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Spell To Make Someone Obsessed With You (BEST 3 Potent Spells)

You are having a huge crush on someone but it seems like that person does not give you attention.

Or, you feel your partner is losing interest in you.

No need to worry as you can now consult a spell caster for a spell to make someone obsessed with you. This kind of spell with profound effect will showcase affections, emotions, and love of the person you love.

Very powerful, the spell of making your love interest obsessed with you will also get them to love you forever. Casting this magic on them and they will think about you all the time and feel desperate for you.

However, keep in mind not everyone is under the manipulation of this spell.

Continue reading for in-depth information!

Top 3 Most Powerful Obsession Spells

powerful spells of making someone love you forever

1. Get your current lover obsessed with you

As time passes, you realize your relationship is losing the passion and romance due to several reasons. When your lover is no longer interested in you, it?s probably because the appearance of a third person. In this situation, you?re recommended to cast obsession spell so that your current partner will stay next to you forever.

This obsession spell will maintain the loyalty of your relationship and strengthen the connection between both parties. Once the magic is awakened, the lover will never do things breaking your heart ? leaving you or cheating on you.

Ingredients: a piece of paper, a pen, a box, a candle, and cotton balls

How to do:

  • Write the names of you and your lover on the paper
  • Place it inside the box together with cotton balls
  • Add cotton balls until they completely cover the paper
  • Close the box tightly and put it in front of the candle
  • Concentrate and focus on the idea of obsessing your partner while staring at the flame
  • Wait till the candle burns out and then keep the box at where no one can find
  • Remove the box after 10 days

The spell will give out the result within 10 days.

2. Get your ex obsessed with you again

You already broke up with your lover but then you realize that you still love him (her) and that all the misunderstandings could be solved instead of separation. Or, you are currently in an unhappy relationship and wish to have your ex back ? this typically happens to many individuals.

Different people will have different stories; however, the very common thing all share is that none of them forgets their first love. If you?re looking for a spell helping you win back your ex?s heart, consider the obsession spell.

Ingredients: a picture of your ex, 2 candles, and sugar

How to do:

  • Sit alone in a private, quiet room and then place the photo in front of you
  • Inscribe the names of you and your ex on 2 candles, one is you and another is your ex
  • Place the candle with your name in front of the picture and the other one at a small distance
  • Light up candles and reminiscent all the love moments the two of you spent together
  • While removing the distance between candles, say the following chants and repeat for 10 times:

?Come to me my love,
Reunite with me,
Relations that never die,

  • Blow out and sprinkle sugar on both candles
  • Let the material stay overnight and bury the remnants on the next morning

This spell will take only one week to work!

3. Get your crush obsessed with you

Stealing the attention of your love interest is never an easy task, but everything can be simpler with obsession spell. For those who?re unable to express your feelings, this kind of spell will help you attract your crush and gain a lifelong relationship with them.

The spell of making your crush obsessed with you will not manipulate their mind negatively; instead, it will get that person to love you madly as well as fulfill your desires related to them by availing positive energies from the universe.

Get ready for an unconditional love from the one you love!

Ingredients: a flower pot and rose petals

How to do:

  • Sit on the floor facing the sunrise direction in the morning
  • Place rose petals on your right hand and cover them with your left hand
  • Relax, clear off your mind from distractions, and think only about your crush
  • Speak the chant:

?I think about you, only you
I want you to think about me, only me
I want to say lots of things and want you to get it in my eyes.
I don?t want to lose you but want you to love only me
I like you, your hair, voice, eyes, everything
And can do for you anything
Be mine forever and never go away

  • Put rose petals in the pot
  • Keep repeating the process above for 7 days continuously
  • Place the flower pot either in balcony or in garden

This spell will likely show the change since the first day; until the 7th day, your crush will display signs of being obsessed with you.

In Conclusion

Depending on your situation, your target, and your purpose, the spell to make someone obsessed with you will be cast using different materials and different techniques as well.

Despite all the differences of the process, the only similarity is to help you grab the attention of the person you desire and get them not to think about anyone else but you. The moment you make use of this type of spell, the powerful magic will affect on the targeted individual immediately.

Is obsession spell good?

Of course, there is actually no harm to cast this spell if your intentions are good; in addition, the spell itself doesn?t connect to the black magic. If you?re depressed you?re your one-side love, why don?t you use obsession spell to fulfill your wish?

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