will be protective of it just like how she treats her home.

The female Cancerian will protect their job status at all cost.

Of course she expects the exact loyalty in work. If you are kind to her, she will treat you like her family in return. It’s comfortable to have a co-worker of Cancer horoscope sign at the company. Why? She will listen to your issue with a sympathetic ear.

She will offer assistance if that is within her reach and affects nothing to her job security.


Cancerian woman in love is loyal and faithful from the bottom of her heart.

When a Cancer and her partner start a family, the lady will make sure to nurture it with a strong foundation of loyalty and dedication.

She’ll sacrifice and do anything she could to offer her children what they need; of course that includes material gifts. If you want to be with someone full of love, Cancer lady is the ideal mate. Nonetheless, she must learn how to give it firstly.

Once she can express her feelings in the right way, her family will have a chance to blossom.

Dedicated to what called ?home’

Based on Cancer zodiac personality, she is a homebody at heart.

She is not really the sociable type; actually, Cancer woman develops a strong attachment to her home. Without a home of her own, she may not even survive as that’s where provides her security.

Consider yourself lucky if you can marry a female Cancerian. Why? She tends to spend a large amount of time and money to take care of her home and fill it with all the love as well as things bring her comfort and make her feel safe.

Negative Cancer Personality Female Traits

Who doesn’t have flaws, right?

Beside positive qualities, every zodiac sign also has a few negative traits; and, Cancer woman is no exception.

Fearful of getting rejected

If there’s something this lady needs to improve, then the answer is ? she needs to express her feelings with more confidence. Her problem is that she often lets her fear swallow her up.

Nothing can terrify a shy Cancer but the feeling of being rejected. Whenever she senses that is going to happen, whether strongly or slightly, she will immediately pull back into her shell.


This is one of Cancer woman in love characteristics.

Though she is typically a lovable and easygoing woman, she will shut down everything once you do something hurtful to her. Never expect her forgiveness with just an apology. In fact, you may never be forgiven.

Extremely sensitive, she may get hurt at almost everything, and sometimes you will not really recognize what you said or did. But please keep in mind that Cancer woman will never treat you like before once she closes the door.

It takes a lot of effort for you to figure out what went wrong.

The most difficult thing is ? you can never unravel the complexity of her emotions.


Wonder what Cancer woman dark side is?

She is often resentful and petulant due to her instant mood swings.

Having a hard time to express her inner thoughts, this lady has tendency to keep all the sadness or depression to her own self as she rarely opens up to anyone. However, once she can’t handle the tension, she will then explode.

The problem with Cancer is ? anything can easily make her feel resentful. Born with the incredibly rich, fertile imagination ability, she however does not use it in a productive manner. Instead, her imagination is the main cause to her suspicion and resentment.

Simply put, you must know how to please her at all times to become the perfect love match for Cancer woman.

Whenever she feels resentful, patiently wait for her to return to normal.

In-depth Look into Cancer Woman Characteristics

Want to learn about her deeper characteristics?

Cancer women do hide a lot of things beneath their shells that’s worth exploring!


Symbolized by the crab, a sea creature, and influenced by the Moon, she has a very strong intuition sense. Following the flow of the tides, she can tell exactly what and how to do to accomplish her course well.

No matter what happens around her, she will listen to only her instinct in every situation.


Being nice is different from being kind, and only the female Cancerian is truly aware of this.

She is a sweet heart for sure. Whether it is about rescuing stray dogs/cats or supporting the homeless, this woman is always the first person willingly offering a helping hand.


At the first glance, Cancerian woman appearance could make you think that she needs to be taken care of. Her moods also change frequently; thus, sometimes you may wonder whether or not you can rely on her.

Well, actually she is a dependable partner in life. Whether you are in a difficult situation for love, finances, or simply need a supportive hand, this lady will surely be the first one that suggests giving you assistance.


Astrologically, Cancer shares a few similarities to its opposite sign (Capricorn) ? women with this zodiac sign remain their power for a long period. That energy source will later be used to outlast just about any adversary.

Don’t misunderstand a Cancer woman as a weak person; after all, crabs have claws for a reason. So, the moment she decides to fight for something, get ready to see a warrior as she will go for a distance.

Soft underbelly

If compared a Cancer woman to a Scorpio woman, it’s obviously the Cancerian has more soft underbellies. It’s not a secret ? everyone already knows that she easily gets hurt, and it costs her quite a long time to recover and completely forget about her wounds.

Making her to forgive you is really a challenge.

Rarely direct

Like Libra, Cancer does not prefer arguments or confrontations.

In most cases, she will figure a peaceful way to help her avoid any kind of conflict or intense discussion. You will find an actual crab tends to move sideways when it senses something in danger, so does Cancer woman.

She will step aside once being in awkward circumstances as she doesn’t want to become a reluctant witness.


You may think that making a Cancer woman angry takes a lot for effort; nonetheless, right at the moment she blows up, be careful. The reason behind this is because these folks have restrained their anger and innermost feelings.


You think all Cancer women are weak?

The truth is, they are ruled by a cardinal sign. If you don’t know, Cancer is one of the most action horoscope sign. To grab someone else’s instant notice, she doesn’t mind showing her fierce side.

She even takes risk to right a wrong at times.

Here are some interesting facts about Cancer woman, check out now:

Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

What is the best match for Cancer woman?

Since Cancer is a water sign, ladies born under this sign get along well with men of water signs: Scorpio, Pisces, and fellow Cancer.

In addition, the combination of Cancer woman and men of earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) has potential and can go smoothly for a long term.

Who is not compatible with Cancer woman?

In the zodiac cycle, Cancer’s opposing sign is Capricorn; yet, both actually pair up a nice couple.

Things aren’t really well between the Cancerian female and all the members of Air and Fire signs when it comes to a romantic relationship. Or, if her partner is a Gemini, an Aquarius or a Leo, then both need to work hard and show sympathy to each other to help the romance last long.

Libra and Aries are two signs creating highly challenging relationships to Cancer.


Now you’ve known some important keys of Cancer personality female.

All the characteristics of Cancer woman here at first may make other people feel pressured to deal with. For men who want to win the heart of this lady, remember to be very careful with everything you say and always get her back in most situations.

She is sensitive and cannot adapt well with critics, so you must work harder to maintain the relationship.

Great to know that her positive traits are worth your effort!

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