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Top 7 Recommended Voodoo Spell Books For Your Magic Library

What crosses your mind when people around you talk about Voodoo spells?

For many, the word Voodoo itself depicts a kind of black magic or dark witchcraft that may harm those using it. Despite the bad reputation about this type of spell, Voodoo is in fact not as evil as it has been claimed.

Voodoo spells are authentic, useful, and powerful ? they work effectively in any circumstance (love, relationships, finances, career, etc.) and are very popular nowadays.

Though it sounds a bit complicated, you can practice casting Voodoo magic on your own at home. If you?re beginners, then Voodoo spell books will surely be a great assistant.

Any Suggested Book for Voodoo Spells?

When it comes to practicing spell-casting, there?s always more to learn. You?ll find millions of books supporting you to master this field; however, choosing the titles serving you right can be a bit overwhelming in the reality.

Don?t know where you should begin?

Take a look at a few of our favorites that somewhat can inspire your witchcraft journey:

1. Voodoo Hoodoo

Voodoo Hoodoo

The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook is a full collection of the unique Creole Voodoo originated from New Orleans. With this book, your knowledge about magic will be extended as it offers over 300 authentic Voodoo and Hoodoo spells, recipes, and rituals for different life aspects, such as love, fortune, success, prosperity, health, and more.

Overall the book includes:

  • Spells using oil and potions for attraction, fortune, blessing, dream, etc.
  • Hoodoo powders to draw money, luck, and power fast
  • Curses and hexes
  • Talismans and candle magic

Voodoo Hoodoo is written by Denise Alvarado, a cultural psychologist living in New Orleans. What she provides in the book is from her knowledge and experience which she has collected and gathered for a lifetime as well as has learned from family, friends, and local practitioners.

The author introduces readers to the Pantheon of Voodoo Spirits, Seven African Powers, and along with her own magical arts.

2. Voodoo Doll Spellbook: A Compendium of Ancient and Contemporary Spells and Rituals

Voodoo Doll Spellbook

From the author of Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook, this book will add to your collection countless secret spells that can deal with your circumstance, such as winning the heart of your love interest or binding your enemies. For the very first time, you will get the guide of making the Voodoo doll in full details.

There?s a belief that Voodoo doll was served as a servant of fast-acting, long-lasting magic in the past. Inside the Voodoo Doll Spellbook of Alvarado, you?ll find spells to make yourself irresistible, find a true mate, break up a couple, cure sickness, and attain success.

If you want to improve any area of your life using magic spells, you?re recommended to do the casting using one of the oldest witchery tools: the conjure doll.

Keep in mind that all the pieces of information in this book have never been revealed anywhere. Many of the spells the author mentions here are based primarily on ancient recipes and rituals from Africa, Egypt, Greece, and Europe.

3. The Secrets of Voodoo from Beginner to Expert

The Secrets of Voodoo from Beginner to Expert

Of all best Voodoo spell books, every new spell-casting practitioner must have this guidebook at home.

Voodoo spells are not just about sticking pins into the cursed doll for the purpose of causing pain onto the person you call ?enemy.? The Secrets of Voodoo from Beginner to Expert will give you brief information about the Voodoo history ? a kind of spell developed by African-Caribbean slaves during the period of French Slavery.

In addition, the book will help you realize that Voodoo is not just a religion but indeed beyond your expectation.

Through this beginner?s guide, readers will be introduced to the essence of Voodoo magic as well as detailed instructions of how to practice a basic Voodoo protection charm. As you go through the book, keep in mind that mastering the art of Voodoo needs both of your hard work and devotion.

Grab the guidebook of Issendai Bechau for countless benefits!

4. The New Orleans Voodoo Handbook

The New Orleans Voodoo Handbook

What will you learn from this witchcraft Voodoo book?

The New Orleans Voodoo Handbook is a handy guide to a variety of different practices, tools, and rituals of so-called Voodoo spells as well as many cultural influences from the origin.

  • A look at major figures of New Orleans Voodoo
  • Various recipes and instructions to perform spells with magical oils and candles, plus the direction to create gris-gris bags and Voodoo dolls for love attraction, fortune drawing, healing, etc.
  • The history and ethical diversity influences of Voodoo ? originating from the African slave workers to Catholic immigrants (France, Ireland, and Italy)

I must say that Voodoo is considered as a rich spiritual tradition of New Orleans. As knowing the beauty of this ancient art, the priest Kenaz Filan has released this handbook to give people who?re interested in this system of worship a deep understanding. The author also reveals spells helping one call on the saints and spirits of Voodoo for assistance.

5. Voodoo Dolls In Magick And Ritual

Voodoo Dolls In Magick And Ritual

I have to say that Denise Alvarado is a must-follow author if you?re into the realm of practicing Voodoo spells because she?s published quite lots of books regarding this kind of witchcraft.

Here, I?m going to present another book of Alvarado titled Voodoo Dolls In Magick And Ritual. With over 40 years experience in mysticism and conjure arts, this ritual artist will accompany in the journey of exploring the history, mystery, and magic of Voodoo dolls completely. Thanks to the information inside, you will get more details about the Voodoo doll?s roots in the past and how it can benefit every day living of a person.

Learn the easiest ways to make three kinds of Voodoo dolls in this fascinating book; moreover, you?ll find more than 30 spells and rituals to attract your crush, draw luck, upgrade protection, and provide healing and happiness.

It gives a good overall general base if all you’re looking for is basic knowledge.

6. Hoodoo ? Voodoo: Herb and Root Magick

Hoodoo and Voodoo Guidebook

Lots of practitioners find this guidebook is informative and helpful generally. Come there and you?ll sense how strongly Hoodoo and Voodoo can influence the natives. Because of this inspiration, Hoodoo ? Voodoo: Herb and Root Magick is published to help people gain better insight into this subject.

A long history to discover!

Inside this book, readers will be informed about spells, practices, and even curses that need to awake the power of Voodoo and Hoodoo for them to work. Here are some certain questions that you will find the answer via the Hoodoo ? Voodoo book:

  • What is Voodoo magic?
  • What is ? root worker?
  • Is Voodoo real?
  • Is Voodoo evil?
  • How to do Voodoo?
  • What’s the difference between Voodoo and Hoodoo?
  • What are Voodoo symbols and their meanings?

Ignoring all kinds of rumors about the Voodoo magic?s bad reputation; Voodoo still has a deep root in history and is a remedy that helps numerous individuals over the globe fulfill their desires. The description in this book sheds a light on the role of Hoodoo and Voodoo practitioners, such as casting spells, making charms, and telling fortunes.

Start exploring the magic world from today.

7. Lowcountry Voodoo: Beginner’s Guide to Tales, Spells and Boo Hags

Lowcountry Voodoo

Here comes a good old Voodoo book for someone searching for basic info about the form of Voodoo.

As you probably know, Voodoo magic was brought along with African slaves when they moved to the American South to work ? this is often described as plantations. This cultural uniqueness has blended with Christianity, folk magic, and herbalism as time goes by; now, it?s still practiced in South Carolina’s Lowcountry.

You?ll discover an incredibly huge content of Voodoo spell casting of Lowcountry life inside this beginners? guide?some highlights include:

  • Introduction of the Gullah
  • Special events and tours to learn about Lowcountry culture
  • Recipes on bringing good luck and preventing bad luck
  • Ways to recognize curses and how to avoid
  • Overview of a real Voodoo village
  • Instructions of making sweet-grass baskets
  • Interesting Lowcountry tales featuring Voodoo

Overall, Lowcountry Voodoo Beginner’s Guide provides such a great insight to the historic mythology and culture of the south. For those who plan to study in the paranormal field, I highly recommend this book!


Being an excellent spell caster doesn?t mean you must have over 100 different books about witchcraft on the bookshelves.

Indeed, reading the review is important ? all you need is just a couple of authoritative books written by authentic and dedicated craft practitioners before beginning your witchy path. Do you find your favorite Voodoo spell books here?

Tell us in the comment!

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