How To Date A Capricorn Man And Make Him Stay Forever?

You soon will have a first date with Capricorn man, so it?s a must to learn about him beforehand.

A guy born under Capricorn sign is claimed to be down-to-earth, ambitious, and determined. No matter what he does, he will gain success once setting his mind and heart to.

The moment he gets what he wants, he will do anything to keep it.

Known as a family-oriented person, he takes love seriously and looks for only a committed relationship. The moment he makes the commitment, he will stay loyal and never let go.

To date a Capricorn man, you have to make the first move.

BEST 6 Tips for Dating a Capricorn Male

getting tips of dating a capricorn man

How to have a memorable first date with him?

After taking the initiative and successfully catching his attention, you now have the key to unlock his heart. However, making him to fall head over heels for you is not as simple as you may think.

In order to make him truly interested in you, you should take another leap; most importantly, don?t force him ? all you need is patience when dealing with a Capricorn man.

The following tips will help you gain the most of your opportunity:

#1: Be alone with him

Unlike Sagittarius man or Leo man, the guy with Capricorn sign does not prefer too crowded places, so taking him to a party is a big no. Instead, you should invite him on a picnic, cook dinner for him at your house, or just walk with him in the park.

Try to find some activities that both of you can take part in alone ? those occasions will help you two open up and get to know each other better.

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#2: Show your best manners

During your first date with a Capricorn male, putting on good manners is very important because it helps him determine whether or not you?re worth his investment. Avoid doing anything exceeding his limits, or there will be no call or text from him then.

He doesn?t get used to showing affections; thus, don?t be too flirty or overly familiar when you just meet him for the first time.

#3: Display your femininity

This guy has a good impression for women who have elegant, classy looks.

Therefore, you?re advised to dress classy and give your appearance a touch of femininity in order to attract Capricorn man. Don?t try to show off your fabulous body by putting on sexy clothes; indeed, stay true to yourself and he will recognize your good looks naturally.

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#4: Never play mind games

As I mentioned above, your Capricorn is very serious in love; that?s why he can?t accept any kind of games.

It’s not a precise idea to test his love for you by playing mind games. Especially in the first date, we don’t recommend you to make him jealous or play hard to get. The moment he senses any sign of mind games, it will be the kiss of death to your relationship with Capricorn man.

If you don?t want any further dating, then it?s okay to try.

However, there’s a chance Capricorn man playing around with you so you may want to see signs for the case.

#5: Be patient

Well, this is the key factor once getting involved with him.

He is not the type falling in love at the first sight; actually, it takes him a long time to completely open up to someone else. Having the first date with him doesn?t mean you?re in an official relationship with him.

No matter how much you love your Capricorn man, never think of forcing him to commit or love you back. Give him space and freedom to make clear of his mind. In case you want to get him to fall for you, try to become his close friend and gradually set up your dating plans.

#6: Showcase your intelligence

The best weapon to seduce a Capricorn man is your intelligence.

He gets drawn to women who seem knowledgeable as well as able to keep the conversations interesting. As an ambitious guy, he would love to hear about your career; hence, feel comfortable to tell him about your goals for the future. Moreover, don?t be afraid of bringing up your favorite topics for discussions.

It would be better if you also have a witty sense of humor. To him, the lady who is smart and packed with witty charms is irresistible.

Things to Know When in Love with a Capricorn Man

understand the capricorn male in a relationship

Remember that all the first date tips can still be applied once you officially date your Capricorn man.

Nevertheless, the most significant thing regarding this guy that you must know is that he takes his career more serious than anyone else. He?s definitely not the weekend-off sort of person; in fact, he devotes most of his time for his professional life.

Dating him might be difficult as he barely has time for you.

Just don?t take that as the reason he?s no longer interested in you; in addition, don?t rush or push him into anything, again. If he truly has feelings towards you, he will surely spare his free time to hang out with you.

Don?t be a needy or clingy girlfriend!

Focus on your own life and he will think more of you; overall, he will be available to you if you?re available to him.

Here are a few things to know when dating a Capricorn man:

#1: Prove you?re worth his investment

Now the two of you are officially dating, so it?s essential to prove that you?re worthy of his trust. He expects commitment and exclusivity from the future partner. For a long-term relationship with a Cappy guy, winning his trust is all you need.

He is jealous and of course doesn?t want you to show your interest in anyone else but him; therefore, never try stirring his jealousy. As the traditional type of man, he is not a big fan of PDA (public displays of affection).

Stay private and avoid telling your friends details of your relationship as he hates becoming the gossiping subject.

#2: Respect his aloof nature

Wonder how a Capricorn man expresses his love?

Remind yourself that he is shy and reserved, so he finds extremely challenging when it comes to opening up his feelings. Participating in parties or being the spotlight of public attention makes him uneasy and uncomfortable.

In such frustrated situations, he does expect his beloved to take the lead. His ideal partner has to be someone outgoing, sociable, and friendly. He may give off cool, detached feelings; however, approach him with your witty humor and you?ll soon realize he also has a great sense of humor.

Don’t laugh at his reserved nature or do anything embarrassing him!

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#3: Make him feel loved

When dating a Capricorn male, please keep in mind that he wants to feel special most of the time. He yearns for the feeling of being loved and cared of; at the same time, let him know his importance in your life.

There are several ways to make him feel special, such as:

  • Being a supportive girlfriend and encouraging him in achieving goals
  • Showing your interest in his work or projects he is engaging in
  • Asking him for advice
  • Paying attention to things he?s passionate about and giving compliments for his achievements

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#4: Let him set the pace

He may expect you to make the first move at the beginning of a relationship; nonetheless, you should let him take charge once both of you progress to a higher level.

Capricorn man is likely to take charge as soon as he commits.

Never settling for less, his aim in love is to bring happiness to his partner. Like what he is doing with his career, he also expects a long-term success in his love life.

If you have any disagreement with your Capricorn boyfriend, simply tell him right away. Be calm and direct to avoid any argument. After listening to your opinions, he will make sure what annoying you will not happen again.


Once you decide to date a Capricorn man, it means you accept a difficult challenge; however, the result will be worth rewarding. Remember that he will not dive his heart into the relationship firstly ? though it seems to be a long process, he expects your willingness of waiting.

A woman focusing on her own life is probably attractive to this guy. He doesn?t have time for ladies who act clingy or as the hindrance to his success.

The relationship with a Capricorn man is for the long haul.

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