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How to Break a Love Spell (5 Steps to Protect Yourself)

You sometimes may feel that you are under a love spell.

Using a spell to force someone to love you or bind them to your life without considering their free will is against the witchcraft’s laws and morals. You can easily control your desired person with a black magic love spell.

So don’t just ignore when you sense the influence of a love spell cast upon you. If it’s not done correctly, it will backfire and generate negative side effects that may last through generations.

Then how to break a love spell?

Breaking a love spell requires immense conscious effort, especially if you and the person performing the ritual are in a complicated relationship.

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Are You Under a Love Spell?

you are under a love spell

Actually, there is no way to know with 100% certainty that you have been cast a love spell by someone else. Believe it or not, the love created by a magic spell is exactly the same as natural love. That’s why not many people can recognize they are under love magic.

Once the spell works, you will suddenly have good feelings about a certain person and can’t help thinking of them all the time. If you have no idea of how to determine this matter, here are some hints you can make use of:

  • Did your love come completely out of the blue?
  • Were your previous feelings for the person negative?
  • Did you dislike or hate them?
  • Do you find yourself dream about the person?
  • Do they intrude on your every moment?
  • Are you not able to put these newfound feelings out of your head?

Honestly, the answer to each question may not a definitive sign that you are cast upon a spell; however, combine all these indications and you will get a clue that you are probably influenced by magic love spells.

Keep in mind that whether or not a spell has been cast on you, it’s your free will to take action. If you are unhappy with the idea of breaking the love you are having, then it’s okay to ignore it.

In case you want to break the spell, then your intent and energy must be strong enough for the success.

Things to Know about Breaking a Love Spell

steps to break a love spell

Strong love spells will cause a great influence the environment you live in. Sometimes when the spell is overdone, you could fall in love with more than one person. If you feel butterflies in your stomach and grin stupidly every time seeing someone, you may be the victim of a strong spell.

I can say that this is a very dangerous state!

Under a strong love spell, you may behave unpredictably. You will gradually lose the ability to judge others as the magic power will weaken that capacity. It makes you rely on the person so much that you could instantly die of happiness.

1. Consulting a spell caster for advice

How to break a spell when you don’t even know if there is any spell cast upon you?

All the time you can’t tell that you are under a spell because most parts of it are active within your unconscious. Even if you know someone has cast a spell on you, you still feel unaware about its roots.

For example, you consciously realize that you are under the binding obsession spell and the next step is to find someone that enables to break the spell for you. However, you will never figure out how deeply the roots of the spell penetrate into different aspects and sides of yours.

The power of a love spell can affect to your self-esteem and self-image as well as create fear of criticism inside you; this somehow explains why spells are so difficult to break.

In this case, I suggest you consulting a professional spellcaster so that they can help identify the exact spell you are under. Also they are capable of breaking a love spell without causing any harm to you and other individuals involved.

2. Waking up your awareness

For those who have no idea you are under a love spell, it’s time to become conscious of its power and influence. It may be hard but you should make a conscious effort when it comes to breaking a spell. Knowing someone has cast a spell on you but taking no action won’t help you change a thing.

Knowing something is not enough; that’s why you must make a conscious effort to be aware of the power and influence of the spell cast upon you.

The first thing to do is writing down all details you feel or sense about the spell whenever it comes across your mind. Not once, instead you need to write descriptions regarding it more than twice. No need to rush, please take a moment to observe how a spell controls you and in what ways.

As soon as you’ve listed all the basics, let’s move to the next step…

3. Observing the power of love spell

After your awareness is awakened, it’s time to activate your observation mode.

The third step to break a love spell is to observe the power of the spell you are under and how it affects you. If visualization is a need in casting spells, then observation is essential for breaking spells. Observing creates conscious distance between you and the magic power.

Don’t forget to note specific circumstances that can bring out your receptivity toward the power of the spell. Next, you may want to observe your vulnerability to the person causing this to you, like why and how you become vulnerable.

  • Are you seeking their approval?
  • Are you in need of their attention?
  • Do you feel dominated?
  • Do you make them feel jealous?

If all the answers are yes, then you are really vulnerable to a spell.

4. Determining with your intention

Now answer this question:

How will my life change if I break this spell?

Under a powerful love spell, you will get bind to another person in an uncertain period (it could last a lifetime). At first you may like or believe the idea that someone can’t live without you; nevertheless, life still goes on and they will be fine with or without you.

Some choose to stay under the influence of love magic because they are afraid the relationship between them and their mate will be over once the spell is broken.

Let me remind you that breaking a love spell doesn’t mean you and your partner will end up as strangers. In fact, this act is to stop the possession of someone putting on you and is for the sake of your safety. Therefore, you should determine with your decision before deciding to break a spell.

Take this matter serious for your personal empowerment.

5. Creating a conscious opposing behavior

When you finally make your decision, let’s move to this significant step: choosing one spell interaction and making a conscious opposing behavior.

This is the process of making you feel good about yourself.

You may feel controlled and ignored in the relationship; hence, remember that feeling and exaggerate that sensation to make it feel like you are really experiencing dread. After that, quickly shift that fear to the opposite direction – imagining yourself paying no attention to the person’s needs.

You’re not mad or feeling empty with the absence of love.

You instead feel empowered. With or without the person, you still enjoy your life to the fullest and enable to survive in any circumstance. Whenever your vulnerability creeps in your mind, tell yourself:

I’m having a detachment at this moment. My energy has left my system and now it’s finally back. I am alive again. I am choosing not to become vulnerable to this person. I may forgive but I will not bind my spirit to them anymore.

Keep doing the prayer everyday and after having conversation with the person’ gradually, you will consciously withdraw from their influence.

In Conclusion

So now you finally know how to break a love spell; indeed, it’s not easy at all.

You need to put much effort into the process as well as assistance from spell casting experts. Well, you can tell once a spell is broken because you will immediately feel freedom.

I hope you will spare your time to practice breaking a love spell if you are under love magic influence. The energy generated after one broken spell can bring positive changes to your love life and other aspects.

God bless you all,

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