Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

?Cancer man is the perfect match for Capricorn woman.?

cancer man and capricorn woman pairing

Is this saying correct?

‘Opposite attraction’ or ‘negative poles attract each other’ describes exactly the relationship of Cancer and Capricorn.

Though their way of thinking is quite different, they can complement for each other. Interestingly, they do share some similarities in personality like Cancer and Capricorn are the traditional, hard-working, insecure, career-devoted and family oriented type of person.

Together they shine like diamond and gold.

When these two get involved in a romantic relationship, they will create a sense of harmony and fascination.

However, neither of them is quick to fall in love.

Both Cancer man and Capricorn woman dream about a lifelong commitment.

Cancer Man Capricorn Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Strong
Communication Below average
Trust & Dependability Average
Common values Strong
Intimacy & Sex Average

In this article, let’s dig into the compatibility of this pairing and find out whether or not they can commit with each other for a very long term.

Cancer Man Capricorn Woman in 2020


cancer man finds capricorn woman very attractive

Can Cancer guy be the best match for Capricorn woman?

Cancer man:

A guy born under the Cancer zodiac sign possesses many appreciated qualities: gentle, caring, loving, kind, and understandable. When an issue with his partner arises, he knows how to tackle it well.

At the first stage of a relationship, he immediately provides a comfort zone to the woman he loves, allowing her to still enjoy her private life and do whatever she wants. Very determined, he usually performs all of his works in an efficient manner in order to achieve his aims.

Overall, Cancer male is gifted with an impressive personality.

In the love aspect, his devotion and warmth will surely touch the heart of the insecure, cautious Capricorn woman. You’re advised NOT to betray this guy because he can’t accept the fact of being taken for granted.

You may want to get tips of how to make the guy chase you once having a keen eye on Cancer man.

Capricorn woman:

A woman with Capricorn soul is soft and kind-hearted in nature.

Despite of that, most of her thoughts focus on practicality instead of emotionality. She possesses charming personality that attracts the opposite sex. Deep inside the heart, she is a creative, imaginative lady.

Sometimes she describes herself as soft as snow, but all she displays on the surface is a cool, collected exterior. Capricorn female is actually a complex creature who frequently puts herself in a shell.

The one enabling to break down her defending walls is none but the Cancer guy.

In a romantic relationship, this woman is loyal and also values the loyalty. Once falling in love with a Cancer male, she will do her best to make sure this relation last forever as she knows the Cancerian is a potential partner.

She can compromise on her needs for the sake of her man.


both have some problems in communication

Do Capricorn woman and Cancer man fight?

Will there be any argument between these two individuals?

At certain times, the male will get confused and irritated because of the female’s rigidity and coldness in her behavior. He becomes tired and doesn’t want to find the reasons for her disappearing acts.

No matter how close you are to Capricorn woman, she will never let you read herself like a full book. Well, she also rarely opens up to her family and friends. Characteristically, she prefers to present herself in many different chapters.

In addition, the female tends to concentrate on the future instead of living fullest with the present moments as well as enjoying free rides with her partner ? this really disappoints the Cancer and makes him furious.

Meanwhile, what Capricorn woman feels most annoyed of a Cancer guy is his frequent mood swings. She gets surprised when seeing him shift from coffee to tea in just a moment. The male’s constantly changing moods are the reason making his partner become frustrated easily.


cancer and capricorn make good friends

How about Cancer man and Capricorn woman friendship?

When both are together as friends, they will create a friendship with a greatly strong bond. They lack security and find it hard to put their faith on anyone; however, they completely trust each other.

One knows a few tricks of how to raise the morale of the other one when that person feels down.

Cancer guy usually notices and cares towards Capricorn gal’s emotions. He is the type of companion who can grab her attention with ease and will willingly listen to her stories for hours. He often tries his best to make his female friend happy.

One of the best features of Cancer man personality traits is the relationship acknowledgment. He is very good at tackle all kinds of his relations (friendship, love romance, marriage, etc.)

With the energetic and fun-loving personality, he won’t say no to challenges.

On the other hand, Capricorn woman is considered as a good entertainer. She is an excited person to talk with; thus, spending time with her will be memorable and valuable.

When having a conversation with the Cancer male, this lady is passionate in giving him comfort. Her hard work and ambitions are two key factors leading her to success. Rather than criticizing her partner, she always encourages him to accomplish his dreams and goals.


this couple is a perfect love match in the zodiac

According to Cancer man Capricorn woman 2018 love relationships, these two individuals can go along well.

The male is one of the romantic in the zodiac. He could invite Capricorn woman over and cook for her a candlelight dinner, could become her caretaker, her driver, her counselor, and even her physiotherapist.

At first, it’s not easy for both Cancer and Capricorn to be a part of this romantic relationship due to the fact they are hard to fall in love. Nonetheless, once they successfully touch the heart of each other, they will be the best mates ever.

Neither of them expresses their feelings for each other at the initial stage.

That’s why it requires a long period for them to get attached as a pair. Once getting to know each other better, they can sail their boat on the basis of their love and probably become adventuresome while showing their love for the partner.

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It’s true that Cancer man is an ideal mate for Capricorn woman! Together they can go for a morning walk while holding hands, talk to one another without caring about time, and laugh at silly things.

Nothing is able to stop them loving each other.


cancer male and capricorn female can be in a long term marriage

When it comes to Cancer man and Capricorn woman marriage, even the love psychics can predict exactly.

Both these two people have uniqueness in their nature; therefore, the marital relation of this unique couple is undefined. Although the marriage compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn is just fairly good, they serve the best match in the reality.

This is a love match made in heaven.

Their relationship would go long lasting if they truly accept each other’s difference. Understanding and showing respect can also strengthen their love bond. Since both have the tactics to handle the other one, they like living together.

In general, this is a friendly, supportive and caring relation.

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cancer male and capricorn female can be in a long term marriage

As I mentioned above, Cancer man and Capricorn woman crave for a long-term committed relationship.

Therefore, they will never allow anything to ruin their relation no matter how contradict they are. Instead of making a breakup decision, they are likely to stay calm as well as restrain their displeasure.

Both will let each other live in the way they want to.

They believe that respecting the partner’s privacy is the key to remain the relationship.

It’s good for the female to know how to love her Cancer man the right way.


how cancer and capricorn deal with breakup

Now let’s talk about the flaws of the earthy and watery couple.

We all are not the saint or angel, so it’s not strange when we discuss about our weak points. This is the case of a Cancer guy and a Capricorn gal in love: these two feel pressured and difficult to understand the inner thoughts of each other.

When they are not in the mood of expressing their feelings yet forced to do, they will easily become irritated and frustrated.

The female will soon bring her icy attitude on display if she senses that her Cancer doesn’t really understand her; meanwhile, the male can’t help changing his mood when he finds stiffness in the attitude of his Capricorn.

Keep in mind that she is not easy to switch her opinion.

Of course they will not put their relationship to an end because of these issues; actually, they are prone to face all kinds of problems directly.

In Conclusion

So, what do you think about Cancer man Capricorn woman 2018 compatibility?

At the first sight, both individuals are contradictory to each other in many aspects; however, they can complement for each other well and even rule the world when getting together romantically.

Due to their zodiac signs’ characteristics, they tend to live a life based mainly on their imaginations, rules, and emotions.

Is this relationship potential?

The answer is absolutely yes?nevertheless, the key to the everlasting happiness is that both of them need to understand each other, as well as become co-operative partners and supportive listeners.

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