Discover Capricorn Man Traits – (Love, Marriage, Career, and Compatibility)

Men born under the Capricorn zodiac sign are characterized as a mysterious paradox.

Due to his reticent nature, it may be hard for you to actually know him or understand what he is thinking in mind.

These guys have a difficulty with revealing the true inner self. He doesn’t easily trust new people; therefore, the Capricorn male tends to build big walls and stay inside.

This is how he keeps himself from getting hurt.

If you want to be close with the man of this sign, you must be intrepid enough to bring him out his emotional fear.

Craving for more information about the Capricorn man?

Wish to understand his key personality traits and characteristics?

Are you right now in a relationship with this guy and longing to discover what is going on in his head? Or, perhaps you are a male Capricornian in search of details about your zodiac sign?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Learn about Capricorn man traits in the following:

Capricorn Man Personality on the Basic

Discover Capricorn Man Traits (Love, Marriage, Career, and Compatibility)

Capricorn sign: December 22 – January 19
Ruling planet: Saturn
Element: Earth

Positive traits:

  • Loyal
  • Hard-working
  • Compassionate
  • Independent
  • Outgoing and friendly
  • Charming
  • Patient
  • Resourceful

Negative traits:

  • Inhibited and shy
  • Distrusting
  • Often struggling with anxiety
  • Demanding
  • Arrogant
  • Accused of being bland sometimes

Capricorn Man Traits in Love and Sex

Capricorn Man Traits in Love and Sex

What is the character of a Capricorn in a romance?

Many often claim men of Capricorn sign are ?bad boys’ in the zodiac due to their cold, nonchalant nature. He is frigid and emotionless; however, his emotionally detached vibe makes him sexier in the eye of most women.

See what attracts a Capricorn man to quickly capture his heart and make him yours!

In love:

The Capricorn male in love will frequently take you out to dinner.

That is the sign he wants to show off his independence for finances in life. Very ambitious, he yearns for prosperity and makes sure he is prosperous enough to take care of his loved one.

When you are in a love relationship with a Capricorn man, don’t be surprised as he is not as romantic as you expect. He is a workaholic; so, sometimes you may feel that you can only see him right before he heads off to work and when he goes back after a long day from his office.

Don’t get upset if Capricorn man suddenly pulls away or distant from you.

As long as you are independent and enjoy doing your own thing, then dating Capricorn will make comfortable. He also respects your private space. He may be the grumpiest curmudgeon in the zodiac, but will become an optimistic person if finding the right partner.

Look for signs a male Capricornian likes you? He looks for a woman who can stay happy and cheerful around him.

In bed:

Though he is somewhat emotionally detached at certain times, Capricorn man is seen as a very sexy guy. He is often described as a person with an embodiment of Pan, the goat-footed Grecian god.

In fact, he is not easy to be indulged due to his cantankerous moods.

Therefore, if you have the ability to handle his mood swings and are willing to make him laugh or relaxed, he will instantly reward you with loyalty, steadfastness, and a regular, dedicated service in the bedroom.

He will even apply his work ethic in order to please you sexually. This guy in the bedroom will do anything for your pleasure; so don’t mind telling him what you like, he’ll try his best until you completely satisfy.

Capricorn Man in Marriage and Family

How is a male Capricornian after getting married?

Based on Capricorn traits and nature, the home of this man doesn’t really have the comfort of a living space; instead, it looks rather like a den of wild animals or a hermitage of monks.

Do not expect about the appearance as he is all about function and practicality.

When he lives alone, his kitchen cupboard has only one plate, one bowl, and one cup; the reason is ? he finds no specific reason to bring home more. In case you move in his place, it’s better to bring your own.

The thing is ? you shouldn’t try to make any change in his home, or the higher chance you will see his horns. When he does the setup for something, he comes with a clear purpose (in his own mind), and it might take you a very long time to convince him that changing things is fun and interesting.

Like Taurus, Capricorn also values traditionalism and develops resistance to change as well as adapt new ideas. Get the tips of making a Capricorn male miss you!

What kind of father your Capricorn man will become?

For sure he makes for a stern father; this fits perfectly to his personality traits.

When guiding his children to do something, he will turn to an exacting disciplinarian. However, do not claim that he does not love his little ones. Actually, he is extremely protective of his family which means he will work hard for their safety.

Capricorn Man Career and Finance

Capricorn Man Career and Finance

His career:

Born with a down-to-earth personality, surely he is one of the most hardworking in the zodiac. Not only having a huge ambition for his career, but he is also very passion in everything he does.

Whatever it may be, he makes sure to focus 100% on the ultimate goals until he can achieve it all. The word ?give up’ is never in his mindset. Slowly but surely, he is the determined type who will climb to the top of his own personal mountain on his own feet.

The key to a Capricorn man’s success is the combination of his extraordinary perseverance and dedication to duty.

Have you heard the legendary story about a guy who started his career path with just a small position in a company as a teenager? He worked as a floor sweeper; after many years of diligence, he ended up having a company of his own.

That’s Capricorn, undoubtedly!

He is an ingenious goat ? before planning a project, he will fly beneath the radar in order to gather information quietly bits by bits. He believes that only immense patience can help him win long game. In addition, he has a deep, persistent faith as well as a strong belief in his ability.

His finance:

Capricorn man knows exactly what he wants to do and where he has to go.

Sadly, he is often misunderstood as an arrogant man.

The truth is, he always remembers his root and remains to stay humble. His desire is to reach the top of power and money ? this makes him competitive and may be become a bit of a tyrant. In fact, this man will often end up in positions where he has the power of controlling and directing many people.

Guess what?

Capricorn man is perfect for government roles or work related to finance.

Capricorn men excel at saving money and putting away funds for a rainy day, but they can be notorious misers and greedy with all the abundance they’ve strived so hard to accumulate.

When it comes to the money issue, he seems to be tough. It’s hard if you have to go shopping with him as he dislikes waste and frivolity. Despite of that, your Capricorn still secretly longs to get showered with both affection and attention.

Capricorn Man Compatibility

Capricorn Man Compatibility Best Matches

Who is compatible with Capricorn man?

You can easily search lots of info on the Internet about Capricorn best matches but not all are accurate. But trust me ? the list below is the result after a long time carefully studying and examining alignments of 12 astrological signs.

Here are the three signs claimed to be the best match for Capricorn man:

  • Taurus
  • Scorpio
  • Pisces

Capricorn Compatibility Worst Matches

Who do Capricorns do not get along with?

If there are best matches for this man, then there must also be bad matches.

Put it more accurate ? the following signs are certain zodiac signs having difficulty when being with Capricorn man. They are:

  • Libra
  • Aries
  • Leo

Guide to Buy Gifts for Capricorn Man

Guide to Buy Gifts for Capricorn Man

Firstly, do not be upset if you find this man acts calm at all in your gift. Deep inside, he does hope you can find out his wish list and bring him something secretly.

In that case, you should quickly get it for him before he buys it for himself. Capricorn is not the person always expecting to be treated specially by anyone else.

Your Capricorn has a huge interest for well-made items. Or, you can consider buying a first-edition book from his favorite authors and cover it in a beautiful leather binding ? this will definitely score you points. He also likes something unusual like a ship in a bottle or a brass spyglass.

According to his preference, Capricorn man loves to collect antique watches and clocks, for example.

If you don’t want to give him material stuff, then invite him on a trip.

Final Thoughts

Of all zodiac signs, Capricorn is a rare and wonderful sign.

When someone mentions Capricorn man, he is often identified as the individual of stability, loyalty, and loving kindness.

Want to attract an ideal partner of your own? Don’t be hesitant anymore!

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