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BEST Lovers Candle Spell (With Tips Of Candle Color Magic)

Does your love life need a life?

A little white magic through lovers candle spell will leave miracles to your relationship. Being in love with someone gives you strength and encouragement; thus, practicing love spells with candles is a good way to boost self-empowerment.

If you want to make someone obsessed, recover a lost love, or create a breakup for a couple, then make sure to cast candle love spells with a completely pure intention, a positive energy, and an open heart.

Keep an optimistic attitude to feel a string of love from the universe.

3 Easy Spells with Candles for Lovers

free love spells with candles for lovers

Talking about love matters, some people can?t help but looking for ways to attract a new love interest or win back the heart of a lost love. However, things seem to be difficult if you don?t know where to start.

People usually tell you to move on and focus on the present; the thing is ? it?s not as easy as they think. No matter how hard you try, heartbreak can take a very long time to recover.

Have you ever thought of spiritual healing?

Here are some free love spells with candles that you can make use of to solve all different aspects of your life:

1. Pink Candle Love Spell

Before casting this simple spell, you need to prepare a couple of materials including a pink candle, a white piece of paper, and a pen. The session must be performed in a private, quite place to avoid you from worldly distractions. Make sure to shut your mind from negative thoughts and let it open and peaceful.

  1. Light the pink candle on a Friday night
  2. Write your first name and your crush?s last name on the paper and then draw a circle around both names
  3. Close your eyes and visualize the future of you staying next to the person you love, the happiness you will sense, and the love you two will share together
  4. Repeat the chant below in 3 times:

?Our fate is sealed
We are one so mote it be
It is done??

  1. Concentrate on the light for at least 15 minutes or until it burns out.
  2. Make sure your candle is extinguished before you put your attention on other things
  3. Keep doing the spell for 7 consecutive nights

If you are not free from negativity, then the spell can?t bring the best result.

Discover spells to make him call you instantly using candles!

2. Red Candle Love Spell

According to professional spell casters, red candle is the most powerful compared to other colors when it comes to candle-centered love spells.

The candle with red hue is the symbol of ?red magic,? which indicates love and spirituality. Casting a spell with this magic will bring out the best from both worlds for the users as it?s extremely powerful. In fact, a love spell done with many red candles will increase its power, though it?s quite draining.

  1. Find a quite place at home and focus your mind on the intention
  2. Light the red candle and stare at the flame for a couple of minutes
  3. Close your eyes and feel the love flowing inside you
  4. Once you think the love energy already fills the empty space in your heart, please say the following chant for 12 times:

?I ask the Forces of the Universe
I ask the Spirits
I ask the Angels over watching me
To help this love grow stronger??

The ritual overall will not develop any negative energy.

Make sure you enter the session with the right intent for achieving only effective and amazing results.

3. White Candle Love Spell

If you want to start a fresh relationship, maybe a spell with white candle will be a perfect choice. The white color is a neutral color and usually symbolizes purity and light; in other words, white candle love spells will help you find peace and harmony after being depressed in love for a while.

Generally speaking, white candles radiate positive energies which are often taken advantage of in a ritual, especially if the practitioners look for a fresh start.

To remove all kind of negativity, there are a few ingredients you have to prepare: one white candle, a pinch of salt, and a glass of water.

  • Light the white candle on the altar or a table
  • Place a glass of water next to the candle and add a pinch of salt to the water
  • Make a clear, pure intention while looking at the candle for one hour
  • Use the salt water to wash your hands ? this is an act of cleansing your spirit
  • Let the air dry your hands instead of using the towel and leave the candle to go out on its own

You?re advised to light the candle the first day of a month or a week in the morning to feel the clean & clear energy before planning to do anything.

Also, due to its neutral quality, lighting a white candle is considered as a placeholder act. In case you don?t have other colors, it?s such a great replacement because the white color can be used in different spells.

What are True Meanings of Candle Colors?

insights into the magic of candle colors

Referring to white magic spells, candle colors have a great variety that is appropriate to all purposes of any ritual. Choose the suitable color for your candle and light it during the session so that your spell will turn out the way you desire.

Each color holds a different magical meaning.

Therefore, you must know well to give color correspondences for candle magic; for example, pink and red candles are usually utilized for love spells rather than luck spells.


Magic Meaning

Red Sexual love and lust ? passion ? courage ? health
Pink Sweet love and romance ? friendship
White New beginning ? purity and truth
Green Fortune and financial gain ? fertility ? abundance
Light Blue Understanding ? health ? patience
Dark Blue Depression and vulnerability
Yellow Protection and defend ? persuasion
Gold Business endeavors and projects ? financial gain ? solar connections
Orange Attraction and encouragement ? stimulation
Brown Animals ? home protection and family ? stability ? material goods
Silver Intuition ? self reflection ? lunar connections
Purple Ambition and power
Black Negativity and grudge ? expulsion

Aside from the meaning, you must consider the date when casting spells with the candle. Since these colors are associated with different planets, specific candles can be availed on specific days of the week.

This means:

  • Monday: White, brown, and silver
  • Tuesday: Red and pink
  • Wednesday: Purple
  • Thursday: Blue
  • Friday: Green
  • Saturday: Purple and black
  • Sunday: Orange, yellow, and gold

Candle colors listed here are commonly utilized for healing love, attracting luck, eliminating curses and hexes. They?re most popular among practitioners of Wiccan love spells and prayers.

Tips of Choosing a Candle

Please note that the size of a candle is not really significant, and some of you may mistake about a big candle is more effective than a small one. Actually, getting a really huge candle in your ritual could be counterproductive.

For instance, a candle taking more than 3 days to burn out will bring a great distraction to spell casters. Some spells need the practitioner to focus on the flame until it runs down; this means you can?t stay still looking at the big candle for 3 days.

Typically, a votive candle or a short taper candle is the most ideal option.

You may need to work with a specific type of candle in some cases, such as a seven-day candle. While practicing the sympathetic magic, you?re suggested to use a figure candle as it can represent a particular person. Of all popular candles, trust me, the best selling one is the little menorah candle.

Those types of candle are perfect for spell work, in brief.

Most essential, never reuse the candle from previous sessions ? prepare completely the brand new one for a new spell ritual. It?s also not good if you use candles burned at the dinner table or in the bathroom. If a used candle absorbs negative energy, your spell will end up with an ineffective outcome.

Final Thoughts

Whether you use lovers candle spell for healing, attracting, or breaking a couple, the important key is to pick the right candle color. Undoubtedly, the color of a candle will partially influence the success of your spell.

Before purchasing the candle for the ritual, make clear of your intent.

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