Capricorn Man And Cancer Woman Love Match (2024 Compatibility)

Are you a Cancer woman falling for a Capricorn man?

Will the love of Capricorn and Cancer last forever?

If yes, then you must keep a keen eye on this article!

Here I’m going to discuss about Capricorn man Cancer woman compatibility to help you understand your love partner and know what to do to bring your relationship on the next level.

How compatible are Capricorn male and Cancer female?

Will this pairing survive for a long time?

Read on for interesting information regarding these two individuals and their compatibility as well.

What Are They Like?

Capricorn man (December 22 ? January 19)

If I have to describe Capricorn man in one word, then it would be ‘ambitious.’

He dedicates his life for success and nothing else. The guy born under this zodiac sign is career-oriented, so it’s not really surprising when he sees his work is the center of his life.

Ruled by the earth element, Capricorn is determined and unwavering when it comes to certain things; yet, there are times when he becomes receptive to changes. He is in fact an introvert and does not into talkative people ? he only talks when it is needed.

His professional life always comes first, whereas his personal life is secondary.

Romantically, the perfect match of Capricorn is someone understanding him well.

Cancer woman (June 21 ? July 22)

For this woman, protective and nurturing have great value and describe her Cancer female personality most accurately. Even if she is not with her loved ones, you’ll still find her pampering people around her (for example, her friends).

Sensitive and emotional, she cannot bear of getting hurt or the rejection.

That’s why it takes Cancer female quite a long time to truly fall in love with someone. However, she falls hard if she is serious. She tends to become devoted and give in her everything in a love romance.

Cancer is all about happiness and joy, and she does not really care about success, luxury or achievement in life. For the rest of her life, she will do everything to provide her family only the best.

When Capricorn And Cancer Are Together?

The combination of Capricorn and Cancer is very ideal.

Things to know when Capricorn and Cancer are dating

When these two are in a relationship, they won’t lack anything else if doing something together. Due to their personality traits, both are natural-born protectors ? they make sure to give only the best to each other.

This is a traditional relationship that you can expect from the traditional, conservative, and protective Capricorn and the nurturing Cancer.

Therefore, you and your partner have potential to make commitment and go together for a long term.

Despite the high compatibility rate, of course the male and the female need to put much effort as well as build the string of mutual trust to strengthen the love bond. Remember to help out each other and you two can rule the world together.

He gets arrogant at times, but at most times it’s his shy smile and delicate gestures help him hide his negative traits well. She only focuses on the good and hardly tries to spot something bad about her partner.
Both are interested in artistic goods and art, in general. Thus, a date to an exhibition together can help ease the intense situation between Capricorn and Cancer. Enjoy finer things in life will improve this relationship.
Achieving life goals is very important to a Capricorn. No need anyone’s assistance (even from his Cancer mate) as he is able to define success on his own. Nevertheless, she will be the emotional backup to him from time to time.
Both value memories and do love talking about the past whenever they have time. Because of this common ground, they usually make beautiful discussions to understand each other more.
Taking much time to ground himself and understand his feelings before making a commitment. Taking a long time to fall in love but will fall hard once she commits.
Both are unable to express the inner feelings for each other. The shell they build around themselves is so hard to break. To strengthen the relationship, communication is necessary. See also tips to make a Capricorn man miss you in love!

Overall, Capricorn and Cancer compatibility is great!

Feel relief, right? The watery lady does not have many differences with the earthy guy ? this couple is something made in the air.

If you are dating a Capricorn male, then you’ve made a very excellent choice as Cappy is the perfect man for every woman. In general, he is the first choice if you want to start a family of your own. He is undoubtedly is the personification of success!

On the other hand, as a Cancer female, you are going to be a perfect mother to your future children.

Although Capricorn and Cancer are opposite signs astrologically, they are neither compatible nor incompatible. Both are born with exact opposite traits yet it doesn’t mean they don’t share any similarities.

These two can be quite happy together actually, as they are giving.

Will They Have Any Conflict?

Talking about points of conflict, how are Capricorn man and Cancer woman like when getting involved in an argument?

As a couple, the guy will often tear down what he judges to be your idealistic illusions while you will become more optimistic. His behaviors in love depend on not only his sun sign (Capricorn) but also other zodiac signs present in his birth chart.

Please note that Capricorn man tends to pull away often, so his partner needs to learn how to handle this matter.


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If he is a true Capricorn, he is sure to be a workaholic; and his career-oriented trait will surely create a rival for your romance: work.

In order to a Cancer female wants to keep him forever, you need to handle his devotion for his job. Once you two have committed to each other, he will naturally assume that you know and understand for what he is doing and that you already accept it.

The thing is: no matter how much you think you can cope with this issue, there will come a day when it starts to bother you.

Very intuitive, the lady will soon notice that her Capricorn man gives her not enough the attention she always craves for. Because of that, she will gradually feel bored and disappointed when seeing he dedicates all of his time for his latest work projects and completely ignores you.

Instead of making it up for you, he probably tells you to get yourself busy in a new plan of your own. But, don’t think that he no longer loves you as he just doesn’t want you to rely much on him.

Enjoy your preferences for your emotional happiness!

Whether or not your Cappy lover pays attention to you, it is not a worry. Personally, the most significant elements in a romantic relationship you should expect from the mate are: loyalty and dedication.

  • Loyalty – He will stay faithful to you once committed
  • Dedication ? Reliable, he will become someone whom you can count on in any situation

How Capricorn men show love?

They will give everything to you (if possible) and always make you feel happy.

When They Are In Bed?

How is the compatibility of Capricorn man and Cancer woman sexually?

Regrettably, the sexual life of this couple is not pretty good; together, they may experience a couple of conflicts within the bedroom.

On the pragmatic side, the guy is not the type prone to romantic or sensual gestures unless he is motivated in some ways. Since he seems to be un-horny most times, luring or seducing him is really a challenge and may cause you frustrated.

While his partner would love to make love with him, he’s often seen reading in bed.

If you want your Cappy to be more comfortable with you in the lovemaking, then you have to understand Capricorn male characters and gain 100% of his trust. The moment he totally opens up to you, you will discover a very sultry and sexual man.


So, this was all about Capricorn man and Cancer woman compatibility.

What to keep in mind if you are a Cancer and in love with a Capricorn?

These two individuals must concentrate mainly on the good part of the relationship. There’s no time for negative thoughts! As both are opposites, you need to learn from the other’s drawbacks and never pick up a fight just because your man lacks some qualities you crave for.

What I most impress about this love compatibility is: both know they can compliment for each other. The male may not have the nurturing side, yet he feels happy and lucky as having Cancer woman as his partner.

Similarly, the female looks up for the discipline and organization from Capricorn.

All in all, this love match can work quite good generally!

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