8 Signs a Capricorn Man Cares for You (More Than You Think)

How to know a Capricorn man cares for you?

Nothing is equal in this universe. Not all men are good at expressing their feelings, and one of them is the Capricorn male. He has a really hard time in letting his loved one feel his emotions. As a guarded person, it takes him much effort to open up his heart.

Though this guy is not an expert in using his words, he never fails in protecting and caring you. He doesn’t say doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about you. Sometimes actions speak louder than words.

In today’s article, let’s find out signs a Capricorn man cares for you.

Of course Capricorn won’t be obvious; reversed and private, he has plenty of subtle actions which help you feel his care.

8 Subtle Ways Capricorn Man Really Cares…

signs capricorn man cares about you

Without saying anything, here are several signs telling your Capricorn man does care about you:

1. He makes sure you are happy and comfortable

When a Capricorn man is in love, he will be very considerate. He always wants the woman that he loves feels comfortable and happy. Due to his great sense, he knows exactly what you want and expect from him in a date. Girls love something simple yet sweet, so he will start with covering your cold shoulder with his jacket while you two are walking. Or he will surprise you with two tickets of the movie you want to watch.

No matter what occasion is, he will take it to make sure you are happy around him.

Rather than buying expensive gifts for you, he will come up with little things at the time you need him the most to show you how much he cares.

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2. He is a good listener

To know if a Capricorn man cares for you, observe the way he listens to your story.

Whatever you are saying, he will listen attentively. This guy is sympathetic and never judges. In addition, he won’t interrupt your talk with unwanted advice. He also doesn’t point out where you messed up or what you should do to fix your mistakes. Yup, your Capricorn will not say a word if it’s not necessary.

He just sits quietly next to you and listens to you vent as he knows that’s all you need at the moment. Sometimes all we just want to have someone there to listen, and Capricorn man is the person will lend you his eaves.

It’s not that he is curious or something; this man does care a lot.

3. He stays honest with you

Don’t expect a Capricorn man in love to flatter or sugarcoat you with anything. Though he loves you, he won’t keep you off the ground with things you want to hear. Instead, this guy is always known for his honesty. He will stay true to you NOT in a rude or insulting way.

Many women find themselves get mad at Capricorns because they often tell things they don’t really feel good when hearing. Why he sticks to the truth? To him, telling someone the truth will help that person determine the best decisions.

In love relationships, he cares too much to the point that he doesn’t want to tell any lie to you. Of course he can lie to you, but he believes a long-term relationship will never last long if it’s built on just lies and unfaithfulness.

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4. He gives his time for you

You can tell a Capricorn man really cares for you if he spends time with you.

We all know the guy born under this zodiac sign is highly ambitious and hardworking. He focuses on his works and projects, so sometimes it’s hard for you two spending time together. However, if he truly cares about you, he will be there for you whenever you need him. He will ask for his space whenever he needs it; at the same time, he makes sure to you have both the space and attention you want.

The Capricorn man giving his time to stay together with you is a sign he cares for you.

5. He is protective of you

Capricorn man becomes extremely protective of his loved ones. He will protect you hard if he thinks someone hurts you.

Whether that person is your best friend or one of your colleagues, he will always be ready to keep you protected. In fact, this guy can tell if his lover is uncomfortable without asking. He will show up and make you feel secure.

You don’t have to tell him about your problems sometimes. Capricorn man may be a workaholic, but he will be there for you as soon as knowing you’re hurt or in some sort of danger.

6. He always supports you

A Capricorn man in love is your biggest fan.

No matter what you do, he will always show his support. You will find your Capricorn partner attend your graduations, your award ceremonies, your conferences, your performances and so on. Supporting you means he trusts your abilities and believes in what you can do.

A long-term relationship can only survive if both individuals involved have faith for each other. If the man you are with doesn’t trust you a bit, then don’t waste time with him.

7. He apologizes sincerely when doing something wrong

Keep in mind that not all guys do apologies because of their big ego. Most of the time, they will act like they are right instead of admitting they screw up or make a mistake. Much worse, they just don’t care if you are upset about his words or behaviors. Meanwhile, other guys say sorry because they know that’s what you want to hear the most when upsetting. It’s not that they care for you; more like they just want to pacify you.

Here we got Capricorn man, who will say apologies sincerely. You can even hear the sincerity in his voices. Only the person really caring much about you has the courage to admit he is the one who were at faults. Once he did something wrong, he will fix it and make sure not to repeat it again.

8. He stares at you only

When Capricorn man in love looks at his loved one, his eyes are really full of that person. There’s something in his eyes letting you realize how much he cares about you. Not only looking at your appearance, he also stares straight into your soul.

If your Capricorn lover looks into your eyes, and that makes you feel like he is expressing his emotions and allows you to get a glimpse into his heart, then it means he cares a lot and deeply. But, please note that you need quite a long period to reach this level of intimacy. The moment you can experience that, you will find that it’s worth your time and patience.

Final Words

That’s all for signs a Capricorn man cares for you.

Though Capricorn may be cold and distant sometimes, he will care about you if he truly loves you.

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