Who’s The Best Match For Leo Woman (Top 4 Choices Answered?!)

So, who’s the best match for Leo woman?

The Leo female (July 23 – August 22) is gifted with a strong personality.

Born under the fire sign, this lady expects anything but ordinary. In love, she craves for mutual understanding and affection. She can?t help but showing a glowing expression whenever being around her loved one.

Her love relationship must be filled with excitement and pleasure.

When it comes to finding the best match for Leo woman, analyzing the compatibility of Leo and other zodiac signs seems to be a big help. In this article, we’re going to look at signs getting along well with the Lioness.

Here are some perfect partners for Leo woman:

#1: Leo and Aries

Leo and Aries

Both Leo and Aries are fire signs, so this pairing will create a hot and explosive chemistry. The Ram is a perfect partner for the Lioness because they share lots of things in common and are the best support of each other.

In love

When Leo woman and Aries man are in love, mutual respect is the key for this relationship to last. Since their nature makes them a little self-centered, both need to check and help out each other with the balance so that none of them feels overshadowed.

The love romance between these two powerful individuals will bloom only as long as the mutual respect exists.

In marriage

Falling in love seems not even a problem to Leo woman and Aries man; however, the married life shared between them is much challenging. Being fire signs, they have a great passion in everything ? this means they could argue or fight passionately.

Because of their high intensity, it?s difficult for both to find the calmness and sympathy in their matrimony. At this time, the love both share may be enough to keep them together, but they need to work much harder for the ultimate happiness in marriage.

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Anyway, Leo and Aries still make a powerful couple when getting married despite all of their conflicts.

In bed

Aries man makes the perfect match of the Leo in the bedroom. Both have a high sex drive and extremely open to sexual exploration. Just leave these two in one place and things between them will be heated up naturally.

For a good state between the Lioness and the Ram, the key factor is to consider their sexual compatibility. Although their big prides can sometimes be a threat to their relationship, the intense sexual experiences shared by these two can somewhat keep it alive and going strong.

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#2: Leo and Cancer

Leo and Cancer

According to Leo marriage compatibility, the water sign most compatible with the Lioness is none but Cancer man.

In love

Is Cancer the best match for Leo woman? What type of man a Leo woman wants?

She expects her future partner to understand her on the emotional level. It?s good to know the love between Leo and Cancer develops strongly because they have an emotional connection.

Ruled by fire and water, they are literally opposite in many aspects; fortunately, the mutual understanding allows them to empathize and complement each other better. In addition, the way they express love may be different but both love deeply.

If a Leo woman and a Cancer man get involved in a relationship, their love will be much simple and gentle compared to the dynamic personality of the Lioness.

In marriage

This couple will have a harmonious married life as both individuals are in charge of opposite tasks. While the lady is quite adventurous and willing to take on any outdoor challenges, the guy prefers taking care of things at home.

Since they share a greatly mutual understanding, both not only fall in love easily but also stay together for a very long time. There will be no explosive arguments among Leo and Cancer despite the fact they often disagree with each other?s opinions.

In bed

When it comes to the sexual matter of a pairing, Leo woman loves sex and is likely to be more adventurous compared to Cancer man. However, not all Leos crave for intense, passionate sex life most of the time.

Instead, the sex life including these two will be plain like the vanilla scent but overall it?s still fine. The lady is able to take her shy partner out of his comfort zone and seduce him with exciting sexual experiments.

#3: Leo and Leo

Leo and Leo

Leo man is always the best match for Leo woman!

Of all compatible signs for Leo, the match of two Leos will certainly create an incredibly passionate relationship. With the mutual respect and a strong foundation of trust, they can achieve the lasting happiness together.

In love

A relationship with two persons of the same sign means they obviously have common ground to survive. Easygoing and sociable, both the King and Queen of the zodiac is very open to all kinds of new challenges.

The only problem is: these two also crave for the spotlight, and the need of being the center of attention in different situations may affect their love life. For this pairing to go together forever, each must think and treat their partner with the ?we? attitude rather than the ?me? one. Once they truly understand each other, the couple will have a love life filled with wildness and passion.

In marriage

When the love works between the Lion and the Lioness, their marriage will also work as well. As sharing many similar preferences and points of view, their understanding for each other in the married life is beyond any expectation.

It?s okay for both Leo woman and Leo man to express how they feel deep inside because they are pretty open to their emotions. They often spend time communicating seriously to clear off any misunderstanding. That?s why the marriage of two Leos is absolutely healthy and comfortable.

In bed

Unfortunately, a few problems may appear when this pairing moves to the bedroom.

As both Leos in bed are prone to dominance and can?t help quietly craving for the lead, it may be difficult for them to truly enjoy the lovemaking no matter how willing they are to explore sexually. Learn to stop fighting for the top and they will have an incredible sex life. Naturally passionate, the bedroom with two Leos really brings out the firework.

#4: Leo and Gemini

Leo and Gemini

The relationship of the airy guy and fiery lady is full of affections, surprises, and best adventures.

Considered as a best match for the Leo female, the Gemini has qualities only complementing for his gal. Together, they build each other up instead of break each other down.

In love

Love is in the air with the Leo and Gemini pairing!

Both make a very great match as they have lots of things in common and don?t mind expanding their horizons to complement each other. These two are creative individuals ? the woman will take her man?s exclusive ideas to more exciting levels to bring satisfaction to their relationship.

Talking about the terms of love, a Gemini man is definitely the best partner of a Leo woman.

In marriage

Nevertheless, at the moment the female gets ready to settle down, it?s the male who suddenly becomes scared and may think of fleeing away.

As the air sign is afraid of making commitment, so his lady has to be extremely patient until he completely accepts marriage. The man is a risk taker and also an adventurer which means his adventurous life still continues even when both are married though.

The Gemini guy is not a good choice when coming to marriage; still, you?re able to experience an amazing life with him around. Together, the Leo and Gemini couple is favored a lot at wherever they go.

In bed

Referring to the sexuality of this pairing, Gemini man is the person that can bring out the best in Leo woman. They both are confident and feel comfortable with their own bodies; this may explain the absolute compatibility in bed between them.

These two are very excited with the idea of trying something new; therefore, it?s not surprising to know that they prefer making love on the beach to in the bedroom.

Final Thoughts

So, which zodiac sign is the best match for Leo woman?

Overall, the perfect partner in terms of love, sex, and marriage for a Lioness is either Cancer or fellow Leo. Both matches will help this charisma lady discover the best in her, and together their love has the possibility to develop strongly and last long.

To have a harmonious relationship with the Leo female, make sure the mutual respect and understanding do exist between you and her.

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