11 Tips of How to Make a Capricorn Man Miss You (with Quotes)

How to make a Capricorn man miss you? Is it possible if he says he misses you?

Firstly, you should know that forcing him to do what he doesn’t want to is not an easy task. Secondly, he is the demanding type in a relationship. You need more than a strategy to make him think of you.

He may be different from other men that you’ve got involved before. Born under the Capricorn sign, he is unpredictable; thus, you’ll find it hard to read his mind or take control of him.

Based on his outer looks, this guy seems to be a cold, collected person. You will find your Capricorn man pulls away at times. The truth is ? he is very passionate and full of fire deep inside.

Is it Easy to Stay in A Capricorns Mind

He is an expert in hiding his true emotions; for example, despite how grim he feels from the heart, Capricorn man will wear a fake smile on his face and act like he’s really happy.

His nature will make things more challenging if you are trying to find ways to love him rightly.

Talking about the typical Capricorn male in a love romance, he looks for a partner who can satisfy his emotional needs, spiritual needs, and physical needs.

Here are some secrets I want to share with you!

Best 11 Tips to be Missed by Your Capricorn Guy

Get Tips to Make Capricorn Man Miss You

It’s a nice feeling when you find out that this composed man can’t stop thinking about you when you are not around.

How to make him miss me so bad?

In this article, I also add several quotes for deeper understanding towards a Capricornian.

1. Give him time to miss you

When being in a relationship, texts and calls are the important parts. Not only expressing your love through messages, but you can also reveal your secret emotions to him.

Nonetheless, if you want to make your man miss you, ignore those things.

Don’t be surprised! He has no chance to think about you because you’re always available for him. It doesn’t mean that you cannot reply his texts. Instead of bombarding him with lots of texts and calls to make him obssessed with you, just act like you are busy for awhile. Then he will start wondering what you are doing at the moment.

You shouldn’t let him wait for too long though.

Give him time to miss you

2. Give him space to be free

You may think how this can help, right?

Capricorn man is not good at admitting that he misses you directly. If you keep hovering around him, he may be even more indifference. Just let him hang out with his friends; no need to worry as he will soon think about you.

It is very exciting when going out with his best companies, but later he will realize that he needs you more. Still, don’t expect him to express his feelings verbally since he himself might not be aware of that fact.

Leave him alone sometimes so that he can acknowledge his own emotions.

Give him space to be free

3. Listen to him

He will appreciate if he knows you really care about him.

How to show a Capricorn man you care?

Lend him your ears when he is talking to you. This guy finds it hard to express his emotions; hence, when he opens up to you about his future plans, desires, or deepest secrets, please be a good listener.

He would be really grateful and thankful if you listen to what he says attentively and sincerely. Lacking security, he needs to feel safe around you. Next time if he wants to share something, you will be the first one on his list.

When he’s unable to speak out his thought to you, he will start missing you.

Listen to him

4. Treat him as a friend

Whether you want to make him miss you or get him obsessed to you, the key is to approach him on the friendship level.

Even when you two are already in a love romance, you can try to treat him like a friend sometimes. The moment you behave like one of his friends, the Capricorn male will surprisingly wonder what’s going on. Yet don’t do that frequently; otherwise, he will get your idea wrongly.

As his company, you shouldn’t unleash too much your emotion while talking to him. Notice your attitude ? it must be more formal, polite, and courteous.

Treat him as a friend

5. Make things ambiguous

You shouldn’t expect too much from this collected guy. Due to his nature, it’s hard for him to miss you like crazy and text you several messages every hour. Instead of thinking unrealistically, you need to focus on your life more.

Of course he also has his own life, and you can’t expect him to think of you from day to night. Your Capricorn man is ambitious and wants to do a lot of things. He will never bother you just because he feels bored or a bit empty.

I know you really miss him, but avoid making it obvious. Over time, he will find what you are doing is annoyed and will start losing his interest in you.

Make things ambiguous

6. Plan surprises for him

Men don’t like the woman who are too predictable.

So, if you want a Capricorn man to chase you or miss you, you must surprise him. Planning a surprise for your love interest requires your intellect, skills, and quick wits.

When finding the way to attract this guy, remember to remain your mystery and play hard to get.

He would be very happy if you prepare for him a warm meal and suggest him calling his friends. This lets him know how much you love and treasure him and makes him realize your worth. As a result, he can’t help but missing your caring gestures and thoughtfulness when you’re not around.

Plan surprises for him

7. Not give all of your time for him

One prominent rule you must follow if you want your Cappy man to miss you is: not always making yourself available whenever he says he needs you.

Even if you are dating with him, it doesn’t mean you have to spend your free time or the whole weekend for him. Instead of frequently showing up next to him, you should hang out with your friends or participate in interesting activities.

Show him that you can do everything perfectly well on your own.

This will make him feel like you are an independent woman. It is just an impression at first, but later he becomes serious when seeing you having fun and really enjoying yourself.

Capricorn man is definitely not interested in clingy women.

not spend all of your time for him

8. Have fun times with your friends

As I just said, you should meet and share with your friends rather than spending most of your time for your Capricorn partner. Exchange your stories with them for more experience in making him want you.

You may also find a couple of tricks of making him jealous.

This guy really wants to know what you would do without having him around; therefore, remember to upload the fun on the social media to stir up his flame of jealousy.

hang out with your friends

9. Wake his curiosity

Men are the creature with a big curiosity instinct ever, and it is something very natural.

Capricorn man is not an exception: he will feel bored with what he has and want to get what he does not. So, don’t give him everything; instead, make he crave for something from you. When having a conversation together, never spill up all of your stories because there will be nothing left.

On the first date, of course he surely expects affection from you but never kiss him immediately. Just let him hanging!

You have to be a little challenge.

play hard to get for a sense of mystery

10. Give yourself a fully makeover

Who would say no to the beauty, right?

Actually this tip really works if you want to get back with your Capricorn ex. This guy is known for his love for finer things; thus, why don’t you give yourself a makeover from head to toe?

Probably a new, fresh haircut will completely bring wonders to your look. In addition, try to dress more feminine or something you never tried before. Think of certain places he usually at and go there; things will get interesting if you make it as seems you accidentally meet him.

The purpose is to show him the new you.

If you dress up as his ideal type, then he won’t be sleeping well at night.

take care of your appearance

11. Be happy

If you don’t know how to make a Capricorn man miss you, then the easiest way is to be happy. Trust me: nothing could drive him crazier than seeing you having enjoyable, happy time in life.

In case you and he are apart for awhile, then this is a must to show.

The truth is that he hates the fact your life without revolving him is fine and even better. Give yourself more opportunities to do what you couldn’t do while being together with him. Make a long-distance vacation, find a new job, learn new things, and do your hobbies.

If you don’t act clingy and are more independent, he starts having a curiosity about you. As you are doing fine without him, he will miss you greatly.

Shortly, the more you show him you are happy, the more he desires you.

show him that you are happy without him

5 Clear Signs Your Capricorn Man Misses You

Signs telling a capricorn man miss you

Capricorn is one of the best lovers in the zodiac, so keeping his interest in you for a long time is really difficult. He is the passionate and loyal type of boyfriend but not really good at expressing his feelings.

After knowing how to make this guy miss you, the next thing is to watch out prominent signs he misses you.

He will not tell you that he misses you but will give you hint via the following signs.

Anticipate here to figure out if his feelings turn on a green light:

1. He calls you a lot

He won’t contact with people he doesn’t have any interest in.

This is an obvious sign from Capricorn man: he will bombard you with calls each day once determining his feelings for you. He doesn’t say much, just wants to hear your voice actually.

Calling you is the first sign telling your Capricorn is currently missing you.

2. He wants to see you on many occasions

Accidentally or not, you will find yourself bump into him everywhere.

If he misses you, he will want to see you as much as possible. Nevertheless, he won’t ask to meet him directly. Capricorn man expects things to be more natural instead. He tends to act as if he accidentally meets you while in fact he has prepared to meet you purposely.

3. He responses quickly

When falling for someone, Capricorn male always tries hard to become the best person to his love interest.

Hence, he will be likely to show up instantly once you call for assistance. He might offer the help firstly before you ask for it. In case you call or text him, he will pick up or reply in just a second.

4. He get jealous with other guys

Sometimes you two are busy with work and have no time to see each other.

Suddenly one day your Capricorn partner calls you or sends you a message saying it must be really good to be the guy you work with, as he can meet you everyday.

This sign of jealousy will let you know that he extremely misses you; in this case, call him back and ask if he can drive you home.

5. He sends you flowers

At times when he misses you, he really wants to let you know and wonder if you are missing him as well. Based on Capricorn male traits in love, he is likely to send you flowers and a lovely card attached saying how much he misses you.

Who is Most Compatible with Capricorn Man?

The Capricorn male only wants to get involved in relationships built to last. Loyal and extremely faithful, he is not the one-night-stand type. That’s why it takes him a long time to fall in love.

On the astrology wheel, which signs can make great love matches with this guy?

As he is an ambitious person, it’s obvious that he often gets attracted more to ambitious women over laid back ones. The loyal Taurus and practical Virgo seem to be most compatible with Capricorn man.

However, the winner on the list of best matches for a Capricorn is the goal-oriented, enigmatic Scorpio.

Other potential Capricorn mates are: the joyful Sagittarius, supportive Cancer, unconventional Aquarius, and fellow Capricorn woman.

The most challenging and unpredictable partners for Capricorn are Leo and Pisces.


Again, how to make a Capricorn man miss you?

Never feel upset if your Capricorn man does not show much emotion.

Influenced by his sign, he is known for being secretive and quiet. When being in a romantic relationship, it’s not a wise move to force him as he dislikes obsession.

By following the tips above, you can be successful in staying this guy’s mind.


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