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6 FREE Voodoo Love Spells That Work Fast For Completely Real

Finding true love is like a challenge in one?s life.

You have fallen in love with someone special but don?t know how that person is meant to you ? they can be your life partner or may not even realize your existence.

One-sided love never brings a happy ending.

Then, what to do if you want your love interest to be a part of your life and to love you unconditionally?

Well love sometimes makes you do crazy things! In this case, I recommend you to try out Voodoo love spells that work fast to make your desire possible. The power will eliminate a series of obstacles blocking the path of love.

Most Effective Spells to Get Someone to Love You

When casting Voodoo love spells, please keep in mind that Voodoo magic only delivers good results if being performed together with a specific item belonging to the person you falls in love with.

Most prefer using the hair sample!

Though many people excuse Voodoo spells using black magic, the fact that it won?t cause any negative symptom to the intended subject. If you are seeking a love recipe no harmful at all, then Voodoo can give you help. The outcome is often delivered effectively and immediately.

Now, let?s have a look at some powerful Voodoo love spells that you can try to practice at home:

1. A Voodoo spell using candle wax

attract someone with voodoo spell using candle wax

Love spells using candle are very common among spell casting practitioners.

For this spell, you need to write the name of your beloved on the left half of the piece of paper. Since four is considered as a powerful number in Voodoo magic, please write that person?s name four times. Meanwhile, write your name 5 times on the other half of the paper.

Prepare a purple candle and light it up; then, let 4 drops of the candle wax fall on your beloved?s side. Fold the paper in a way ensuring both of the names touch, and the purpose of the wax is to seal them together. The purple color symbolizes love in Voodoo magic spells, just like red and pink colors.

Put the folded paper in a container and then pour some water in it (not too much) at a level that can cover up the paper. The next step is to light up a red candle and place it on the top of the paper. Wait for the candle to burn down ? you can tell your crush will soon contact you once seeing the wax melts and goes into the liquid.

2. A Voodoo spell using a Voodoo doll

binding love spells with voodoo dolls

In order to make someone love you deeply, don?t hesitate to try out the most powerful and improved spell here.

Voodoo doll or the conjured doll is a very useful tool helping you attract your beloved in the fastest way. When making your doll, two important elements that you shouldn?t forget are his hair and clothing. Based on Voodoo witchcraft, you must use the shirt not washed before as well as wrap the doll?s bellybutton with a small piece of lint taken from the person you love so that the spell can be more powerful. With the hair, you need to stick them on the doll?s head.

According to professional spell casters, Voodoo doll is usually used in love spells with the aim of control a person?s physical body. By utilizing the Voodoo spell with the assistance of Voodoo doll, you can prevent your love interest from making physical contact with others.

Make facial features for your Voodoo doll and place it next to you on the bed. Talk to the doll and visualize as you are having a conversation with your beloved before going to sleep. Speak with a pure intention and they might hear your desire despite the distance.

3. A Voodoo peacock lover spell

powerful voodoo love spell with peacock feathers

If you wonder about the most powerful love spell of all, then the answer is the peacock lover spell using Voodoo magic. Not only bringing true love to you, but this spell is also for seduction and to keep affections.

For the Voodoo love spell to work, you?re required to write your beloved?s name on a piece of paper 13 times. This Voodoo love spell does not ask you to prepare the paper in a specific color, which means it can be any color you prefer. Most importantly, make sure you have a peacock feather.

Place both the paper and peacock feather under your pillow. Before falling asleep, ensure to call out the name of your love interest 13 times for the first three nights consecutively.

On the 4th day, it?s the best time to take a bath. While cleansing yourself at night using proper oils and incense, you should pay 100% of your focus on your deepest desire and keep your mind calm. Then remove the paper from under your pillow and put it in a more personal space.

Since the spell here requires a touch to seal the magic, your special person has to be the first one touching the peacock feather.

4. A Voodoo spell to win back your ex lover

spells to voodoo your ex to come back to you

As the name says it all, here comes the Voodoo spell helping you bring back a lost love. Please note that you are NOT RECOMMENED to use this spell if having no experience in practicing Voodoo witchcraft.

Firstly, light a white candle before performing the love spell. Relax your mind and keep your eyesight on the flame; then, reminisce all happy moments between you and your ex to create a positive vibe that could eliminate bad energy affecting your love life.

Continue lighting a red candle and put it next to the white one.

Prepare some offerings, such as perfume, chocolates, or fruits, and place them on a plate. Also make two Voodoo dolls representing you and your ex lover and let them sit on the table facing each other. Now say a prayer to make that person want to come back to you again and strengthen the connection of the two of you.

Use a red string to tie your Voodoo dolls together with their faces touching each other. Hide them in a safe place and put the candles away. Have yourself a crystal ball set under your bed.

5. A Voodoo spell to fall in love

put voodoo spell on someone to make them love you

Someone attractive has made you fall head over heels; nonetheless, you have no idea whether or not that person feels the same as you. In case you really love them and want them to be in your life, then the love spell to make someone fall in love with you instantly is a great option.

This Voodoo spell has its origins in Egypt.

Some materials you need to prepare before casting the spell are a red candle, a pink candle, and a piece of paper. Very simple, light both candles as soon as the session starts. Then, write down the name of your crush on the paper, tie it up using gauze, and give it a drop of wax from each candle.

While looking at the flame of candles, try to focus on your intention and visualize the scenery of the person you love also falling in love with you. Sit quietly and calmly for a couple of minutes and blow the candles. The Voodoo love spell here likely delivers the instant result!

Once you feel that your love interest shows some positive signs, quickly throw the used candles away.

See also how to break a love spell here!

6. An ancient Voodoo love spell from Haiti

check out voodoo love spell using hair

Did you know that Voodoo love spell first came from Haiti?

In order to start this ritual, make sure you have a piece of hair from the person you want to cast the spell on; next, also take your hair and put both in a plastic bag. Sit with your face facing the north direction and do visualization with the image of the person you yearn to appear in your life.

Wrap the plastic bag tightly in a piece of paper and throw it in the water while thinking of your desired beloved. Though this Voodoo spell does not work as fast as other spells above, it does show effective results.

Normally it takes this Haiti love spell approximately 40 days to work.

Let?s Wrap up

Nowadays, more and more people learn to cast Voodoo spells as they?ve become popular recently in the witchery realm. Spell casters believe that Voodoo magic is very powerful and can help one handle various issues in their lives.

Keep in mind that Voodoo spells will leave negative effect if you use them wrongly.

Before taking advantage of Voodoo love spells that work fast, ask yourself carefully about the type of spell you want to cast. Also you must read the instructions as many times as possible.

Fortunately, spells with Voodoo magic will not harm you as well as the targeted subject.


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