The BEST Questions To Ask A Psychic (Love, Career, Life?)

People often feel nervous before the first psychic reading.

The reason is that they don?t know how to do the preparation beforehand; in addition, they have no experience in finding the psychic most suitable to their needs.

If you are looking for the tips and advice, you?ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will offer you a guide helping you gain great clarity from the reading and also inform you how to make several free good questions to ask a psychic. The answer will be a big assistance to help you give wise decisions.

For those who are having issues that need solution but have no idea of how to ask the psychic, continue reading for the insight.

Make a Preparation for Psychic Readings

The BEST Questions To Ask A Psychic (Love, Career, Life?)

Preparing for your reading is not as hard as you?ve thought.

However, bear in mind that different individuals have different needs.

A person easily getting anxious should take time to calm themselves as well as relax their mind. Find a quiet place and do a simple meditation (closing your eyes and breathing deeply, for example) to bring your focus on the present moment.

When asking for a reading session, you must have an open mind filled with only positive energy and strong intention. If you participate with just skeptical thoughts, then never think of getting psychic readings.

Keeping your mind from all kinds of distraction is helpful!

Before having a talk with a psychic advisor, the significant thing is to determine exactly which life aspects you want to have an insight. The purpose of a reading is to help you find the psychic guidance for what really frustrating your mind, not just to hear general and basic information.

A genuine, authentic reader will reveal things that could leave great impact to your life in the future. They won?t just tell you what you want to hear; therefore, you need to accept the reality and stay positive when getting bad news.

The psychic answer will definitely open your horizons.

Individuals having interest in psychic readings claim it?s important to prepare a list of questions before a session. But it might not be enough if you just gather and put them together into a list.

The key here is to formulate your questions!

Your list of questions must be clear and straightforward so that you can get the answer unveiling the course of your reading.

Powerful Questions to Ask a Psychic

It is actually easier with yes/no questions; however, you won?t gain much clarity with such yes/no answers. In this case, we recommend you to ask open-ended inquiries instead.

Why the question has to be open-ended?

This kind allows the psychic advisor to access a variety of divinatory information. If you want to earn the most from a session, then you have to prepare correct questions before the session. As soon as your physic sets the tone, they will immediately create a spiritual connection between you and the universe in which they play the channeler.

By tuning into your energy, the psychic will perform the reading making use of your strong intention towards the universe.

Before preparing your question list, there are a few things you need to remember:

  • The position you are standing at the present asserts nothing about the position you could stand in the future. You are born with the freewill of changing everything.
  • Never create the negative vibe around things you are asking for the insight because negativity will not bring the positive result to any of your life area. Relax your mind and identify your true emotions hidden deeply beneath your anxieties.

How are you feeling about your current situation? Is it fear? Does it make you feel stuck? Do you lack of trust in what you are doing as well as in coping with the circumstance?

  • While focusing on the very end-goal, you should not ignore the process. Throughout your spiritual journey, there will be ups and downs and you need to be open-minded to them all. Face the challenge and difficulty to reach the life path in peace and happiness.

Please note that not all psychic advisors have the energy good for you. No matter how legitimate, renowned, and well-experienced they are, you are advised not to continue the session if there?s no connection between you two.

Go with an advisor that is compatible with you so that the energy would flow smoothly.

Now, let?s find out what kind of question you should ask your psychic!

Good Questions to Ask a Psychic about Love

Questions to ask a psychic about love

When it comes to psychic readings, love and relationships are considered as the most concerned matter. People frequent ask the psychic about their love life; for example: when they will find love or whether their current relationship is real.

Also, they often make questions regarding the longevity of their love and family lives. The psychic answer for this subject will be very helpful if you want clarity into your future marriage.

Questions regarding love and relationships might include:

  • What are things I need to do to find my true love?
  • I?m seeking the guidance that could help healing my relationship, what can my spirit guides tell me about this?
  • What does the universe have about my current partner or relationship?
  • What would the divine want me to know about my love life? Is there any update for the future?
  • I?m craving to know how I can follow my heart and reach my highest good in love, what guidance do my spirit guides have in store for me?

Good Questions to Ask a Psychic about Career

how to ask a psychic about career

Another common issue frequently asked in psychic readings is the career issue.

Most psychics have to deal with lots of questions about careers and financial obligations because we all have a job and always want to know if the job gives us a better life. For some individuals, their career and financial situation would bloom and comfort them as time goes by; however, it might be a burden for others in the future.

By asking the right questions, you will get a glimpse of your status in the career field and its relation to your finances.

Here are some questions about career for reference:

  • What do I need to do at this moment to get a meaningful job?
  • What can the divine tell me about my current job, work environment and relationship with colleagues, as well as how I can get the promotion?
  • I?m in need of advice to cope with my job situation, what do my spirit guides want me to do for the improvement?
  • Which perspective of my career progression and finances would the universe want to show to me?
  • I have no idea how to achieve my highest good in my career life, so what guidance does the divine hold for me?

Good Questions to Ask a Psychic about Finances

Questions to ask a psychic about money

In regards to finances, you need to focus more on the monetary aspect as if it is bonding with your career.

We?ve included some guiding questions about your finances to ask:

  • I?m seeking tips to use my money in the best way, what does the universe have in store for me?
  • How can I improve the way of managing my finances?
  • What things should I change for the highest good in my career?
  • How can I best create a successful life for myself?

Good Questions to Ask a Psychic about Family

Deep questions to ask a psychic about family
  • What insights about my family would the universe have in store for me?
  • What things should I do to create the balance and harmony at home?
  • I?m looking for guidance or advice that could help me heal my home space, what can the divine want me to know?
  • I wonder how can I earn the highest good for my family, what do my spirit guides ask me to follow?
  • What can the divine reveal about the desires and needs of each member in my family?

If you are longing for a conversation with your loved one who has passed away, I suggest you engaging in free psychic medium readings before paying for a private session. It?s a must to test how gifted a psychic medium!

Good Questions to Ask a Psychic about Life Purpose

best questions to ask a psychic about life purpose

A number of people are very interested in their lives as well as the living purpose; that?s why questions regarding life purpose are also very common.

Questions about this subject can be varied into many different topics. While digging about your life, this means you can pull questions related to love, family, relationships, career, finance, or health together. In most cases, if you want to know about your purpose in life, you?ll receive a summation of all aspects included during a psychic session.

The hard thing is that this subject can be broad, but we?ve prepared a few key questions that you can bring into a conversation with your psychic. Asking the questions listed below for the clarity on your life and your purpose in this world:

  • I?m in need of guidance to peace of mind, what am I supposed to do in order to create a loving and healing space?
  • How do I achieve balance and tranquility in my life?
  • What do the divine sources have for me based on my human experience when coming into this life?
  • How can I best utilize both passion and talent to help myself and help others?

What do these questions have in common?

All of the questions are open-ended and display great respect and trust in the divine wisdom. They give insight about your current situation so that the universe will get a glimpse of future life.

Open-ended inquiries are the best way to earn answers about the path you want to take and advice about the how as well.

In case you really want the quick response with yes/no questions, then make sure they give only black and white options. Generally speaking, it should be either a 100% yes or a 100% no, no time for gray areas.

Is One Free Psychic Question Necessary?

Despite you?ve prepared the best questions, there are times you still end up with an unsatisfying reading because your psychic was not the right person for you; in other words, they seem not to have a good connection with you.

Is there any solution to prevent this from happening?

In this modern day, reputable online psychic networks often offer the free trial option which you can interact with any advisor for free with no risk.

For example, you can instantly join in a free chat unlimitedly after the signup on Oranum; or, you will get 3 minutes for free in the first paid reading when meeting a new psychic on

Free minutes (3-6 minutes) are believed the perfect time to see whether or not you feel connected with the chosen psychic advisor. This free service helps you learn more about the psychic and what they can do for you before paying for a full-length session.

The way they answer your questions will let you know if they are talented enough and if their reading style suits you.

What if the selected reader isn?t right for you?

Instead of waiting for the session to end, you should stop it immediately in a polite manner. Then simply look up for another psychic expert; remember to check out their profile and browse through all the reviews and ratings of their previous clients so that you can make a better decision even.

Ask your reader one free psychic chat for your most pressing questions!

When you find the intuitive psychic reader, ask for a paid session where you will obtain deeper information.


Who wouldn?t want to have a deep insightful experience after getting a psychic reading, right? But, to gain the most, the questions to ask a psychic advisor need to be prepared absolutely well.

Based on what you ask, the psychic will shed light on your life circumstance or come up with the guidance that could reflect your past, present and future.

Don?t just make questions randomly; actually, they all have to relate with one another.

A list of right questions will boost your confidence during the reading session and make you feel safe and secured with the decisions you are going to take.

Check out this article to know how best to ask your questions for the clearest psychic guidance!


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