Is Leo Man Jealous For Real (Top 3 Things You Need To Know)

How to know when your Leo is green with envy?

There are some men who struggle with hiding their emotions, no matter how hard they try. Yes, I?m talking about the Leo male!

Is Leo man jealous? Is it necessary to ask?

Of all guys from the zodiac cycle, those having Leo sign in their birth charts easily display their jealousy on the surface. They will not happy if you spend time for someone else but them.

Being jealous is a really tough emotion to handle because it?ll be followed by other intense emotions, such as being angry and depressed. Since Leo is very sensitive when coming to this matter, you shouldn?t make him jealous on purpose or get ready to feel his rage.

Learn about his jealousy in the following!

When a Leo Man is Jealous?

leo man behavior when he feels jealous

Wonder how a Leo will behave when he becomes jealous?

This guy believes that his jealousy only turns on if there?s a reasonable reason for him to act like that. Well, that?s how he often convinces himself. He claims that he?s an expert of controlling his emotions; thus, there?s no way he could go wrong with his feelings.

Well, just talk the talk?as if we believe though!

When a Leo man in love feels jealous, you?ll suddenly sense something change in his mood; for example, his loving and optimistic attitude can switch to downright rude in just a click. Of course he won?t admit this; however, it?s hard for the Lion to hold back his emotions.

At first, he will act distant from you to see how you will react.

In addition, he can reach to the point of overly-dramatic when being jealous. You can tell his jealousy has been brought on the table if he acts crazily rude and snappish towards you. During a conversation, he will scoff and roll his eyes and even accuse you of not respect and love him.

His depression and anger could freeze you out!

Much worse, he?ll sulk like a six-year old kid when seeing you talking with other guys. Keep in mind that you will never meet a Leo man at his real age when he?s jealous. Sometimes he lies and tells you that he got stressed at work or worried over something else, but it?s easy to figure out the truth.

See possible signs Leo male may be so done with you!

3 Common Signs Your Leo Male Gets Jealous

signals telling a leo man is getting jealous

#1: He asks too much

In love, a Leo is beyond jealous and possessive, so don?t be surprised if you see him lurking behind your back trying to find out what you?re doing with your phone. If someone calls or texts you at that moment, he will immediately start his investigation.

Yup, a jealous Leo will shower you with tons of questions.

If the one you?re talking on the phone is your male best friend, your Leo man will surely feel upset and question why don?t you have a female bestie instead. Then, he will begin his course of digging at your best friend.

Or more straightforward, he will state out that he doesn?t like your friendship with another male. The moment he knows your friendship with the opposite sex, he will ask who you?re contacting with whenever you plan for a call or a message.

#2: He requires reassurance

How to tell that you?re staying with a very jealous Leo man?

Once you make him jealous, the key is to reassure him as much as possible. Tell him that he?s the only person you love and remind him that your male friends are no threat to him. At the end, it?s him in your heart, not anyone else!

He has no problem when your female besties make a call to you; nonetheless, you?ll find him sitting next to you if a guy calls you. Did I talk about the sulking Lion? Well, he will figure out something to distract you from talking to your friends, or he will say a few value words about you aren?t paying enough attention to him.

Never make a confident Lion feel insecure when in love.

Whenever he becomes jealous, quickly give him contestant reassurance so that he won?t get overboard.

#3: He loves stalking

As soon as your Leo man senses something fishy with your surroundings, like quite lots of guys are working hard for your attention, he may show up unexpectedly to where you are standing.

Definitely, he won?t make it too obvious.

At first, he will ask about where you were going to hang out with your guy best friends; and the next thing is that he will go to the same place and act like he meets you by coincidence.

With his presence, Leo man won?t hesitate to set the territory between you and your male besties. He wants all the people who?re trying to approach you know that you are his and no one can fight against the Lion; otherwise, they will soon regret it. If you find your Leo partner appears exactly at the place you?re supposed to be, then 100% he is checking up on you.

Remember that Leo men are Lions, stalking is their instinct.

Final Thoughts

Flatter your Leo a lot and you?ll gain lots of points from him.

This man is confident and believes that he is the center of the universe, so the best way to pamper his insecurity is to adore and appreciate him. By treating him well, you will easily get the answer to any question from him and even earn his devotion.

Show your honesty and loyalty and this family-oriented guy will try his best to protect his relationship. Once being serious in love, he will prefer settling down instead of roaming around for fun.

Before making any decision with choosing the partner, he won?t say no to all kind of attention; actually, he lives for it.

If you are chasing for a Leo, accept the fact that he sometimes will leave you confused. Try to figure out whether or not he likes you by paying thorough attention to the way he acts and behaves. Feeling jealous is a sign telling he is interested in you.

Be affectionate to him and he will respond with much passion back.

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