Top 5 Physical Signs a Cancer Man Likes You (Find out NOW)

Wondering about physical signs a Cancer man likes you?

You’ve been dating a Cancer recently, and it’s eager to know if he truly has feelings for you or he is just messing around. That’s why we come with this article to help you solve the matter ticking your mind.

Finding out whether or not this guy is into you physically is a bit difficult because he is the affectionate type not only to his lover but also his friends. He easily grows interest in someone and tends to act as he feels nothing.

Learn more about the body languages of the Cancerian male in love…

5 Genuine Physical Signals Mean He is into You

Top 5 Physical Signs a Cancer Man Likes You

Like all the men in the zodiac, Cancer man will do his best to bring happiness to his beloved woman; this includes giving his heart, soul and mind. He is shy by nature and hardly confesses his feelings in direct.

So, the best way to know if he is serious about you is to pay attention to his body languages.

1. He stares at you

If a Cancer man has special feelings for you, he will always stare at you occasionally. He can’t help stealing a glance when you don’t notice, or he will give you a longing look straight into your eyes.

Deep inside he already knows the reason for his act, but he needs to look at you to make sure his feelings for you are real.

Do you know why he keeps staring at you from across the room?

It’s because he is reserved and that’s the best thing at the time he can do. If you also like him, then approach him first and tell him that you feel the same as well.

2. He gets close to you

When a Cancer man is in love with you, he will pay attention to you frequently. The aim is to know if you feel comfortable around him or not. The moment he senses a ray of hope, he will take his approach and get close to you.

Don’t put on a cold face or it will make him lose courage.

If you feel the same way towards him, then it’s better to let him know you enjoy what he is doing. As soon as he stays close to you, this guy will open up and share his most precious moments with you. This doesn’t happen to anyone – Cancer man only talks about his secrets to his family, close friends, or those gained his trust.

A typical Cancer man in love often stays true to himself; thus, tell yourself that you’re truly special to him if he gets close to you.

3. He shows body gestures

You will get showered with many loving gestures of his.

This may consist of touching your arms, your hands, and your shoulders. At the initial stage of the relationship with him, he will display these gestures when sensing any other guy approaching you. Though the talk may be just about work, he is not happy with that scene and it shows clearly on his face.

A Cancer man in love is jealous and possessive, you know! He will get mad if his girlfriend has fun conversations with anyone else but him. In a room you feel there’s an eye from the Cancer male on you – this means he likes you.

4. He cooks for you

Everyone knows that Cancer man is a homebody.

Therefore, he usually cooks to express his feelings. I believe this is a awesome way to impress a girl and also a clear sign indicating the love he has for someone. Once he invites you over and cooks you a meal, definitely Cancer guy falls head over heels towards you. In some case, he will visit your place and do his cooking there. Still sound considerate and dedicated, right?

It’s much greater if you both share the interest for cooking. Why don’t the two of you take a cooking class together as it’s also a good way to know and understand each other better?

His heart will be melted once you cook special dishes for him.

5. He smiles when looking at you

This is so obvious!

This is another physical sign that screams Cancer man secretly likes you. Observe him and see if his facial expression changes whenever seeing you. The moment he catches a glimpse of you walking through the door or passing him by, a smile is already on his face.

Shy yet sweet, the Cancerian male can’t help but smiling whenever he makes eye contact with you. Not just a smile showing teeth; in fact, it’s a smile with his entire face shines brightly which means he feels delighted when seeing you.

If he feels that you’re the girl able to change his mood positively, it’s a sure sign he likes you more than you expected.

Now check out this video and see what body language signs Cancer man sends to you:

In Conclusion

With physical signs a Cancer man likes you here, hope you can understand Cancer man’s feelings better, especially when it comes to love & relationships.

But keep in mind that physical signs only can’t determine his whole heart; well, I mean you should also consider his emotions, behavior & attitude, and qualities before concluding that he’s been falling for you.

No one can force you to like him back because loving him or not is totally your free will. Nevertheless, in case you have the same feelings to Cancer man, don’t hesitate to show it. That could boost his confidence for his chasing process because he is reserved and shy.

For girls looking for a partner who is loyal, emotional, and romantic, Cancer man is definitely the perfect choice. He loves hard and will do everything to make sure his woman feel happy in the relationship.

Still have more questions about this guy?

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