Top 3 BEST Tips Of Making A Long Distance Relationship Work

Being in A ldr Has Never Been Easy

Have you ever been or are you currently in a long distance relationship (LDR)?

Truthfully, do you think that this kind of relationship is going to work out? It’s normal if the answer is “no,” as nobody believes the LDR is easy or successful.

Well, I have to say maintaining a relationship is a really hard work that requires both the effort and dedication from two individuals involved. However, when an in-love couple has to stay apart for hundreds or thousands of miles, everything becomes more tiring and challenging.

How can two people keep their romance going?

Firstly, once accepting to be in the LDR, you must know all the difficulties that you have to face ahead. For example, since your loved one is not by your side, you will always feel sad and lonely.

Hugging, kissing, walking and eating together, holding hands, as well as celebrating anniversaries ? these things become unachievable due to the extra distance. Yet, it doesn’t mean that your LDR is only tough and complicated.

It does give you surprises and sweets, too.

Being far away from your lover, you will find that small gestures like touching the other person’s hair or even hearing the voice really mean so much.

Despite the long distance, still numerous tips assuring to keep your relationship healthier, stronger and more alive than ever.

Secrets to a Successful Long Distance Relationship

In the following are 3 BEST secrets that you can make use of to strengthen your long distance relationship:

Tip #1 ? Always keep open lines of communication

Secrets That Help Your ldr Stay Alive

Because you and your partner are miles apart, trying to communicate regularly is extremely necessary. When a new day starts, it’s a must to make a call to the loved one and greet “good morning.” Similarly, don’t mind whispering “good night” to each other via the phone before going on bed.

More importantly, you should update what is going on in your life and how it happens to your partner. Obviously, you’d pleased if the loved one also tells you everything occurring around them daily.

In order to make the conversation not boring, why don’t you send the loved one your pictures, voice messages and short videos recorded from time to time? The more efforts you put into a relationship, the more sentiments you will receive in return.

Making the other half feel loved and attended is all you need in the LDR.

Tip #2 ? Take full advantage of technology

Without seeing each other frequently, how can a couple make the daily communication?

No matter which means you use, the secret to keep your LDR alive is staying in touch. Text messages, emails, IMs, video chats and phone calls: these are things you should take advantage of, since you and your partner have no in-person time together.

Besides, an unexpected gift or hand-written letter will surely touch the long distance lover, making them feel appreciated.

Two people in the LDR have to agree on the ultimate communication form. If you prefer contacting by phone and the partner also wants that way, it’s much easier for both to set up the communication time.

Tip #3 ? Be honest with each other

At any stage of the relationship, you need to trust your half one and vice versa.

Jealousy, fear and insecurity should be removed from in a love romance. However, it seems like these emotions displaying even clearer in a long distance relationship.

In case you have the jealous tendency or trust issues, you should reconsider whether or not being in a LDR is the right choice.

Furthermore, do not think of lying or hiding anything from your lover. Instead, it’d be nice if you can be open and honest with each other. Sometimes trying to solve problems alone is not a good thing. Grab the opportunity to ask the partner’s support for what you are really in need of.

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