Unconditional Love For Real: Things You Need To Know

Love is somewhat hard to define; however, things become even trickier with a concept called “unconditional love.”

What is it, really?

Some say that it is the only true kind of love, some consider it the Holy Grail of a relationship, and some still have no explanation.

Do you believe in the unconditional love? Do you think that you love your partner unconditionally? In fact, this great love requires a lot from two individuals involved, such as faith, sacrifice, and honesty.

How do you know if you’ve found it?

The only person that can decide whether or not you should love unconditionally and how to love unconditionally is none but you.

What is Unconditional Love?

The Definition of Unconditional Love

Love brings a lot of surprises to you: sudden ups and downs in the feeling, emotional state and attitude. A lot of concepts can refer to love, such as passion, attraction and affection. Also, love is considered as your personal attachment towards a person or an object.

A few people argue that the unconditional love is the deeper layer of love. It won’t show up in relationships selfish or based only on the mercy. This is a love that firstly owes you nothing, as well as no needs to be bought or proven.

Therefore, the unconditional love is defined as the passion and affection of one having for another. There will be no limitation or condition, additionally. In order to sustain your relationship in a long term, the unconditional love is a fundamental factor.

In addition, no matter what is blocking your way, you must actively display your unconditional love. It is the thing that will follow you until you make your wedding vow and stay through sickness and health. Even when you life becomes difficult, this love won’t waver at all.

If you are putting your loved one before your advantage and prioritizing their happiness without getting the reward for yourself, you are giving your unconditional love.

According to some love & relationship experts, you must recognize the value of love and yourself to treat others with your unconditional love.


You shouldn’t use the unconditional love as an excuse in order to maintain your unhealthy relationship. Pay attention to the healthy boundary ? loving someone else whole-heartedly and accepting their true selves are not enough.

Loving a person unconditionally doesn’t mean that you ignore how they treat you.

Lastly, unconditional love sometimes is dealing with the fact and letting the person you love much go.

How to Love Unconditionally?

Tips to Love Your Loved Ones Unconditionally

1. Love yourself unconditionally

Give this love to yourself, firstly. Only you know and accept all of your own flaws before anyone else. Once you can embrace your shortcomings well, you can also embrace others’ faults better.

2. Forgive people you love

When someone did something wrong to you, just forgive them even if they apologize to you or not. Instead of holding the anger which could create the negative energy, you should unleash your love toward everyone.

3. Accept the true self of you and your loved ones

Unconditional love is acceptance. No one can control your choices as well as how you live, only yourself. In return, you also have to respect others’ opinions. Remember that your love would go nowhere if you rely too much on your partner’s decisions.

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