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Spell To Make Someone Love You Deeply (3 BEST Picks)

Do you have a crush on someone?

Want to make that person yours for forever?

Let the magic power help you ? check out the spell to make someone love you deeply in this article for a chance fulfilling the love you always crave for.

Don?t mind trying out if you are interested in someone at this moment. Casting a strong spell that works fast from us will get your desired person to be obsessed with you, dream about you, or stay forever.

Not complicated at all, love spells recommended in the following are strong and work in minutes.

So, here are solutions for your love life!

Making Someone Fall Deeply in Love with You

get yourself an effective magic love spell right away

How does the love spell to get on to fall in love with you work?

Before delivering the result, the spell will, at first, harness the energy from both your emotions and thoughts and then combine it with the universe?s natural power. Therefore, it?s important to fill your mind with only positive intention as well as visualization.

When you plan to practice a love spell, please put completely 100% of your faith into your feelings and the spell. Otherwise, the magic will turn negative if your energy is weak.

We advise you not to look for spells bending others? free will.

There are 3 most common types of love spells helping you winning the heart of the person you love:

#1: Free Witchcraft Spell to Make Someone Love You Deeply

Use this spell if your wish is to make your love interest fall hard in love with you.

You can tell it works if the person of your desire develops strong feelings toward you. For the best result, make sure they do have a good impression about you as well as a seed of love for you deep in their heart. Anyway, you still can practice the spell even if there?s no love presence between you two.

These witchcraft spells are safe because they work based on your existing emotions and only create thoughts and feelings benefiting your love life. Keep an open heart and an open mind during the casting session so that your crush will be aware of genuine feelings from you and take the initiative in making the contact.


  • One pink candle
  • Rose quartz
  • Jade
  • Emerald
  • Sandalwood oil
  • Cinnamon incense
  • Red ribbon
  • 2 small pieces and a large piece of paper
  • A wooden pencil
  • Matches

How to cast:

Before starting the ritual, rub the pink candle with the sandalwood oil; then, light up both the candle and cinnamon incense.

Sit in a quiet room, keep a peaceful mind, and write your name and your crush?s on each small piece of paper. Draw a heart around each of the names availing your prepared pencil. The next thing to do is to hold the candle on your right hand and let the wax drip onto both hearts. Focus your sight on the light and whisper your wishes to the universe while imagining a happy love life with the loved one.

Write down everything you want onto the larger piece of paper. Take time, think carefully and fill in only what you truly desire; next, wrap 2 smaller pieces of paper into the big one. Tie it and create 3 knots using the red ribbon and put all powerful crystals on your altar ? leave them there until the candle burns out.

Except the crystals, leave the whole package of paper somewhere in your bedroom where no one can spot it.

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#2: Free Wiccan Spell for Someone Love You Forever

Under the power of this wicca love spell, the mutual feelings between you and your loved one will become genuine and only grow stronger as time passes. The spell guarantees not to produce anything artificial or unnatural; hence, find an occasion and try it out.

Life is definitely not a fairy tale, so it?s such a waste of time for those doing nothing but waiting for a true love to come in their lives. Accept the help of the universe?s natural forces and wicca pure energies and soon you will get your desired love.

Not that everyone can be with the person they love. Sometimes you may have special feelings for someone but they just have no awareness about that. By using this simple spell here, your crush will get pushed a bit towards your direction.


  • One green candle
  • One white or gold candle (man)
  • One black or silver candle (woman)
  • A piece of green cloth
  • Tools for candle carving

Please note that the best day to perform this ritual is on Friday during the waxing moon phase.

How to cast:

Inscribe the two candles representing you and your beloved utilizing the carving tool; after that, mark 7 equal parts on the green candle. It?s time to set up your altar ? place the female candle on the left side while the male candle on the right side, and the distance between them has to be 12 inches apart. The green candle should be put in the middle and slightly behind other candles.

Lighting up all the candles in order: the first one is yours, the second one is the other person?s, and finally is the green candle. Focus on your intention, stay quiet and visualize the scenery of you and your beloved together. Blow the green candle once seeing it burning down to the first mark!

Keep doing this spell on day two and remember to move two candles from both sides closer a bit. Repeat all the steps above and don?t lose your concentration! The candles are supposed to stick together when you perform the ritual on the 7th day.

Snuff out all the candles and wrap them in a green cloth; finally, put it in a private place.

#3: Black Magic to Force Someone to Love You

If the free spells above do not work and you seek out something stronger and more powerful, then black magic will grant your wish.

Magic is not something that you should mess up with; thus, we advise you to be serious when it comes to finding true love using love spells. Especially if you practice black magic, don?t let yourself be interfered by any negative emotion and thought.

The black magic love spell is extremely powerful if you cast it in the right way and have the right intention. Like other spells, it does require some basic ingredients to awaken the natural forces and also release the positive energy of the universe. In addition, you must improve your mediation and concentration abilities. For the ultimate success, never lose faith in yourself!


  • A large sheet of paper
  • 2 pens ? one with black ink and one with red ink
  • A needle
  • Black thread
  • 3 black candles
  • Cypress oil
  • Chicken wing (keep bones and skin)
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Matches
  • Your blood

How to cast:

Apply the cypress oil onto all 3 black candles and create a triangle with them on your altar. Light them using only one single match. Spread out the paper and utilize the pen with red ink to write the name of the person you love 13 times; then, write your name on top of theirs availing the black pen.

Leave a few drops of wax from 3 candles onto the paper. While performing this act, you need to concentrate on your desire of making someone to love you deeply to increase the energy. The next step is to place the chicken wing on top of the names and add red pepper flakes to build up your attraction.

Prick your left index finger using the needle and let your blood drop onto the paper ? still, don?t lose your focus. Drip more wax from all candles additionally! Tie the whole parchment paper with a black thread and make at least 13 knots.

Put the package in front of your altar for one more hours and then blow off the candles before chanting:

?Gekali Bekuta Bestima Sto Sto Beg?

Wait for the sun sets to bury your package under a big tree.

Final Words

Different spells work in different ways ? you can?t expect them to show instant results as some might need a few days or even a whole month for the magic to bear efficiently.

Don?t make use of the spell to make someone love you deeply at any occasion!

Keep in mind that a spell needs your true intention and positive energy for a success; otherwise, you probably have to deal with unexpected side effects. You will suffer many times or never cast a spell using black magic if you have no real or true feelings for a specific person.

It’s better if you don’t force things to happen!

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