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Most Powerful Love Spells That Are Easy To Do (Try NOW)

Who doesn?t want to find true love?

We?re all living in this world with a desire of looking for our soulmate. So, is there any way helping us meet the one we love?

Maybe powerful love spells can help you with this issue. Talking about the magic realm, using spells to attract love is very common; however, not all of them are similar. In fact, there are many different kinds of love spells.

What are the differences between them?

Some magic love spells, like love spells from Wiccans, will help bring your magnetism on a higher level in order to make you more attractive. Meanwhile, other love spells work as a tool capable of manipulating someone to fall in love with you.

But, is this morally acceptable?

Let?s have a look into the in-depth information in the following!

What is Spell Casting?

spell casting is a challenging practice

In the witchcraft art, spell casting is the practice of gathering all the spiritual energies and transmitting them into the universe in a targeted way for a change in a certain situation.

Before asking a spell caster to assist you, it?s a must to consider involved things.

  • What if the person you?re having a special feeling for turns out to be an unfaithful one?
  • What if you two are not a good, compatible match for the matrimony?

The act of using spells to control someone?s mind will lead to lots of unintended consequences. If you don?t want to take risk, then only take advantage of white magic and Wiccan magic ? these two are extremely safe to spellcasters.

Indeed, the true purpose of dark magic or black magic is to empower your control over a particular individual or object so that you can achieve whatever you crave for.

Most importantly, you must know exactly what your intention is and focus on it 100% during the ritual. It?s also significant to accept the end result and take responsibility for your action. As the Law of Threefold Return states, the universe will return to you threefold for what you?ve sent to it.

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Learn Different Practices of Love Magic

simple magic practices help you find love

#1: A Wiccan love spell to attract love

When practicing the love spell originating from the Wiccan religion, remember that you cannot force anybody?s free will. Rather than affecting your love interest?s subconscious, this kind of spell simply purifies the spiritual connection between the two of you.

Materials you need for this ritual include:

  • One red pen
  • A piece of paper (3?3 inches)
  • Four red candles
  • Rose quartz
  • A cauldron or an ashtray

How to do the spell?

  • First, let?s cast a circle
  • Place a candle in each of cardinal points
  • Light a fire in the cauldron
  • Next, use the paper and pen that you prepared to write the name of your love interest
  • Hold the rose quartz in your hand and visualize the love energy already sent to them from the deepest of your heart
  • Kiss the paper 3 times and then burn it completely with the fire
  • Say it loud in 3 times: ?My heart ablaze and shining, this love I do send to thee, if you find a place in your heart to love me, by the greatest good, so mote it be?
  • Close you circle
  • Still keep the rose quartz even going to sleep

The most ideal time to cast this Wiccan love spell is at the nighttime; specifically, a Friday night with full moon will increase its power.

#2: A Voodoo love spell

Apart from Wiccan spells, the witchcraft using Voodoo love spells is worth experiencing if you are seeking an efficient type of magic for getting true love.

In order to practice the Voodoo spell, you have to find a personal item belonging to the person you want to win the heart. The spell will be more powerful if what you get has a strong attachment to your crush. Nevertheless, it?s still okay if you have no object from them because the magic can work with your visualization and intention.

What are the ingredients that need for this spell?

  • Hair from someone you desire
  • An unwashed shirt also from someone you desire

How to do the spell?

  • Purify and cleanse both your mind and body
  • Make a Voodoo doll using the unwashed shirt and then attach the hair to its head
  • Equip it with other additional items (like clothing)
  • Add facial features from any bodily part, such as blood, fingernails, etc.
  • Place the puppet next to your pillow
  • Talk to it like the way you would talk to your love interest as soon as you lay down for bed
  • Repeat this action everyday and that person will spiritually hear and feel you

Keep in mind that you have to take a good care to your Voodoo doll. In case you don?t use them, then put them in a safe place and make sure to leave it out of reach of children and pets. Never treat them carelessly or recklessly or the end result will not be like you expected.

You?re recommended to cast this love spell on the waxing moon or on a Friday.




  • Unintentional consequences
  • Affect to someone?s free will and subconscious
  • Probably be bound forever

If you are in need of powerful love spells to help your current situation, then I suggest you contacting a professional spells advisor instead of practicing on your own. With many years of experience, they?re capable of finding the right type of magic and spells for you without causing any risk supposedly involved in its casting.

Not only attracting love to you, one free magic spell can release you from an unwanted love spell. Your spell caster will also offer healing spells, breakup spells, or spells of protection to serve your needs.

For any question, tell us in the comment below!


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