Cancer Woman Characteristics (Top 7 Traits To Engrave In)

Want to understand Cancer woman better?

Of all zodiac signs, she is the one full of contradiction ? vulnerable but guarded, afraid of change but adaptable, as well as moody but dependable. As she has many layers, you?ll never get bored around her.

Very interesting, she is the type of woman you?d be lucky to have in your life.

It?s hard to tell at first but the female with Cancer zodiac sign loves hard. She loves and cares for you with all of her heart. Though she looks calm most of the time, she usually goes through different emotions deep inside.

Before getting involved with this nurturing, sensitive lady, you should have a look at Cancer woman characteristics for better understanding.

Things You Need to Know about a Cancer Female

insights into cancer female personality traits

She is mostly known for her moodiness and protective nature.

When it comes to Cancer woman zodiac characteristics, there are more than just the mood swings and nurturing inspiration. Moreover, she can go to the extreme to keep her loved ones protected.

What else with her personality?

Here are 7 things you should know about your Cancer woman:

#1: She is a good friend and a loyal partner

She?s not as sociable as Aquarius or Sagittarius; actually, Cancer woman has not many acquaintances. Just because her circle is small, it doesn?t mean she is anti-social. She focuses more on her close relationships instead.

Gifted with an intuitive nature, she is nurturing ? this explains why she is claimed as an excellent friend and lover.

The Cancer female yearns for sensation and the feeling of being loved and pampered. She is needy and dependable in love. Don?t dare to mess up with her close friends and family as she fiercely protective.

If you look for a sympathetic, loyal partner, Cancer woman is the first option.

Her love will drown you in happiness only and surely last a lifetime.

#2: She is extremely sensitive

This woman doesn?t trust easily and is heavily guarded because she?s scared of being hurt. Just like her Cancer sign is symbolized by the crab, she hides away her soft side under a hard exterior. She will do everything to stay away from heartbreak.

Your Cancer partner might let you in her circle, but she will never open up completely ? a part of her will maintain a level of mystery. No matter how close both of you are, don?t force her to reveal secrets to you.

You may think she is cool and calm at the first glance; nevertheless, she is deeply sensitive and passionate. Be careful with your words when talking to her as she is intuitive and easily hurt.

Only those who are close enough to a Cancer woman can deal with her moody inner self.

#3: She is a family-oriented person

To a Cancer (both men and women), they value the concept of home.

The Cancer female believes home is the root leading her to the success in life; thus, her biggest goal is to have her own home where she can live happily and peacefully. Also claimed as a homebody, she rather spends her precious time around her beloved than throwing parties outside.

She feels comfortable and joyful with the idea of staying at home all day.

Her love for home intensifies greatly when she is in a romantic relationship with someone else. Having a family of her own is always the Cancerian gal?s ultimate dream ? she will take care of everything related to home.

Consider yourself lucky if a Cancer woman becomes your life partner!

#4: She avoids conflict at all costs

As we mentioned earlier, this lady is vulnerable and sensitive to the core. Due to her fear of getting hurt, she will try her best to dodge over all kinds of confrontation.

Her emotional soul can?t handle blunt words!

All she needs are the comfort and stability from you. Even the thought of losing the relationship she treasures most can send her to the depression state. When a conflict arises between you and her, she sees it as a threat to her secure zone.

For a long-lasting connection with a Cancer woman, never spill out any blunt word. Once you start a debate, she will again build up the walls around her and retreat back into her shell.

The best way to stop her from heart-wrenching, she must manage to avoid tension without causing any confrontation.

#5: She craves for security and stability

At the end of the day, Cancer woman is insecure so all she crave for is a simple home filled with comfort and stability. Sometimes she will take on reckless adventures to spice up her life; however, she cannot live without security.

She needs constant reassurance in whatever she does.

When it comes to love relationships, the Cancer lady expects her partner to be able to provide her safety and encouragement. As she?s deeply afraid of getting hurt, it?s your job to offer her the sensation of being protected and pampered frequently.

#6: She is a true survivor

She may look weak; nonetheless, this woman is really surprising for her fantastic survival skills. Because of her trust issues, she is incredibly guarded and tends to put up a thick wall avoiding her from the surrounding.

With the guardedness at the expert level, Cancer woman can prevent her soft heart from being crushed by the cruel world.

As we told you that she is a homebody, she doesn?t get used to stepping outside her comfort zone. She is adaptable, but it?s hard for her to make changes. Therefore, don?t quickly judge her ability until seeing her being pushed to the edge. The Cancer lady can be amazingly strong and mature if her back is facing against the wall.

Only things related to her family can wake her courage up.

She is extremely protective and will do whatever it takes to ensure the safety for her loved ones.

#7: She lives with the memory of the past

Cancer woman can?t help but taking journeys backwards the memory lane; in general, she is the type living in the past.

She loves reminiscing and cherishing all the beautiful memories. To her, these memorable pieces recall the history attached to them; hence, she has a great respect for what happened in the past.

Well, Cancer woman is all about the roots, remember?

Don?t get shocked if you find the ticket of the Coldplay concert from the very first date in her room. Unlike other modern girls, she takes a good care to her grandma?s pearl necklace. Sometimes she even scrolls back her own feed on Facebook to enjoy happy?throwbacks.

Create amazing memories with her and she will keep it for life!

How to Attract a Cancer Woman?

tips to date a cancer woman successfully

For men who want to date a Cancer female, keep in mind that she does not like the crowds. So, we recommend you to invite her to comfortable, cozy, and of course not crowded places.

She would love to have a romantic date at your house where you can cook her dinner. Make sure the environment is homey, intimate, and warm so that it?s easy to build connection with her.

Show her your dedication for the home life in case you want to win her over.

When the two of you have conversations, you shouldn?t dig too much into her private life as she has a fear of displaying her vulnerable side. Again, do not force a Cancer woman to open up ? she will naturally unveil her inner self once she feels safe enough around you; meanwhile, all you need is to be patient and compassionate.

Though the wait can take you a long time, the outcome is really worth it.

  • Best matches: Taurus, Pisces, and Scorpio
  • Potential matches: Gemini, Libra, and Virgo
  • Worse match: Sagittarius

Once you have a love life with the Cancer female, the key element to keep her forever is to provide her the security she?s always longed for. As long as she feels comfortable and safe, she will stay loyal to you.

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In Conclusion

Generally, Cancer woman likes to wander in fantasy and allows their mind to flow in their own imagination. She has a huge curiosity in the unknown world and also a big interest in nurturing things and people around her.

Hope the article about Cancer woman characteristics here somewhat helps you understand this emotional lady better.

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