How to Make a Leo Man Miss You (with 6 Effective Ways)

Women in relationships find it challenging to keep the attention of their boyfriend or partner.

It’s much harder if that person is Leo man!

How to make a Leo man miss you?

We all know pride and ego is important to this guy, and admitting something deepest from his heart is the hardest thing. He rarely tells you he misses you, but his actions show the opposite. Though all Leo men share similar Leo male traits, each still has individual personalities.

In today’s article, I’m going to reveal several ways to not only make your Leo man miss you but also keep your place in his heart alive.

6 Simple Ways to Get Leo Man to Miss You

tips to make leo man miss you

1. Show your confidence

If you want a Leo man to think about you all the time, the first key is not falling for him. I mean you should play hard to get – don’t make it obvious that you have feelings towards him. This tip is for all ladies having a crush on the Leo male.

Whether you’re around him or not, tell yourself to be happy by yourself. This positive energy will radiate the natural confidence that attracts any guy born under the Leo sun sign.

In fact, he’s impressed with women who are confident in everything they say or do.

Try not to flirt with him or overly criticize him. Let your confidence shine correctly and he will soon miss your presence whenever you don’t show up.

2. Pay attention to his needs

When you are in a relationship with the Leo male, please be attentive to his needs.

If you promised him something days ago, make sure to surprise him with that when you’re together. He expects a lot so please cause no mistake. Prepare a unique talent of yours and share it to him. It would be better if you come up with things he can associate with you only.

Also, the best way to make a Leo man happy is to stroke his ego – be attentive to his positive changes (even it’s just the small one) and give him compliment.

Trust me; your compliment will run through his mind when you’re not around and that helps him have a good time. Showering him with adoration is one of easiest ways to strengthen your relationship with this guy.

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3. Show him your smile

What people love most about Leo man is his positive vibe. You can feel that cheerful and generous aura around him whenever he shows up. With great qualities and traits, no wonder lots of women want to catch his attention.

Well, that is not easy.

You must get the capacity of standing out from the crowd and radiate positive energy once he’s around. To attract him, you just need to be yourself and put a sincere, bright smile on your face.

He wants to be with someone full of positive energy on herself instead a girl waiting for her partner to make her happy.

4. Make him chase you

So, is it possible to make this Leo guy chase you?

If you are having a big crush on a Leo and want to get him to chase after you, the initial step is to display your interest in him when the two of you are together. If necessary, you can think of a surprise or somewhat to make him curious about what you said.

But don’t talk too much about yourself, remember? He will be attentive during the conversation and after that will ask more about you as he wants to know you better. The more you keep about yourself, the more he thinks about you and is eager to find out.

This is how to make him chase you in a love romance.

My tip here is that you should text him sometimes to know how he’s doing. Tell him about the next date and how much you miss him; however, don’t make yourself sound so desperate or bombard him with tons of messages or calls.

5. Be a little naughty

Another trick to make Leo man miss you is to play naughty games.

What does it mean?

You can intentionally leave your personal items at his place, like your scarf or even your bra. Make sure that object has enough the scent of you. He will hesitate to give it back to you if that scent reminds him about you and all the beautiful moments shared by the two of you.

In case you are more confident, then don’t mind putting on his favorite t-shirt when you and your Leo man are together. For sure, the shirt with your perfume on it will stay with him for weeks before touching the washing machine.

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6. Strengthen the emotional connection

This guy won’t miss you if he knows your purpose is just flirting and having fun.

So if you plan to get Leo man to miss you when you’re not next to him, I suggest you building and strengthening the emotional bond between you two. Sharing your connection with him can fulfill his emotional cravings from within. This also helps him feel more secure and open up easily in a serious relationship.

A strong connection is a must in any love relationship, but it is a lot more meaningful to our Leo male. When you have private conversations with him, please be patient, sympathetic, and understanding. Eventually he will open his heart, rely more on you, and also go crazy about you.

In Conclusion

So, how to make a Leo man miss you?

Follow all the tips in this article and you will be able to form a deeper connection with your Leo partner. These simple ways can help keep his thoughts focusing on you and only you.

Hope you find the information on making a Leo man thinking of you all the time is helpful. If you have any question, feel free to comment in the chat box below – I’d love to read all of your opinions.

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