8 Tips of How To Make A Cancer Man Miss You More

Affectionate, tender and loving, Cancer is truly the family man that every woman must have in life.

However, this man always lives in his own world. Sensitive and emotional, he follows all the unique thoughts that no one can’t reach up.

For those who want to unlock his shell, it takes you a really long time.

Ways to Step into A Cancer Man Heart

What will you get when being in a romantic relationship with a male Cancer?

In love, the Cancer is a traditional man who always takes care of his loved one with full of consideration and protection. This guy will help you anything, from driving you to work, cooking to repairing house appliances.

Thinking practically, Cancer man’s goal is to guarantee the financial stability for his family. Not only pampering you, but he will also care your parents as well as your brothers/sisters.

Well, the Crab can be very romantic, if you don’t know.

Don’t be surprised if this male holds your hands in the moonlight, prepares a dinner with candles and roses, etc. Extremely sensitive in nature, a Cancer man is able to read other people’s inner feelings with ease. Besides, when being with him, his thoughtfulness will make you feel comfortable and warm.

At the first sight, he seems to be a person good at flirting.

If you don’t know a Cancer man well, you might think that he is easy to change. Yet honestly, he is very faithful in love. Generally, his ultimate dream in life is to build a happy family together with his loved one.

If you can understand this guy, he will forever be with you.

So, how to make a Cancer man miss you?

In the following, I’ve done a list of 8 ways helping the Crab return the place having you after every journey:

Making a Cancer Man to Miss You

1. Be clear

Get Tips of Making A Cancer Man Miss You
Get tips of making a cancer man miss you.

How to make a Cancer man chase you?

For women who want to approach the Cancer, give him clear signs. Individuals born under this sign require everything has to be clear. Be obvious and he can determine if you are worth to be in a new relationship with him.

Remember that only Cancer can open his heart to you!

Do not send him ambiguous hints or act unpredictably. Otherwise, he will do nothing but hiding deeply in his cave as continually. Respect the Cancer’s emotions and the distance between you and him will surely be shortened.

2. Start from friendship

Little by little, learn more about your Cancer man as well as give him occasions to know you better. Gradually, you will gain his trust. If you want something more than friendship with the Crab, be slow instead of rushing.

Among the water signs, Cancer is the one that loves and needs to be loved gently. If you want a Cancer male to miss you, then you must embrace him with consideration, warmth and sweet gestures.

This guy is pretty emotional at certain times. Therefore, be a trustworthy friend that he can rely on. Once showing the Crab that that you are really worthy of trust, his sentiments for you will naturally bloom.

3. Be patient

Some Cancer men are quite reserved and shy. If you are the type of person tending to do everything quickly, maybe you will get frustrated with the Cancer. However, do not think that what you are doing is useless.

Actually, a Cancerian man may like you; yet, as a slow-paced person, he is struggling to find a way out of his shell.

What to do when a Cancer man ignores you?

Absolutely not press the Cancer to accept you!

Giving this guy a load of questions, like ‘Do you like me’, will only make them more confused. Much worse, he could run away from you immediately. In other words, you should leave the male Cancer both space and time to cope with his tangled emotions.

The moment he is ready to be with you, you already gain the most valuable reward.

4. Never play games

How to make a Cancer man fall in love with you again?

If you want this guy not to stop missing you, then do not think of the play-hard-to-get method even once. Unlike other men, Cancer does not like when you disappear suddenly or try testing his love for you.

Cancer, a water sign with powerful intuitive sense, can easily detect those games. You may find it interesting; but, on the other hand, your Cancer finds their sentiments are crushed.

Rather than playing games with him, make him feel like being at home when you two are together.

This is so obvious ? Cancer is famous as the family man. At the beginning of the relationships, you can talk about your family and ask him about his family. Gradually, the Cancer man will feel closer to you.

5. Let him take care of you

Family is incredibly important to a typical Cancer man. Thus, he very enjoys taking care for people around him, especially the ones he loves.

If you want him to miss you, then give him a chance to pamper, worry about you, making him feel like you NEED them. This guy loves it!

6. Trust issue

It is difficult to gain completely the trust of a water sign. Nevertheless, if you succeed, then things with a Cancer will be much easier.

7. Reassure the Cancer man

As I already told you earlier, always show him clear gestures or actions. Say what you think! Cancer is a very sensitive creature ? your vague words may lead him to fall into the insecurity state, thinking that you no longer like him.

Don’t mind comforting your man at times like that. Cover him with your arms around and tell them softly that everything is still fine. That’s all he needs! In return, the male Cancer will always make you feel secure about this relationship, also.

8. Accept a loyal and traditional Cancer

So, when deciding to be in a loving relationship with the Crab, do not be too premature or demanding. Your man expects you to give him the same love, care, warmth and loyalty as he does.

Once you can touch his heart, you will have a more passionate and sweet Cancer boyfriend awaiting you home. Make him comfortable and safe, this guy will become enthusiastic and hot unexpected in bed.

Get a Cancer Man to Miss You by Texts

8 Tips of How To Make A Cancer Man Miss You More

When it comes to romance and relationships, you should not keep everything the same or it will become boring as well as slightly annoying as time flies.

The same goes for texting a male Cancerian.

Reading all the messages with the similar contents or lay-out day by day will surely bore him. In fact, texting a man to make him miss him is really an art which is not really difficult to learn.

The key is ? you must know exactly what he wants at any moment.

How to text a Cancer man?

This is actually quite easy if you are the master of reading his thoughts. As your partner is an emotional and sensitive person, your messages must give him a touch to his heart.

Guess what?

A Cancer will feel good and happy whenever reading the “sexy” texts from you. Well, do not mistake it as something “sexual” or dirty.

Today, in this article, I’m going to show you a few texts which are frequently used to captivate a guy’s mind ? all of them work seemingly well.

Text #1 ? Loving Support Text

If there’s one thing Cancer man wants, it is to hear that you are always by his side.

He is not into the type of woman often playing in the relationship. Instead, he takes love very seriously and treasures the loyalty. Want him to remember you most of the time? Simply show your unconditional loyalty and support via texts.
So what’s a good text?

Bad example: “So where are you?” or “What are you guys doing?”
Good example: “I’m rooting for you on that interview ? go get ’em!”

Importantly, you need to tell him ? you’re on his side no matter what.

Text #2 ? Praise Text

One thing for sure ? this man can’t get enough of complements.

Very sensitive and emotional, he will think that you don’t love him if he doesn’t sense your acknowledgement. Thus, to let him feel secure about this relationship, you need to do nothing but praising him.

What is a good way to praise a Cancer guy?

  • Give him complement for his actions
  • Give him complement for his personality
  • Give him complement for his intentions (when he does something lead to positive actions)

You can compose a text like: “I was driving past our favorite restaurant and remembered how amazing our first date was? and especially how thoughtful you are?”

Text #3 ? Shake Him Up Text

Even though your Cancer man needs a secure feeling with your love, he will soon get tired if you keep making sure he’s got you.

In fact, knowing he’s got you gives him no motivation in showing his desire for you.

All men love challenge?a lot, and there’s no exception for this guy.

So, instead of focusing on his insecurity, you must do something that enables to shake him up. Do not send him messages which may:

  • Freak him out
  • Make him withdraw
  • Put an end to your relationship

Remember ? the purpose of texting is to indirectly maintain the connection between you and him. How to tell if a Cancer man is interested? If you can deliver the positive energy into every message, he will always get drawn to this relationship.

In order to lengthen the longevity of your romance with him, you need to be faithful to the end.

Try this text out on him: “_____

Well, sometimes you have to stir up his curiosity; and, the key is to send him NOTHING every once in a while. In other words, try not to send him a text or instantly answer his message.

Or, you can pretend like you are on your own business and have no time for him at the certain moment; try something like: “Going out with my girls ? I’ll call you back later!”

Playfully open a few questions in his mind but try not to do overly; otherwise, you will wake up his insecurity.

2 Signs Cancer Man is NOT Interested in

1. Acting distant

For women who are in a relationship with the Cancer male, you may get frustrated and confused with his behavior.

After a couple months of dating, he becomes kind of distant.

At the beginning of a love romance, this guy is very romantic and full of affection; however, as time goes by, he rarely texts or calls his woman. Sometimes you may feel like he spends no effort to come see you.

It’s like he doesn’t want to take the time to get to know each other anymore.

Is this a typical behavior of Cancer man?

Or, is this a sign he wants to push you away?

When it comes to Cancer man acting distant, it’s almost happened to all women getting involved with men born under Cancer zodiac sign. Yes, this is one of Cancer typical behavior but sometimes considered as a sign of letting you go.

In this case, don’t push him to give you the answer. Instead, leave him alone in his own space to think about his relationship with you; he needs time for himself to decide what has happened between you and him.

2. Ignoring you

“Is my Cancer man ignoring me?”

If you find your guy is trying to avoid your eye contact and rarely says anything with you, then the meaning behind this kind of his behavior is varied.

Why he ignores you?

For single Cancerians, ignoring a specific person is a good way of keeping their guards up, especially if they are fall for someone. The reason is because they get hurt very easily and don’t want to be rejected.

When they like you, they seem to back off and get away.

In this circumstance, you should display a few hints letting the Cancer man know that you do have feelings for him. This way will somehow give him courage so that he can move out his crabby shell and approach you confidently.

Do not give up too quickly!

A Cancer man is likely to put a pokerface on in order to observe you. He patiently waits to see if you develop feelings for him in return. He needs hints or signals as the driving force to continue. Provide him enough security and he’ll drown you in his affections.

What if a Cancer partner ignores you?

Maybe it is because you did something making him feel terrible or simply he wants to end the relationship. Yet, he often displays his disappearing acts due to the instant changes of his mood.

What to do if he ignores you?

He may be quiet for awhile, but it won’t stay that way forever.

Luckily, Cancer man is not the type that keeps giving you the cold shoulder. The best way to deal with him is to leave him alone. Until he feels completely comfortable with his mind, he will open up to you and even share his feelings.

If you find your male Cancerian acts coldly toward you, you would probably have done something over the line.

As I told you earlier, he may ignore you because he has no clue whether you also have a crush on him or not. Try to find a way to let him know.

You better move on if your Cancer love interest shows this kind of behavior to you!

Understanding a Cancer Man in a Romance

Are you dating a male born under Cancer zodiac sign? How to understanding a Cancer male when dating him?

If you become romantically involved with this guy, the key is to practice to be a caretaker and a good listener. Most of the time he has tendency of taking care of other people’s problems; due to that, he looks for a partner who can be attentive when he deals with his own difficulties.

Don’t let his negative traits (moodiness, oversensitivity, and self-pity) become the hindrance of your relationship. Why don’t you focus on his strengths, like loyalty, responsiveness, caring nature, and dependability?

The first quality Cancer man expects from his mate in a dating relationship is the love for home and family. He is a homebody and home is where he feels most comfortable and also the best place to recharge his energy.

Being in love with the man of your dream is a life experience that everyone deserves a chance.

The love that a man of Cancer horoscope sign provides is on a different level. Compared to other guys, what he expresses will hit you in a different way. If he truly loves you, he will never give you a moment to wonder his feelings.

But, dealing with a Cancer man is trickier than it may look.

* Where to Get Help?

Whether you are finding your true Cancer soulmate or curious to know tips of remaining the passion in a relationship, a talk with a love psychic advisor may help.

A gifted psychic will provide you all sorts of knowledge about your love interest ? something that might be hard to discover on your own. You can suggest a reading with both of your birth charts in order to gain lots of tips and advice. What a psychic advisor offers to you is valuable as it’s specifically tailored to you and your Cancerian man.

By getting a reading from psychic by phone, you will gain in-depth understanding about this guy and whether or not he is meant for you. Not yet, the psychic advisor will come with guidance making you happy in the romance with a male Cancerian.

Consulting a psychic is actually easy!

All you have to do is simply making a call.

Your personal information will be anonymous, and you will soon get connected with the psychic matching perfectly to your need. A love psychic enables to cover every matter in the field of love. When you ask for a love astrology reading from a professional psychic reader, you’ll get one step closer to the Cancer man’s heart.

Contact psychic via phone to get a love reading NOW!

In Conclusion

When you master how to make a Cancer man miss you more, the bond and connection between you and him will get stronger.

In case you are not in a relationship with him yet, but you know tips to get him to think about you, then the chance of becoming the special girl in his life will come to you

Loving a male Cancerian is tough sometimes; however, it’s worth your effort as he is a very loyal, honest partner in this life.

If you are able to stay in his mind most of the time, then you have the power.

Try to build a passionate chemistry connection with this guy. Depending on what stage of relationship you are in, these simple tips will help you get what you need and want which definitely is all good for you.

Let’s figure out whether or not the tips here work for you.

Don’t expect to be perfect but you will never know without trying!


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