What Do Capricorns Look Like? (5 Typical Physical Traits)

So, what do Capricorns look like physically?

Everyone has unique features in their physical appearance. Have you ever wondered whether your looks have prominent traits making people successfully guest your zodiac sign from the first meeting?

We all know that Capricorns are hard to read and have mood swings.

But, they’ve got a certain allure indeed making others desire to get close to them.

In this article, let’s have look at the typical appearance of Capricorn to see if they fit right for you!

A Glimpse at Capricorn Physical Look

a glimpse into capricorns look

Capricorn is not a difficult sign to approach, but they possess somewhat arrogant facial lines making them misunderstood most of the times. Capricorn’s pretty big eyes are also an impressive feature that attracts you.

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What is the typical appearance of people born under the Capricorn sign?

Most Capricorns have a face with clear lines and a body with good figures. They are gifted with a pair of dove eyes, straight noses, and wide foreheads. However, at times, these traits give them a look making people think they are arrogant and distant.

Capricorn is aesthetic; when it comes to their appearance, these individuals always prepare carefully. For example, they prefer retro style with folk patterns. On the contrary, do not like eye-catching accessories.

Here, let’s have a look into each part on their face and body so that we can understand a Capricorn better:

1. The face

Capricorns are born with a broad face, like the moon. Their foreheads are high, and their broad cheekbones do a great job in complementing their faces as well as highlighting the edges.

How about their eyes, hair, and skin?

2. Eyes

Like I said, one of the most significant features of the sea goat is their eyes. Big and sparkling, they reflect the deepest and most mysterious parts of Capricorn’s soul.

If you look into the eyes of a typical Capricorn, you will see a profound and analytical look noticing every detail and thing happening in their surroundings. Despite this, their eyes rarely show emotions. Many often wonder whether they are thinking or feeling.

This is another reason explaining why Capricorn looks distant.

3. Hair

Talking about hair, Capricorns usually prefers a simple style. Most of the time, you will find them having a practical haircut and stick to it for months or even years. They are quite loyal to their favorite style!

4. Skin

Now, it’s time to get jealous with Capricorns, especially Capricorn women. They all are gifted with ageless skin. When looking at their skin, it really has no sign of the time, and they seem younger than their real age. This is because their ruling planet is Saturn, the planet of time. However, again, the serious look they have on their face sometimes makes others feel like Capricorns are old and mature. 

Truthfully, these individuals become more attractive as they grow older. They have the beauty of maturity together with all its responsibilities and pleasures. They are the type enjoying their lives to the fullest but at the same time adopting a balanced lifestyle.

Therefore, they seemingly live longer than other signs in the zodiac.

5. The body

Capricorns are attractive and full of charisma.

They’re self-aware of their space and strong. They can endure and handle way more anxiety and stress than a large amount of people.

Their body is sturdy, and this sturdiness could have been with them for years. During their childhood, Capricorns may be quite slimmer compared to the present. However, this changes as they grow older giving them a reliable vibe. Meanwhile, they’re more likely to remain on the shorter side.

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The Appearance of Capricorn Male & Female

1. Capricorn men

From the first glance, male Capricorns mostly have a well-built body with a lean stature. Neither too tall nor too short, their height is just average. The visible cheekbones and serious looks on their face make them look older than their actual age.

These guys often feel insecure about their appearances and usually have a reserved nature. Like I said, their self-awareness makes them responsible and self-driven. They like adventures and rarely take the shortcuts in life.

Ethics are one of the things they highly value, and they tend to get stuck in their sorrows and vulnerabilities. Moreover, Cappy men are protective and the family man – this makes them good husband material of many ladies.

2. Capricorn women

The female Capricorn has the body reflecting her strength in its shape and features. With a strong, long, and delicate body frame, they’re often considered as statuesque. 

The connection of mind and body

Rather than power, many think that the majority part of the Capricorn female’s strength is her motion. Her strength is that she knows exactly how to move with her body. The deep connection she having with the body helps her control and use it better than other signs. Learn more about her appearance here!

According to astrologers, this lady possesses the typical characters of a mother. Similar to Capricorn men, their self-awareness is also the main reason causing them quiet and humble. 

The dressing style

The Capricorn female is classic to basic with her style. Most of her clothes in the closet are traditional and simple. The dark, cold tones like blue and black give her comfortable feelings when dressing.

She doesn’t really like clothes with patterns and prefers plain colors.

This woman will select the quality in everything she does. In this case, it’s all about the material that she feels worth purchasing.

Generally, we can understand a Capricorn 50% just by observing their simple style and resting facial expressions reflected.


So, what do Capricorns look like?

Of all zodiac signs, mostly Capricorns do not have an eye-catching appearance or leave a deep impression on others at the first sight. Nonetheless, they are a responsible and dignified person who can be trusted from the first meetings.

Their face is well-proportioned and has tough edges, so they look quite serious. Even the bravest people do not dare to tease them, especially when they are focusing on their professional works.

The representative color of Saturn is yellow; therefore, people born under Capricorn have a slightly yellow skin but still look healthy.

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