How To Love A Woman Right? [Making Her Feel Truly Loved]

To most men, their goal in a relationship is comfort. That’s all!

They look for the woman matching their ideal type most, sharing as similar interests as theirs. However, it seems like they have missed a very important matter: “How to love a woman?”

Loving A Woman in The Right Way

A man may know what love is; and through life experiences, he’s learned how to treat a woman with the best manner or how to make her happy. The problem here is ? he considers all of that is love which is terribly wrong.

In fact, “how to love a woman right” is the question that men are in need of the answer.

As a woman, as well as I did a survey with some ladies I know, I come up with several tips helping all gentlemen pamper and love their partner in the right way:

Top 4 Great Tips to Love a Woman

Four Great Tips to Make Her Feel Loved

1. Tell her you love her

The first lesson I want to tell you of how to love a woman is to confess your love to her!

Call her every morning and say the words “I love you” so that she will completely know and understand what you are feeling inside. Always insecure, the woman needs to hear this all the time until she has no doubt about it.

Importantly, say that you love her voluntarily. Never answer superficially like you just reply to her questioning. Much worse, never go with “You know I do,” please!

2. Get to know her

Instead of repeating something like “my wife/girlfriend does not understand me,” I personally think you should ask yourself if you really understand your wife/girlfriend.

Love is a process that requires the sympathy, understanding and honesty from two individuals involved in order to grow and deepen through. You will never predict what a woman is thinking just after a short period. Actually, you know nothing about her ? she is not that simple!

In short, the woman is a very complicated creature that even she cannot explain.

Once you decide to love her, be patient and determined to get to know her.

3. Love her true self

You fall in love with her without any condition, right? If you didn’t rely on any special quality when choosing the partner, then it means you truly fall for herself.

Well, a woman may hold a lot of qualities that men love. For example, some are smart, seductive and sexy, while some are inspirational or funny, etc. However, this is just some of the factors influencing your decision.

The truth is; you love her just because of her, nothing else.

Crucially, you must let her know that you simply love her ? tell her that she is truly one of a kind.

4. Always give her a lot of attention

If you ask me who needs attention most of the time, well the answer is us ? ladies.

You should get this point if you want to gain deeper understanding into your woman. Did you know that all of her annoying habits starting from the attempts to catch her man’s attention? That’s why you have to pay attention so that you can read her sign of whenever she needs your help and so on.

Nonetheless, it’s important to balance between your personal life and your professional work. You cannot spend most of the time watching over your woman and seeing what she is doing.

It would be much better if you can love a woman without losing your passion.

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