4 Efficient Ways of How to Make a Cancer Man Chase You

Does a Cancer guy have the beast inside?

If yes, then how to wake it up and make him chase after the woman he loves?

Born under the sign of a crab (June 22 – July 21), Cancer man is not the type that will fall head over heals in love with you at the first sight. Insecure and sensitive, he will not get himself involved in any kind of commitment unless he knows you well.

Is it Possible to Get Cancer Man to Chase You

Before entering in a relationship with someone else, he tends to take his time learning about that person.

He is laid-back and also doesn?t want to be rushed in any way.

Then, how to make a Cancer man chase you?

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When dealing with this guy, all you need are patience and determinedness. Keep telling yourself that getting him to chase you takes more time than usual. Don?t give up quickly ? try to stay calm and boost your confidence instead.

Once you set your heart for the male Cancerian, be prepared for a long-hauled relationship. He will never enter in quick, unimportant flings as love, to him, is something very important.

Here?s how ? without playing the push-and-pull game ? to get a Cancer man to chase you for all the right reasons!

Best 4 Tips to Grab the Crab?s Attention

1. Look and dress classy

Leave A Good Impression with An Elegant LookLeave a good impression with an elegant look.

In a romance, first impression is extremely significant. About 80% of men fall in love with their eyes, so if you don?t take care of your appearance, it could be your last impression to the guy you like.

For women who have the interest in a Cancer and try to catch his attention, you are recommended to dress appropriately and elegantly.

Though he is not conservative, he doesn?t like flashy also. Therefore, you should find something classy, chic and suitable to wear. Do not go with the outfit that will embarrass both you and him. Platinum or silver jewelry is a great option as he prefers the simplicity and elegance.

2. Be caring and kind to him

Approach Him with A Caring and Kind AttitudeApproach him with a caring and kind attitude.

If you want a Cancer man to make his move first, keep in mind that you need to be kind and caring with him. However, don?t be mistaken about asking him many probing questions as a way to care and get to know him.

He is a shy, reserved person by nature; hence, he may feel uncomfortable when being with outspoken people. He is not the type that can reveal much about his inner feelings unless he completely trusts you and let you in his inner circle.

Never try to dig too deep into his life as soon as meeting him.

How can you make Cancer man fall in love forever?

In order to win the trust of this guy, you should let him realize how caring and kind you are. Most essentially, what he expects from his ideal partner is that she has to be an excellent listener. When he can comfortably open up to you, he will freely express his sentiments without being afraid of anything.

The key to conquer his heart is not to start arguments with him or criticize him as he is very emotional and sensitive. He doesn?t want to get any reprimand from the lady he falls for.

In short, make yourself indispensable to him.

Learn how to text a Cancer here

3. Act helpless

Show your Vulnerable Side to Wake up His Protective InstinctShow your vulnerable side to wake up his protective instinct.

Do you know what ultimate weapon can attract a man? The answer is acting helpless. If you do this to Cancer man, he will fall for it too.

Whenever you are helpless or tell him you are in need of assistance, he will respond positively. In reality, you might be a tough, capable woman; nevertheless, it?s a good idea to create the situation in which you can display your vulnerable side.

This guy is quite soft-hearted. In a love relationship, he will always figure the way to take care of you or assist you out of trouble. Due to his highly sensitive nature, he shows a very feminine side. If you look for a macho guy, the Cancer male is not for you. However, it doesn?t mean that he has no protective instinct.

He would love to become your knight in shining armor, so never mind asking his help.

4. Make good food for him

The way to love a Cancer man is to cater his stomach.

Take Care of His Stomach Before His HeartTake care of his stomach before his heart.

There?s a saying: ?In order to touch a man?s heart, you should go through his stomach.? Have you ever heard of that? It is undoubtedly one of the most effective tips.

If you don?t know how to get a Cancer to chase you or develop his affections with you, then inviting him to dinner is a good idea. It would be more awesome if you can cook for him ? maybe he wants to try your gourmet dishes. Prepare the candlelight and pretty flowers to increase the romantic level.

Put on some soft music and ask him to dance with you in the middle of the meal. Creating a cozy atmosphere and he will feel like home when being by your side.

In Conclusion

When it comes to making the commitment, he is very slow. Nonetheless, once he completely feels secure around you and starts his hunting, you will have a partner who will love you with the deepest of his heart.

The only way to let the beast inside the Cancer man out is to send him signals.

What I mean is ? you must let him know your interest for him. He is a shy, cautious guy and has no plan putting his heart on his sleeves. He only takes action until he is certain about your feelings.

My advice in this situation is not to play him; instead, just tell him directly how you feel for him and try to be more appealing.

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