Is Leo Man Testing You? (Find Out 3 Reasons Why)

How to tell when a Leo man is giving you a test?

Guys born under the Leo zodiac sign like to play mind games with people; by doing that, they can tell who is serious to them and who is not without causing any suspicion.

In case a Leo male falling in love tests you, it’s because he wants to know if you truly love him.

However, according to women who’ve dated with this man, most said that only the immature Leo gets the tendency to test his partner, especially when he feels like his partner does not make enough effort or not treat him with respect.

Or maybe your guy is just jealous.

He will come up with a few tests all in a sudden to find out your feelings for him. Once he senses any potential cheat from you, well then the keyword ?dishonesty’ will be added as a part of the test.

When it comes to Leo man testing you, is it possible to point out?

May be or may be not!

Keep reading to learn more about your Leo partner!

Why Leo Man Tests You?

Leo Man Testing You

1. He wants to get to know you better

What does your Leo male expect from a romantic relationship?

He is loyal in love! As he is serious, he finds it difficult to fall for someone so quickly. The moment he has his eyes on you, he will take quite a long time to make sure you are the right person worth his investment.

To get this man to chase you, you should give him some hints to be certain.

So if he tests you in this situation, then he is curious about you in general: from your love prospective and loyalty to the capacity of understanding as well as reading his emotions.

In case you are the best match for Leo man, you’ll have him forever.

2. He is curious about your emotions

The moment your Leo man has his eye on you, he will immediately want to dig into your emotions. This guy wonders how you feel about him. By gaining clarity into your inner feelings, he can understand your needs and leave a good impress for your consideration.

The thing is: not many Leo guys choose to test you for the initial approach; therefore, you still need tips to make a Leo chase you.

Read more about things to do when the lion ignores you all of sudden!

3. He does not feel secure at all

Leo man does the testing mostly when he is in a romantic relationship, probably because he is not really confident or lacks emotional security. In spite of a big pride in nature, he sometimes thinks that he is not good enough for his partner.

This is the reason leading to his jealousy!

He tends to convince himself that you seem not faithful or may hurt him sooner or later.

Due to hislow self-esteem, he comes up with different tests frequently. In this case, all you need to do is to shower him with your affection, say that you do love him, and gain his trust.

Whenever he is insecure, he will test you. Prepare yourself as he will come up with something without any explanation. What is Leo man’s ideal type of woman? Be a supportive girlfriend and stay next to him at the right time and no type of games or tests can knock you down.

Who Should Never Date a Leo Man?

Forget about the lion with a prideful and cocky demeanor, Leo man in love is a very loving and passionate person. He is likely to explode in the bedroom in addition. Not surprising when many women absolutely adore this guy.

But despite his undoubted loyalty, some gals completely clash with him.

If you don’t want to get into heated arguments with men of the Leo zodiac sign, then check out the following categories.

Don’t let yourself be involved with a Leo man if you?

  • Expect a low-maintenance relationship
  • Not handle any cockiness
  • Are the hyper-logical type and only agree with decisions based on facts
  • Want to be the lead in the relationship
  • Not appreciate with directness
  • Not enjoy being social


Leo man in love can’t help but testing you until he completely feels secure with the relationship. If you want him, then you need to accept that and don’t do anything that could break his ego and trust into pieces.

You may think that he is immature and suspicious; the fact is, he just wants to know if you have any sincerity or honesty for him.

If you have any question, simply ask us!


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