How to Get a Leo Man to Chase You (with 5 Simple Ways)

Leo man is the spirit of all parties.

Wherever he goes, he will become the center of attention. With an attractive look and charming personalities, he stands out from the crowd. No wonder guys born under Leo zodiac sign have many admirers.

For those liking a Leo man, I must say it’s like a competition because most women want to have him as their partner.

How to get a Leo man to chase you?

This is definitely the hard task as he rather enjoys attention than chases after someone, but no need to worry as the following tips can help you.

BEST 5 Tips to Make Leo Man Chase You

tips to make leo man chase you

In order to get a Leo male to court you, please stay composed and patient before showing obvious feelings towards him. He doesn’t want to know that you already fall for him, even before the chase starts.

Don’t give any indication that you want him to, at least in the early stages.

1. Be attractive in your own way

If you want to attract a Leo man, the first thing is to have your own style. Don’t just follow others’ trend; instead, dressing based on your personality and in a comfortable way can boost your confidence.

This guy prefers the girl who can give off the unusual and exotic vibe. If you are too sloppy or ordinary, then he won’t find interested.

Though he may look confident and regal, the Leo male can’t help paying attention to what others think about him. Due to this, he feels relaxed when being around the woman who does not judge his appearance or care about others’ opinions.

Being attractive in your own way will show him that you stay true to yourself.

2. Don’t become his courtier

As I said earlier, never join his entourage if you wish Leo man to chase you.

Well, talking may seem easier than doing, especially when you are completely into him. You can’t hold the jealousy when seeing him having fun with other women. Nevertheless, the chance for the Leo male to chase after you will be zero once you join the squad of his admirers.

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At the initial stages of knowing him, please focus more on yourself and your own interests. Do not stare at him or keep wandering around him; instead, enjoy the work you are doing and his eyes will automatically search for you.

If he truly gets attracted, then he will have the way to capture your attention.

3. Display your sense of humor

Leo man has a great sense of humor that can make everyone laugh. You will never realize this because of his cold and distant look. Indeed, he likes to laugh and surrounds himself with people who can give him good laughs.

How to make the Lion laugh?

The best way is to be a bit irreverent and not to take things seriously, but don’t cross the line or he may consider you as disrespectful. Once you find him flirt with you, make use of your humor to balance yourself from acting too eager for him as well as too unwilling.

Don’t mind showing him your wits and he won’t be able to resist your charm.

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4. Show your intellectual

When it comes to chasing a girl, Leo man is picky.

If he chases after you, then it means you’re worthy his investment. The best trait of a woman easily captivating his heart is her being intelligent. More than a gorgeous look, he looks for someone that can meet him on the intellectual level.

This guy has lots of deep thoughts about various different subjects, so he needs a partner that can understand and share with him. Don’t quickly jump to the conclusion that he is the shallow type because of his ridiculous ideas.

You Leo crush is actually quite informed about many issues, so never let his attention-seeking attitude fool you. More importantly, you don’t have to agree with him on everything; in fact, he may lose both his respect and interest in you if you do that. Freely state your opinions and make a friendly debate.

It’s not good to get upset or throw anger towards Leo man; otherwise, you will end up feeling hurt while he looks for a new target.

5. Be reliable and loyal

If Leo man truly cares about you, he will be protective and loyal, and of course he expects the same in return. When you two are dating, the female shouldn’t disagree or say no to him in public.

Refusing him means you mess with his ego and pride.

In addition, please let him know that you love him for himself. He will surely get hurt once figuring out that you come to him because of his finances or any other aspects. This guy rarely asks for help from anyone, so if he asks you something, please assist him with sincerity.

He will never forget the time you show up around just to support him. Once determining to be with him romantically, you must be reliable and loyal. He can’t accept cheater or any sign of betraying behind his back.

The Bottom Line

So, how to get a Leo man to chase you?

The answer is all in this article!

We all know this guy loves to be showered in attention, but he makes a devoted, faithful and loyal partner in a relationship. If you want him to chase after you, please don’t behave too smitten for him.

Not only expecting attention and admiration from his woman, but the Leo male also looks for a faithful lover who loves him completely and tells him the truth only. He needs to be with someone who can make him feel comfortable, relaxed, and stay true to himself.

Be patient and make him fall head over heels for you.

Do you have any experience with Leo man? If so, please comment below!

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