How To Get A Free Psychic Question Answered Immediately ?

Are you looking for one psychic question for free?

ask one psychic question and get free instant answer

Nowadays, it’s possible to get yourself one free psychic question answered immediately online as more and more places offer psychic chat rooms.

Why are psychic questions necessary?

By preparing a list of inquiries about what you really want or need to know beforehand, your first psychic reading will be smooth and you also gain the most from the session.

If you are planning for a psychic consultation, then I advise you to make a set of questions for the spiritual advisor online. A good preparation will help you save time for other issues.

Things even get better if you are offered the psychic service for free.

Of course free psychic service is not something that you can find easily; in fact, most psychic networks rarely deliver absolutely free psychic readings. Fortunately, you are still able to get a question answered no charge or even free readings no charge from several websites.

Ask a question get an answer right away for free

Do you want to receive instant message from psychic?

Well, 1 free psychic question is awesome and everyone should not miss this opportunity. For those who are in a hurry, I’ve done quick picks in the following:

1. Oranum – Free chat with different psychics for as long as you want to

2. Kasamba – Get 3 free minutes at the beginning of a reading

More special offers are promoted at these online networks…make sure you give both a check!

In this article, I’m going to tell you how to get a free answer to you most burning question without paying a penny.

Top 2 Best Psychic websites for Instant Messaging

1. ORANUM – Most Legit Video Psychics

the best place to chat live with psychics for free

If you are having a query of any kind, keep in mind that Oranum provides one free question for first-time clients.

Nevertheless, this special introductory offer only lasts within a certain period. In case you want to give it a try, then you must be quick. Ask Oranum psychics 1 question and get the answer immediately.

What they say is accurate and can make you surprised.

Screening process

The screening process for Oranum’s psychic is overall good.

Over 3000 psychics for selection, so you can find the one appropriate for your needs. They are relatively good, qualified psychic advisors, yet still lack a bit compared to some of other psychic networks.

Those who want to give readings Oranum have to undergo a testing process; however, it feels like the process was not really strict or exclusive. Thus, be careful when interacting with psychics on the site.

Special deals for newcomers

Oranum has no discount offer for first-time visitors, but they let you try their service in a very unique way called free psychic chat.

Via the video chat software, you can contact with any advisor online 24/7…free of charge for as long as you want. Take this chance to get 1 free psychic question answered.

If you like a psychic and wish for a private session, then you need to pay to continue.

Personally, demo readings served by Oranum are a good way: it helps you test the feelings of you for certain psychics so that you can see the compatibility between you two before making a real purchase.

Customer service

The downside of Oranum is their lack of telephone support.

But at the same time, this network does a really good job with their email customer support. The problems can be solved fast; yet, it’s much better if they consider providing the customer service by phone.

Want to ask something right now?

Simply click the following button to receive free psychic instant messaging from Oranum advisors online.

Visit website

2. KASAMBA – Best Chat Readings

get 3 free minutes to chat with most genuine psychics

One thing for sure: Go to Kasamba and you’ll find 100% genuine psychics that enable to cope with your burden questions.

Believe or not, an answer from an authentic and intuitive psychic expert is extremely beneficial. They will bring lots of things to your attention, especially if you want to find out what future has in store for you.

Ask one free psychic question and the reader will immediately tune in to your level of energy. Once they get a feeling of which circumstance you’re facing, the answer will be delivered right away.

The one free question reading can help you make life-changing decision.

Screening process

From what I researched, Kasamba does not have a specific screening process.

Hence, you must be cautious when it comes to deciding whom you are going to get a reading with.

It doesn’t mean you cannot find a reliable psychic on this network. In each psychic’s profile page, you will see all clients’ ratings and reviews. Additionally, the website also let you know the number of years a psychic has worked on Kasamba.

Due to the lack of a standard screening process, years of experience, ratings and reviews are really a big help to look for a trustworthy advisor.

Special deals for newcomers

What will a customer get if visiting Kasamba for the very first time?

New visitors will earn the first 3 minutes of their reading for free. In order to take advantage of the deal, Kasamba requires you to purchase at least a 10-minute session.

I think this introductory offer is not really as good as the deal of Oranum; however, it still gives you a few “free” minutes testing the service.

Customer service

Just like Oranum, Kasamba also does not have telephone support, and they provide very little customer service. This leads to one difficulty – it takes quite a long time to ask for the refund if you’re not satisfied with the reading.

If you want to get the money back, then remember to fill out a form on their website. They will return up to $50 of your purchase price.

Please note that Kasamba reserves the right not to refund any of your credits in case they see your requirement is unacceptable. Fortunately, they have a satisfaction guarantee at least.

Everything is handled through email support!

Visit website

How to Get 1 Free Psychic Question?

Here, you’ll soon get the answer of how to obtain one free answer to your burden question.

Guess what?

There are few places give you 2 or 3 answer for free!

When accessing a certain psychic network, the initial thing to do is to sign up for a free new account. After the registration, you can browse through the psychic list and look for someone whom you feel most drawn into.

A vast array of psychic advisors for your selection: free online psychics, psychic mediums, clairvoyants, astrologers, fortune tellers, Tarot card readers, and healers.

If you visit Oranum, you can have unlimited free chat; meanwhile, you will attain 3 free minutes in the beginning of your first paid reading in Kasamba like said before. Take the advantage of free trials or free minutes to ask a question get an answer instantly. Some even offer a free Tarot card reading for lucky ones.

Don’t expect the psychics to answer all of your questions for free.

Be well-mannered and respectful to them first and they will willingly answer one question with no charge.

As soon as you have your free account, the networks allow you to access to all the free live psychic chat rooms immediately. Trust your intuition and go with a psychic that seems to be able to handle your question, and then begin a genuine conversation with them.

What to Ask a Psychic Advisor?

As I already said, preparing psychic questions beforehand is significant.

Initially, think about the aspects or issues you really need an insight and then make a list of the questions for the psychic. The questions will help you shape your intention during the session and bring clarity.

Also what you want to ask will keep you focused, and create better meaning as well as direction so that you can gain the most of a reading.

Try to put much time and effort in the preparation of psychic questions and you will certainly experience the best psychic reading.

What people tend to ask a psychic advisor?

The most common topics are love and health.

Undoubtedly, you may have a lot of inquiries that need the answer right away, especially when it comes to your future life in general. If you don’t know how to arrange the questions, then I suggest you should include specific questions about your certain circumstance or particular area of your life.

The questions you ask during the session will somehow determine what you want to obtain from the reading.

Here are a few tips of making good psychic questions:

Particular free psychic questions

The foremost thing to remember is to never ask the yes or no question if psychics provide you one free question.


That type of question does not reveal much information you want to gain from the psychic. For an unlimited experience with a psychic reading, you have to avoid preparing questions giving just black or white answers.

Close-ended queries are one of the reasons preventing empowered guidance.

Rather than straight questions, it’s much better to ask something more open-ended so that the psychic will have a huge opportunity to explain details about the questions to you.

Open-ended questions are believed to deliver you specific examples, genuine advice, and step-by-step guidance.

Of course you must accept that open-ended questions sometimes have a problem of not come with the desired response that you’ve expected for long. But, you still have to face the truth no matter what!

A look at psychic question examples

You can ask any question instant answer free obviously.

In the following, I have some examples of psychic questions that can be used to ask the psychics online:

  • What can you tell me about my spiritual life?
  • What should I do for a big improvement in my career and finances?
  • What can you tell me regarding my life purpose?
  • What can you comment about my social circle and people surrounding me?
  • What do I need to do to discover my in-depth desires in life?

As you see, none of the questions mentioned above are straight questions. Thus, asking any of them will help you gain a big picture about your current situation. If you want a specific answer, then consider trying yes or no questions.


Now getting one free psychic question answered immediately is no longer a difficulty.

By visiting Oranum and Kasamba, new customers will receive special introductory offers allowing them to try out the reading services without taking any risk.

Make use of free minutes or free chat online to ask the advisor a question you crave for the answer. Having a proper preparation of psychic questions before the consultation will make every minute you spend with the advisor more meaningful.

Also, be well-prepared and you will not waste the time.

Make the most of the limited free time you are given from today!


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