Dating a Capricorn Woman: 5 Easy Things to Make Her Happy

What is dating a Capricorn woman like?

As a determined and down-to-earth person, it’s not easy to win her heart. She wants a lover who has to be serious and ambitious. So if you’ve successfully got the chance dating her, you must know to make her happy.

The Capricorn female seems tough at the first glance. Once getting to know her better, you will realize that she is an open and sociable lady. She loves competition and can be fierce sometimes. Don’t take it serious when she hurts you because she didn’t intend to behave like that.

Most importantly, never let yourself be overawed in front of her.

Keep reading to know what to do to make a Capricorn woman happy when you two are dating.

How to Date a Capricorn Woman?

Dating a Capricorn Woman

Just like anybody else, Capricorn woman also improves herself and gets better with time; hence, she will be more mature compared to the one in her 20’s. Generally speaking, this lady is fun, smart, optimistic, and interesting to hang out with.

No matter what obstacle is blocking her way, she will calmly figure out a way to overcome it. Ambitious and hard working, the Capricorn female always strives for good things in her life.

For those who want to make this lady yours, remember to take it slow but you also have to show her your determination. Be humble and honest as those are what she is looking for in a man.

I. Tips for an ideal date with her

1/ Letting her set the pace

She is the traditional type of woman who cares about her family a lot. Of all signs in the zodiac, Capricorn makes a loyal wife and a dedicated mother. If possible, she would love to be the one setting the pace when the two of you are in a romantic relationship.

Influenced by Capricorn traits, this lady wants to run everything so that she can put unexpected situations under control.

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2/ Showering her with gifts

Sharing the same element as Taurus, no wonder Capricorn is also materialistic. The earthy female works so hard because her goal is achieving the finest things in life. On one hand, she is optimistic and energetic; nonetheless, her downside is being pretentious on the other hand.

To keep her excited and happy around you, the tip is to buy her expensive gifts or something she intentionally talked about several days ago. But make sure you behave like a gentleman first.

3/ Being attentive and loving

When dating a Capricorn woman, you must be an attentive and loving boyfriend. Pay attention to what she is saying; otherwise, she will get upset once find out that you didn’t listen to a thing. Simultaneously, don’t try to pretend because she can read you and will definitely not appreciate that.

You should create a light, comfortable atmosphere instead of acting cold and distant in the first meeting. She is likely to own you right at the moment you say ‘hello’ and that’s how a Capricorn girl behaves towards her date.

4/ Letting her pick the place for the first date

Trust me: you will feel happy when seeing your Capricorn partner happy.

Did you know that she will be happy if you let her pick the place you two should go for a date? Unlike Aquarius or Gemini, Capricorn woman is the traditional type so it’s not wise if you try to be eccentric. Her ideal date would be watching a movie on a late night and having some wine together.

She doesn’t like something unconventional like scuba-diving; in addition, never do anything embarrassing her when you two are hanging out in public. In case she suggests the location for the first date, you shouldn’t refuse because this girl puts much effort in everything.

5/ Not showing your jealousy

You feel jealous when seeing her smiling warmly with everyone. Well, I understand your feelings, but don’t make your jealousy obvious. She’s friendly towards her friends and family; thus, there’s nothing to be worried about. Once falling in love with you, she stays loyal and faithful.

Nevertheless, it’s you who should be careful when interacting with people around as Capricorn woman is quite insecure in relationships.

II. Her expectations in a love relationship

As soon as Capricorn finds the right person, she will work hard to make sure the relationship work amazingly.

If you want to be with her forever, tell her about the commitment at the ideal time and she will appreciate a lot. Of course she is not ready to commit if you two are just dating each other for a short period of time. Try to gain her trust, let her open up herself willingly, and make her happy. This woman will be serious once finding you reliable and trustworthy.

How to tell what a Capricorn woman is thinking about your relationship?

The simplest trick is to studying the way she talks. If she mentions about her future with you, it means she already thinks of you as her significant half. In case she discusses things about herself, then tell yourself don’t rush or you may scare her away.

A relationship with a Capricorn woman must have meaning; well, she takes love serious and never wants to play games.

This lady expects her partner to work at the relationship as much hard as she is doing. She will fall out and focus on her own life at the moment she feels that the two of you can’t work out.

Final Words

Dating a Capricorn woman can be a little bit tough, in general.

She has high standards and you need to give your best when being with her. This earthy girl can stand on her own without asking someone to save her. If you look for a life partner who can be ambitious, grounded, and intelligent, Capricorn woman is that person.

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