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4 Powerful Break Up Spells To End A Romantic Relationship

You think it?s the right time to back off from a relationship?

There are several reasons why a person wants a breakup, such as:

  • Maybe you?re struggling in a toxic relationship
  • Probably your lover cheated on you and go with someone else
  • You?ve run out of feelings for your boyfriend

If you don?t know what to do, then let break up spells give you assistance!

When two people get involved in a love romance, there will be a close bond formed between them ? this is usually described as a cord. If the connection of you and your partner is unbreakable, you may need the help of a free breakup spell.

Spells provided here use white magic like Wiccan spells, so no need to be afraid.

What is Free Breakup Spell?

a brief introduction of break up spells

When saying goodbye is not the absolute solution, try casting a break up spell.

You are now involved in a wrong relationship with your lover and looking for a way out, then why don?t you take advantage of powerful break up spells free.

Free breakup spells do exactly what you would expect ? they break up the connection and make two people fall out of love. You can make use of these spells for all kinds of relationships, though they are applied most for the romantic one.

It?s completely normal if you cast effective break up spells for a toxic business relationship or even a negative bond in your family.

You can considerate using revenge spells in some special cases!

Discover Spells to Breakup a Relationship

top 4 popular breakup spells for a couple

In this article, we?re coming up with traditional break up spells ? for those into conventional witchcraft, just continue reading. They may be a bit time-consuming, but the power of break up spells that work immediately is worth everything.

Make sure you put in the effort and positive intention for success.

#1: Lemon break up spell

The first one is an old break up spell that can be done in a few steps:

  • Write the names of two persons you want to break up on a small paper
  • Cut the names apart and then add a few drops of vinegar on each piece of paper
  • Cut the lemon in two halves
  • Place two names in the direction of facing each other and put some pepper in between together with black cat hair and black dog hair
  • Put everything in between of the lemon halves

Breakup spell using lemon means bringing sour to the relationship, increasing the intensity of their emotions, making both argue continuously, and eventually separating them.

For a seal to your spell, remember to put the lemon peel together with black wax. Tie the halves using a black thread and then stick black pins in the lemon. Once your casting process finishes, everything you wish will soon occur to your ex?s breakup.

Find a way to enter the couple?s garden and bury the sealed lemon; you can consider putting it in a potted plant if they don?t have a garden.

#2: Harmless break up spell

Of all spells to breakup a relationship, this one is quite common since it doesn?t cause any ill side effect. The aim of this spell focuses only on disconnecting the connection of a couple without quarrels or heated conflicts. Additionally, neither individual in the relationship will be affected negatively.

  • Light a black candle and relax your mind
  • Take a deep breath, focus your intention, and stare straight into the flame before casting the spell
  • Write the names of two people you want to split up on the paper and put 3 drops of garlic oil onto each name
  • Add a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of salt on the paper
  • Hold the candle with your right hand
  • Close your eyes and open both your heart and mind to feel the energy from the universe
  • Focus on your desire and make sure the universe hears your message
  • Finally drop wax onto the paper having oil, salt and pepper

If you are seeking a spell creating no damage on people, then this harmless spell is worth your consideration.

#3: Break up spells without ingredients

For those expect something much simpler than two spells above, you must know there?s one form of spells that can awaken the magic without using ingredients.

Many people often assume that spells must associate with magic potions.

This is the real life, not a movie! Break up spells without ingredients do exist and they can be highly effective. Instead of using items, you need to use chants and incantations, which are repeated words. Keep repeating proper words will bring more power to the spell of your need.

Here is a quick breakup spell chant for beginners:

?No longer the two of you are
The distance between you grows very far away from each other
From this day on never again to each other be drawn
This spell is true and harms no one
As I will it, it is done?

Once getting started, you should name two involved people in your chant to avoid the spell affecting the wrong person. Be careful with your words because unclear language or multiple meanings can lead to unintended consequences.

#4: Voodoo break up spell

Some claim Voodoo spells can provide the strongest breakup spell out there, and it?s totally true. Thus, you may want to ask a professional cast to help you with a Voodoo break up spell if expecting something to work fast.

Voodoo is believed to have a strong connection with dark magic.

When it comes to black magic, nothing can beat its power. Based on African folk magic, Voodoo spells are a form of art fused with Christianity and practiced during the slave-trading period.

Voodoo sometimes gets negative reputations because it doesn?t really protect the free will of participants and other people involved. But, overall its spells are the most effective and work beyond your expectation.

Tips on Casting Powerful Break up Spells Free

effective ways to cast break up spells
  • You should only try break up spells with white magic if you have no experience.
  • It?s important to have a good preparation; therefore, you should gather all necessary materials and supplies before the session.
  • The caster has to make sure the spell is done in a quiet and private place.

How long break up spells that work immediately can show the result?

Typically, legit spells work within 24 hours or 48 hours ? it partially depends on the spell you are availing.

Most breakup spells start showing the result in a very short time; indeed, it works fast in order to release your energy from the toxic connection immediately.

Do powerful break up spells free really work?

Certainly break up spells work if both your intention and energy are positive.

The connection between two living beings in a relationship is real and strong; even some powerful psychics are able to see it substantially. Hence, when you need to get away from someone but the cord of you two are unbreakable; then, it?s significant to ask for help from a higher force.

By practicing powerful break up spells that work in minutes, you can break any type of connection.

Do break up spells backfire?

Not only spells to break up a relationship, but spells for different purposes also can backfire. It?s impossible to always cast spells successfully in all situations or circumstances.

That explains why you need the assistance of a genuine spell caster.

The one who?s professional at using magic spells can easily set up measures of protection. Some even avail other divinations to figure out consequences of a particular spell for accuracy and safety.

  • Have a new, healthier love life
  • Escape yourself from a toxic relationship
  • Take back your freedom
  • Most break up spells work based on black magic
  • Risk of backfire or unexpected consequences

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, it?s easy to cast break up spells over the phone, chat or email with the help of spell casters online. Just provide them basic information such as names, dates of birth, and even pictures (if needed), and they will help you do the spell as you desire from anywhere.

Keep in mind that the connection cannot be reserved once being severed; however, there are still some spells to reach out to the other party for the reconnection if you really want.

Are you ready to make change of your life with a free breakup spell?

Tell us your experience in the comments!


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