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Hello, I'm Dana Clayton, but you can call me Dana. I like magic and have been into the witchery art at the age of 18; this explains why I?ve written many articles relating to them. Now, I?m currently serving as a contributing editor about spells and love relationships for the United21. My work here involves writing articles, editing articles, categorizing articles, and other things.

Most of my activities on this site are composing new content for the categories I?m in charge of and replying comments. I also sometimes collaborate with other authors which you often see my name on the posts having no relation to love or spells.

I knows very well what I should do to keep my articles fresh and up to date all the time. Before, I?ve worked for some common websites, such as TechSpot, due to my interest for video gaming. My writing career with the United21 has started since 2014; after 3-month trial, I already became an official editor on February 2015.

Though I am no longer a professional spell casters, it?s okay if you have any questions about casting spells.

Off from the website, I?m just a regular woman living in sunny Florida and really loving it. I have a happy family with a lovely husband and two naughty but nice kids. It?s such an amazing occasion to be a part of the United 21 site ? it?s great and informative in general. Hope you gain much knowledge each time visit here!

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