7 Signs a Sagittarius Man Has Feelings for You (100% REAL)

What about a Sagittarius that impresses you?

These individuals are naturally magnetic and extroverted. Wherever they go, they can easily get the spotlight. You now may wonder how this popular person shows or expresses their feelings.

Are you having a crush on a Sagittarius man?

If yes, then let’s find out how he actually feels about you and whether or not he likes you in this article. Here, we’re going to present you some tell-tale signs a Sagittarius man has feelings for you…keep reading!

How to Know If Sagittarius Man Likes You?

signs sagittarius man likes you

Picking up signs a Sagittarius man has feelings for you is quite tricky. Why? We all know this guy is the social, friendly type who can flirt with people around. Therefore, you may have a hard time to figure out whether or not he is genuinely into you. He may share the same feelings for you, but it’s never easy to read that.

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No need to worry!

Here we are going to drop some hints letting you know what a Sagittarius man actually thinks about you:

1. He has eyes only on you

Sagittarius man has irresistible charms making him the center of attention at every party. If his eyes lay on you or if he constantly finds his way to you, he may be interested in you. This flirty guy is usually surrounded by many, but he will ignore others and give you extra attention if he truly has feelings towards you.

He knows exactly how they spend their time.

Therefore, there’s no way he wastes his time getting to know someone or doing something he doesn’t like.

2. He giggles at all of your jokes

Though Sagittarius is a funny guy, not everyone can make him LOL. Ruled by Jupiter, a cheerful planet, this man is the expert at hyping the crowd. You can easily hear his laughing at any corner of the room.

However, it’s challenging to make him laugh – only those quick-witted and super sharp can do that. If you find him giggle non-stop at any of your jokes, tell yourself that he is having a big crush on you.

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3. He stays in touch

Staying in touch with you no matter how far the two of you are is another sign hinting that his feelings for you are true.

If you find that your Sagittarius man still keeps in touch even when both are miles away or halfway around the world, one thing for sure: he likes you so much. Again, time is precious to this guy! He is careful about it and likely to use it precisely. So, does a Sag dedicate his time to you when you two are not in the same place? If that is not serious, then what is it?

Compared to other guys, Sagittarius won’t invest in a long-distance relationship if there’s no future. Keep in mind that he is serious about you if he does that!

4. He wants to take on adventures with you

Talking about Sagittarius man, one of the traits reminding us of him is spontaneity.

Rather than giving presents, saying sweet words, or showing sweet gestures, a Sagittarius prefers taking on different adventures with the person he likes. He will grab any chance to experience life to the fullest.

When your Sag told you about places he has visited recently and also added something like, “it would be more fun if you were there” or “I’m sure you would love that place,” well obviously he was hinting.

He wants you to be his company!

5. He enjoys listening to your opinions

If a Sagittarius man has feelings for you, he won’t get tired of hearing you talk.

This guy feels bored if you agree to everything he says. If you have different opinions, don’t mind telling him directly. He would love to listen to your perspectives, as he is curious and wants to learn something new. Be open up and challenge him with your sharp and inquisitive mind, and Sagittarius man can’t help but falling harder.

6. He shows interest in your hobbies

Sagittarius man seems to be attracted to those sharing the same or similar interests with him. Your relationship will be strong if you match his endless passion. But, even if you two don’t have the same hobbies, he will show his attention and concern to what you like (of course if he has feelings for you).

Whatever you like, whether yours is music or cooking or anything else, he will appreciate your love, knowledge, and skills for it. A Sagittarius guy liking you will support anything you do because he wants to gain your trust.

7. He talks openly about his future with you

As I said, Sagittarians are flirtatious, so they don’t usually think too far ahead when entering a relationship. This archer guy is serious only if he has strong feelings for someone.

How to know if he takes your relationship seriously? Playful and spontaneous, he doesn’t really have plans. He is well-known for being present-minded. But if he talks openly about his future plans with you, it means he wants to see you alongside him.

You know he truly likes you once he comfortably reveals his vulnerable side and tells you about what lies ahead.

The Bottom Line

These are undoubted signs a Sagittarius man has feelings for you!

This male individual tends to wear his hearts on his sleeves and to flirt with everyone around; thus, figuring out if they genuinely like you is pretty challenging. In a love relationship, this guy expects his partner to give him space. Don’t try to control him or make him feel tied down. If you can trust him, he will come closer and spend most of his time for you.

He may be tough to read, but he is straightforward with his feelings. So relax! If he loves you, he will wait for the right time and let the world know about it (including you).

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