Virgo Man When He Likes a Woman (7 Things to Know)

How does a Virgo man behave when he is in love?

Guys born under this earth sign are modest and shy. That’s why the first impression of others about them is that they are cold and distant. However, Virgo man when he likes a woman will give all of his heart.

His love is conventional, and he tends to hide his emotions as well as what he feels inside. Fortunately, he still drops some hints so that you can figure out his true feelings for you.

Continue reading to understand your Virgo better!

Virgo Man When It Comes to Love Relationships…

virgo man when falling for someone

In the beginning, everything seems to be subtle as Virgo man is pretty shy and has trouble to profess his feelings openly. His behaviors are like he is distant and pulling away from you; in fact, he needs quite some time to progress the whole relationship thing.

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Here are 7 ways helping you realize what he actually feels about you:

1. He spends time for you

Virgo man is best known as a workaholic. However, if he truly likes you, he will always have time for you. Even if you talk about a spontaneous trip and tell him that you want him to join you, he won’t mind shifting his schedules.

You may think that this is nothing in a relationship, but trust me; this is a huge step for a disciplined Virgo. He rarely changes his plans – once he does, tell yourself that you’re important to him.

2. He notices details about you

Don’t expect a Virgo male to show any grand love gestures or confess his feelings for you in front of the crowd. Luckily, he still has his own special ways to show his love. For example, before meeting each other on the first date, you can tell him to guess the color of your dress.

He is the observer, so don’t be surprised if he can remember all details about you, event the little ones. Virgo man is attentive in everything you say, and that’s how he expresses his love for you.

3. He admires your intelligence

I mean, who can say NO to intelligence!

Your beauty can make him go ‘wow’ but it’s just a moment. Virgo man actually falls harder for women who are wise and intelligent. When he is interested in someone, he will be attentive to their thoughts and perspectives.

If he does that to you, it means that he respects you and likes you for your brains. Like Geminis, Virgos also yearn for mental stimulation constantly.

What if you are unable to challenge him intellectually?

Then, he will soon get bored around you!

4. He opens up to you

Does your Virgo male comfortably open up to you?

Skeptical and reserved, it takes Virgos a relatively long time to trust someone. As he lacks security, he chooses to hide his true emotions. That explains why he has difficulty in forming bonds and opening up to other people. It is always a nerve-wracking challenge for this guy to show his vulnerability because he is always self-conscious.

In case your Virgo man emotionally opens up to you, it means he likes you. No one will let go of their restraints with the ones they have no feelings with, especially the serious Virgo.

5. He spoils you so much

Get ready to be spoil!

The ultimate goal of a Virgo in a relationship is to bring happiness to his significant other every day. He may seem cold and distant at the beginning, but as soon as he seriously invests in you, he will do everything to make you happy, from looking for ways to surprise you, taking you on adventures, and showering you with love and care.

This guy will come up with thoughtful gifts to you, in addition!

He will spoil you to the maximum, not only with attention but also with gestures and many other things.

6. He discusses the future with you

Talking about the future is one of the key signs determining a Virgo man’s feelings for you. He is the practical type and never believes in love at first sight. Don’t expect him to chase after you unless he sees a great future with you.

If you find him discussing his future plans in a conversation with you, he definitely falls for you. Nevertheless, remind yourself that most of the future talks from a Virgo may not be as sweet and romantic as what you often hear in movies. It could be about practical matters, such as insurance plans or future goals.

Is he telling those to you?

If yes, then he truly, madly, deeply loves you.

7. He is loyal

Of all zodiac signs, Virgo is the most loyal towards their partner.

Virgo men are infamous for their faithfulness and trustworthiness. You can easily tell that he likes you if he shows his complete loyalty to you. For example, if he willingly commit to you, you can tell that he is taking this relationship seriously.

As long as you can make a Virgo man fall for you, you will have a long-lasting partner in life. That said, loyalty is crucial for a Virgo in all relationships; once he gives his loyalty to you, he also expects the same in return.

Final Words

Virgo man when he likes a woman will give out his whole heart.

Actually it’s not that hard to realize potential love signs of a Virgo man when falling for someone. He may be a bit shy and distant at first, but once deciding to invest completely, he’ll become a caring, thoughtful, attentive, sensitive, and understanding partner.

This guy is true boyfriend material! His goal in a relationship is to make as well as keep his significant other happy. You may not believe this but he is a hopeless romantic who will try to win over your heart every single day, again and again. 

Hope you have a happy relationship with your Virgo!

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