12 Good and Bad Qualities of a Libra To Be Aware Of…

I’m going to list 12 good and bad qualities of a Libra in today’s article.

Libra is a diplomatist – they can cover all points of view and come up with suggestions that satisfy both sides. People born under this sign are interested and feel the most happiest when being with their family, friends, and co-workers – those whom they can trust.

Influenced by the Libra zodiac’s personality traits, Libra natives want everything to be balanced, harmonious, and beautiful.

Discover their positive and negative qualities in the following!

What are Libra Good Traits?

good bad qualities of libra

This is a sign that has the quality of leadership like Aries. While Aries tends to be a loner, striving for whatever they pursue or want alone, Libra – on the other hand – is good at convincing others to become their allies and achieve the goals together.


Libra has always been looking for balance in their whole life. They bring the objective concept of justice that reflects the essence of the law of cause and effect in terms of morality and regulation to the game. Karma does exist in life; therefore, if we focus much on a certain things, we will lose other things.

Don’t live our lives without balance.

A very clear example is that sometimes we care only about our careers and accidentally forget about our families and loved ones. We buy the fun with unhealthy parties and that costs our own health.

Libra doesn’t do whatever they like, but they have to consider it carefully before making the decision. Choosing something wrongly can lead to a terrible result. We can’t just be selfish and only think about ourselves and forget others’ opinions.

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Most relationships of Libra are based on equality.

From the outside, Libra is soft, but their mind is extremely rational. They listen and respect your opinions, but it does not mean they can be manipulated. The wisest decision will come at the last moment. They are not really stubborn in nature, the people of this sign just don’t want to be pressured and lose their integrity.


This strength of Libras manifests in many aspects.

The first thing is that Libra does not like loneliness. They always want to be with someone whom they can share memorable life experiences. The benefit of this is that you will have more than one options and get to consult different perspectives, thereby you can obtain a broader view before making any decision.

What’s more wonderful than having others to help us via communication only. This trait really a big assistance whenever Libra lacks ideas.


Libra values perfection and wants everything clean, neat, orderly, and organized in any situation. Appearance means quite a lot to this sign; of course, having a beautiful look can definitely attract others easily.

Your matters can be solved quickly if your appearance is captivating.

Libra is the zodiac sign that takes good care of their image. Some may say that this is only superficial. However, they are confident and self-aware. They understand that their nature is not as shallow as what people say.


Libra loves to meet and make friends with everyone.

This is one of the most positive personalities of a Libra. They enjoy making friends and always want to spend time with their close buddies. Of all zodiac signs, they are very good at expanding the friendship circle. Loyal and fun, they have no problem in giving those around them comfortable time.


Libras are witty, intelligent, and excellent communicators.

They are gifted with an active and quick imagination which makes them great companions and problem solvers.

Not liking conflicts

These people are masters in building peace, gathering all members of the same group together. Whether it’s their classmates, colleagues in the company, or teammates in the business, it’s easy to see Libra’s love of peace.

They don’t like getting confronted

What are Libra Bad Traits?


Libra is quite hesitant and indecisive. They can spend hours pondering the pros and cons of an issue because they have a hard time deciding something.

They just want to please people around.


One of the weaknesses in the Libra personality is their negative thoughts. When things don’t go the way they want, they feel as if the world is ending, and everyone is against them.


If you don’t trust yourself, who else can trust you?

It’s Libra’s negativity making them distrust themselves, and also those around them, as expected. This causes Libra to experience depression many times, even though things may not be as serious as Libra thinks.

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Libra easily becomes disappointed when being alone, which means no interaction with people. They feel lonely when they are weakest. Many can’t stand of the feeling of loneliness whenever something goes wrong.

As long as there is someone who trusts Libra enough and stays by their side, they will feel better. There are also Librans desiring to have someone to confide in their joys and sorrows but don’t know what to do.

But, we all have to be alone sometimes.

Libra should learn to deal with the "me time" situation. Being alone isn’t all that bad sometimes. You can focus on your thoughts, plan your life goals, and more. IMG_256


Libra tends to be skeptical of everything around, they make use of their judgment and analyzing capacity to evaluate each circumstance before giving the final conclusion. Instead of others, they believe in themselves more.

As a sign of balance and fairness, they can only trust you after determining things with their own eyes, not the false judgments of others.


Libra is pretty stubborn when deciding to do something, and the advice from their friends or family members doesn’t help at all because they won’t listen. Many consider Libra as an introverted sign sometimes because they also often keep their thoughts to themselves.


You’ve finally seen 12 good and bad qualities of a Libra!

If you know someone born under this zodiac sign, try observing them to see whether or not these traits are right!

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